beef bones

When u gon eat dat good good, be sure to compliment the chef ;)

Bum sniff ya feet
Chrome flick the chief
Bone Apple Tea
Phone Apple Feet
Great Barrier Reef
Call me Gour on ram see
Bong Asshole sneeze
Blind Refugees
Bone App the Teeth
Lone Stab a Chief
Mom Tap the Beef 
Bone Cap the Tweet
Bob Ate the Meat
Bonjour Sewing Kit
Chef Boiled Tee
Bone Altitude
Flown Half a Beet
Boner Ankle Three
Bone Ate da Teeth
Boing Application
Kick Out the Teeth
Ron Cracked the Sleep
Blonde Amputee
Boneless Feet
Mom I have fleas
Bony African Feet
Bamboozle Chief Keef
Bone Ape Tit
Phone Apple Jeans 
Bone Appdta Teat
Both Hat and Feet 
Bomb the Japanese
Bone in my Cheek
Bench a Plate and Ski
Bangin Apple Geese
Pianos Become the Teeth
Bone Ate the Toot
Chef Boy Yard Tea
Bang a Pianos Teeth 
Boner Halloween
Bode of the Teeth
Bad Credit Score
Benjamin the tenth
Bone Appidtitty
Boner Petite
Spicy Chicken Meat
Bramley Apple Tea
Scone App the Beef
Blonde Apple Trees
Born with no Teeth
Bone Smack my Teeth

Bosnia Apathy

Bow at the tree

Now at the sea
Bone apple cheese
Bow Snapple please
Joan play the keys
Wow imma sneeze
Joe eat the leaves
So how is he

31 Days - Part 3

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Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: angst, fluff

Word Count: 2.5k

Summary: You come to Korea to visit your family after you graduate from college. Soon, you find yourself falling for a guy you meet online. There’s only one problem—you’re only in the country for thirty-one days.

You hadn’t seen Tae in a few days. You probably could’ve hung out with you sooner, but he had spent a couple days with his family, out in the country. You wanted to see him. You enjoyed talking to him and really wanted to become close friends with him. But part of you wanted more than that. You wanted to go on a date with him. You wanted to date him officially. But you were leaving Korea in about three weeks. You shook the thought out of your head. It was unrealistic for you to date Tae.

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could you write something around the time of season 7 where mulder goes to a scully family dinner?

He’s up to his wrists in dish soap bubbles, working a yellow and green sponge over the surface of one of Maggie Scully’s plates. Scully had explained that these were the good dishes, not to be confused with the good china or the regular dishes.

“What are the regular dishes for?” he asks.

“Dinner without company.”

“And the good china?” he prods further.

“The good china is for show.”

“Ah, my mom had a set of those too,” he says. “Ones that sat in a cabinet collecting dust.”

“Mom keeps insisting that I’ll need them for my wedding.”

He bumps her hip with his and hands her the soapy dish.

“You getting married, Scully?” he asks with an impish grin.

“This far into my thirties, it’s starting to look unlikely, isn’t it?” she says as she rinses the dish and begins working a hand towel over it.

“Oh I don’t think so at all. Plenty of fish in the sea,” he says, casting about blindly for another plate to scrub.

She chuckles softly and sets the plate in the drying rack as she drapes the towel over her shoulder.

“Thanks for coming with me tonight,” she says, watching him scrub a stubborn bit of Beef Wellington from the bone porcelain.

“No problem, happy to do it.”

“Happy to do it?” she echoes flatly. “Even with my over-protective big brother grilling you?” she asks.

He shrugs and hands her the plate. “I’d be doing the same thing to any guy who showed up to a family dinner with my baby sister.”

She watches him for a moment, a ghost of a pout crossing her face like a passing shadow.

“I bet you would have,” she agrees quietly.  

They look every bit the unassuming suburban couple. He in a button down shirt, open at the collar and sleeves rolled up to his elbows, she in a pale pink sweater set and jeans. One would hardly know he’s got an ankle holster under his pressed khakis or that she has a .22 in her purse.

“That’s it,” he announces as he pulls the plug and the murky water begins to disappear with a hungry slurp.

She hands him the towel so he can dry off and smiles up at him as she wraps her arms around his waist, lacing her fingers together at the small of his back.

“Seriously,” she rises up on her tiptoes and kisses his lips gently. “Thank you for coming.”

He hangs the towel over the edge of the sink and folds her against his chest, dropping a kiss on the crown of her head.

“I’d go in front of a firing squad for you, Bill’s no big deal,” he says, running his palm up and down her spine.

Maggie is approaching, but pauses in the doorway, smiling as the two of them embrace.

“Leave a little room for the Holy Spirit, you two!” Bill bellows playfully as he comes up behind his mother.

Scully and Mulder both turn their attention to him, but don’t break their hold on one another. Maggie tsks and shakes her head with a playful smack against his chest.

“Get the coffee started, Bill,” she instructs. “You two come with me. I want to show you the good china, Fox.”

Second Chance Sanctuary

Months had passed since >>> and Suho had been together. She had certainly learned a lot more about hybrids, the main thing being how fast they grew. It seemed like overnight, he went from toddler size to a preteen. Through her researching she learned that he would mature fast and then slow down in aging. He would probably live a little longer than she would. As he came into himself, she wondered if he should still stay in her room, but as she suggested that he sleep in the guest room he became annoyed, laying his ears flat against his head and turning away from her. 

“You’re such a stubborn pup.” She said one day as she tried to take a beef bone from him, that he’d been gnawing on from his stew. 

“I am not a pup! I’m a grown man.” He replied, sipping at the rest of the food in his bowl. 

“Almost.” >>> replied, tossing it into the trash. 

She did everything with Suho, eat, sleep, watch TV. He picked up on reading quickly, and the work she did in school, she copied and watched as he absorbed it all in quickly. He was even helping her with math now. She’d get up for school, with him following her around as she did so; and when she came home she watched as he saw her through the window and ran to the door every time.

As he was growing so fast, he was maturing in other ways also. His tail wagging fast when certain music videos came on, and he watched with rapt interest. When he was a pup, she didn’t mind when he sat on the bathroom floor and played while she showered. Now, he couldn’t do that. One day as she was showering, she was just starting to wash her face when the curtain was pulled back and Suho started to get in the shower with her. 

“Suho!” She yelled, nearly falling as soap got into her eye and she screamed. 

“What?” He asked innocently, trying to catch her and help her wipe her face. 

After she rinsed her eyes out >>> covered herself, watching as the now taller than her Suho looked down at her. “You can’t be in here.” 

“Why? I always sit in here or around here. I don’t have to take a shower later now. This is fine.” He reached past her to grab the loofah. “I will wash your back for you.” 

Why was he acting like this was ok?! >>> slapped his hands away as he reached for her, covering her chest once more. “Suho…please. Leave, I will explain when I am dressed.” 

Ears sitting forward on his head, he crinkled his nose at her. “You don’t smell funny like you do sometimes. You know? When you’re cranky, and say your stomach hurts. You’re kinda mean then. Why are you being mean now?” 

Oh god, he knew about that? Warmth rushed to her cheeks as she clenched her teeth. “Suho, leave I will not ask again.” 

Sighing, he turned from the shower. “Fine! But leave the water running. I don’t understand you’re being so rude lately. What am I doing wrong?” She heard the door close behind him, and rested her back against the shower wall. 

This was going to be hard.

“I am a female. I went over biology with you.” >>> said as she and Suho sat in the living room, after the maids had left. 

“Yes, and I am a male. Don’t patronize me.” He was sitting with his arms crossed over his chest, an over sized shirt she picked up from the store on. 

Sighing >>> rubbed at the area between her eyes. “Suho…you are…practically an adult now. I’m almost 18, you are now older than me.” She tried to find a delicate way to say this. “You’re mature…sexually. I don’t think we should sleep together anymore and you certainly cannot see me naked. Do you understand? I’m not trying to be mean.” 

Suho scoffed. “I have no desire to mate with you. You’re like my noona, besides I don’t find you that attractive.” 

>>> balked. “Excuse me?!” She suddenly felt self conscious. “I am attractive! Thank you very much! You’re the one who thinks the garbage smells nice, and chases his tail!” 

“That was like twice! Stop bringing it up!” He yelled, standing up now. “I didn’t say you were ugly! I said I don’t find you attractive!”

“It’s the same thing!” Poking at his chest, she watched his ears go flat on his head. 

“The words are not mutually exclusive.” Turning from her, he sat back down on the couch. 

“Mr. Dictionary over here.” >>> sighed heavily, sitting down next to him. Reaching out a hand, she tried to touch his arm but he pulled away from her. “Suho, please. Do you understand what I’m saying?” 

Reaching again, she squeezed his bicep feeling the growing muscle under the tight shirt. “We need to buy you more clothes.” 

“We means you, I don’t go out the house.” He was still annoyed with her that much she could tell. 

Now maybe she didn’t have to hide so much. Now maybe she could go out with him. Her step-father was a doctor, it would be nothing to be seen with him. He could pass as a guard hybrid right? She had been formulating over the idea for a week now. 

“What if I take you with me? We can go together. I am allowed to spend so much money. I don’t need clothes and you do. How about it? Me and you spending some quality time together.” She squeezed his arm again, and felt him loosen up. 

The sound of his tail now thumping against the couch, but he still wasn’t looking at her. “Do you mean it? Together?”

“Yes, we can go in the next hour.” Trying to turn him towards her she succeeded when he turned to look at her, his ears sitting forward on his head perked in curiosity. 

“When I was a pup you let me hold your hand. I haven’t been out in awhile and I might be…nervous.” The sound of his tail thumping on the couch became louder now. 

>>> rolled her eyes. “Don’t milk it. Just stay close to me, but yes I will hold your hand. Are you happy now? Do we have an understanding?”

“Yes.” Suho pulled her into a hug, licking her cheek heavily, leaving a trail of saliva, and >>> screaming and Suho laughing.

“I hate when you do that!” 

The outing was proving to be a success. The first store they went to, Suho picked a whole outfit and wore it out of the store. Apparently, he browsed pintrest on her phone when she was sleeping. They went for coffee, Suho relishing the different tastes if the beans, she really should do this more often. Or at least start sending him on small errands so he could learn his way around. It didn’t make sense for him to know nothing about the city he lived in. 

“So, you will be graduating soon. What will you do?” He asked, as they say outside a small cafe eating ice cream. 

“I don’t know what I want to do. I want to help people, but I’m not sure in what way.” She replied, watching the people move up and down the sidewalk. There were a few hybrids walking by, some sparing glances at the two. 

“Like your mother and step-father. Which by the way it’s a miracle they don’t know I live there.” He said, stealing a peanut off her sundae. 

“They aren’t home often, not at all lately. Jeju, Tokyo, Bangkok. Always somewhere. My mother follows him when he goes. I don’t mind.” She smiled at Suho, pushing her ice cream around. 

“You’re a horrible liar. I’m a dog you know, I can tell from the way things feel. It’s a sixth sense.” He finished his cone, and tried to pull her ice cream bowl towards him. 

“I’m not lying.” Letting him take it, she sighed. “I just miss her I suppose. Our life was simple in New York.” 

“But were you happy there? Was she?” He spooned the sweet mixture into his mouth, watching her face contort with memories and decisions.

“I was content I guess. It was all I ever knew so why would I think any differently?” >>> grinned at Suho. “But now I live in Seoul, in a nice home and I have you. I’m good! Things will get better, they’ll get exciting. I’ll graduate, and somehow figure out how to tell my parents about you, and this summer we can do a lot of things together before I’m forced to do something with my life.” 

He believed her, watching as she took the spoon back and ate some ice cream. She licked her lips, leaning back as the sun hit her face and neck. He had lied when he said he didn’t find her attractive, he had wanted to calm her down. Looking at her now, watching her brown skin in the sun was natural. She belonged there soaking up the rays that fed her skin it’s rich melanin. Her dark hair wasn’t black like his but a rich chocolate brown that glowed in the sunlight. Her pink lips opened and he watched her tongue dart out to touch them. She was beautiful to him, but she wouldn’t allow him to get that close. 

Truth is he only got that close when they were sleeping, and he waited until her breathing evened out to roll over and examine her face. Her eyes and nose, wide set on her face, like his. Slender neck and heart shaped face with full lips. Sometimes, when she was at school he watched dramas and watched people kiss each other. A feeling raced through him, one that excited his heart and made something in his stomach quiver. He wanted that, and he wondered what it would feel like to kiss her, but after this afternoon he wouldn’t know. She wasn’t open to the idea. For now, he’d have to be content with breathing in her scent when she wasn’t noticing him, and sleeping cuddled into her back. 

“Suho, are you listening to me?” She asked, waving a hand in front of his face.

“No, I was thinking about how nice today was and going for a walk in a park or something.” He made his eyes concentrate on her face and not the swells of her body that he was noticing now. 

“With all these bags? You trippin’ let’s call Jung first and put them in the car, that way we can call him later to come get us and just go home.” 

Suho walked behind her as she spread her arms out and took in the sunshine and the heat. It had been a very cold winter and it was starting to heat up. She spun in a small circle and walked backwards facing him. 

“You wanted to walk, why are you looking so gloomy?” Coming to a stop in front of him, he put his hands in his pockets. 

“I’m not! Just enjoying the weather quietly.” He grabbed her arm pulling her in towards him. 

She laughed and he realized how much the sound comforted him. He had known so much pain before she came into his life, now everyday he got up because of her. They took different winding path, neither of them noticed that the farther they walked into the park, the trees surrounded them more. It wasn’t until a particular odor hit Suho’s nose that he stiffened up, pushing >>> behind him. 

“We should leave.” He said quietly, as she tried to move back around him. He stopped in his tracks though the break of daylight was only 200 feet ahead when the trees broke. 

“What’s wrong?” She asked, feeling a chill go down her back. 

“I don’t know. Turn around, stay close to me. I just don’t like the smell here.” He grabbed her hand hard, pulling her along when she noticed a short figure about her size off the side of the path. 

Suho growled, moving to the side, he looked for a way around walking slowly past the figure. 

“Oh shut up dog! I’m not bothering you, but you female, you smell delicious.” The figure pushed his coat back to reveal a feline face with narrow eyes. He smiled at her, pointy canines gleaming. “Come on honey, I’m hungry, my lady died give me something to eat, I can smell you have it.” 

“She doesn’t give anything to strangers.” Suho replied, trying to drag her on.

He was jerked back when >>> opened her small backpack and pulled out the rest of the croissant sandwich she hadn’t eaten. “I’m sorry he’s so rude. You’re a hybrid, your lady died? Why are you here, isn’t there someone to care for you? I’m >>> by the way, what’s your name?” 

The male grinned, his bright eyes going over her body as he twitched his dark colored tail slowly. “Xiumin is my name, and no I ran off. Her niece had other plans for me involving deviant behaviors.” Taking the sandwich from her, Xiumin walked around her slowly, his tail moving against Suho’s back teasingly. “Not before I picked up a few things though, should I repay your kindness?” 

Suho growled loud. “No! She’s mine. Go away.” He realized what he said after he said it. “She’s mine to protect, leave cat!” He moved to shove Xiumin, but >>> pushed his arm away.

“Suho! Stop! I’m so sorry.” Sending a glare at Suho who was now fuming that she was believing this feline. “Are you sure you have nowhere to go? Perhaps I can help, let me give you my address, even if you’re hungry you can come and eat. You don’t have to stay if you don’t want.” 

“What the! We aren’t a sanctuary for strays! >>> stop talking to him, he probably has fleas!” Suho nearly yelled. 

>>> rolled her eyes, taking Xiumin’s hand she placed a piece of paper she wrote on into it. “No one deserves to be cold, hungry and lonely.” 

“Charity hm? At what cost?” Xiumin asked, sniffing at the paper. 

“Nothing. We can be friends…if you want.” 

Suho grumbled. “No you won’t.” 

Ignoring him, they both looked at each other, Xiumin and >>>, he finally smiled at her, taking a bite of the sandwich. “We’ll see Princess. Thanks for the sandwich.” And with that he was off onto another path in the small wooded area. 

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Suho scolded her. “You feed a cat once, and they keep coming back, bringing their friends too!” He nearly dragged her from the woods. 

“Well if he does have friends, then maybe we can help them too Suho, that isn’t right. I helped you.” An idea was starting to form in her mind. 

“I was a lost, confused and hurt pup. He is a grown ass deviant feline, reeking of some perverse sexual behaviors that he wanted to show you. I won’t allow it.” Standing on the original path now, he fished around in her pocket for her cell phone thrusting it at her. “Call Jung, we need to go home, I’m agitated now.” 

“Calm down. We probably won’t see him again anyway.” Finding the contact name, she placed the phone to her ear. 

Suho folded his arms over his chest. “Better not. Cats..pssh.” 

and here comes Xiumin!

Chapter Three


Found this rather large bone while raking up old leaves in my backyard. It seems kind of large to be an animal. Do you have any thoughts on what it is? Thanks!

Definitely animal! This is the humerus of a large ungulate like cow. It’s common to find beef bones like these sold as dog treats.

False alarm, I walked into the kitchen and then opened the fridge for butter and then saw my beef bones and remembered I needed to make beef broth for steak and ale pie later in the week so I cut up some onion sna dill and carrots and started that on the stove and forgot I was gonna make brownies but I found estonian cookies so it’s fine


Hello! Wondering what kind of bone this is and what it may have belonged to. I found it the other day in a small meadow next to my home. It looks pretty worn and eroded. Thanks!

This looks like a section of vertebra that has been cut with a saw, indicating this came from a butchered animal. Given size I would guess a beef bone!


The splendid, imaginative, and humorous hand puppets Paul Klee made for his son, Felix, with new photographs and extensive commentary.

Between 1916 and 1925 Paul Klee (1879–1940) created a total of around fifty hand puppets for his son, Felix, of which thirty are still in existence. For the heads, the artist used materials from his own household: beef bones and electrical outlets, bristle brushes, leftover bits of fur, and nutshells. The first costumes were sewn by Sasha Morgenthaler, who later became a well-known puppet maker, but Klee soon took over this task himself.

Although the hand puppets are a group of works that do not strive to be great art, they reflect the artistic and social developments of their time. For instance, the chronological proximity to Dada and the collages by Kurt Schwitters can be seen in Klee’s Specter of the Matchbox, and with the German Nationalist he caricatured a political type of the day.

This volume presents Paul Klee’s superbly imaginative hand puppets and describes each figure in detail. An introductory essay is dedicated to Klee’s connection to the theater, his relationship to the puppets made by other avant-garde artists, and his sculptural works. Klee’s son, Felix, and his grandson, Alexander, relate how the figures were created.


Soul Food is a term used for an ethnic cuisine, food traditionally prepared and eaten by African Americans of the Southern United States.

Many of the various dishes and ingredients included in “soul food” are also regional meals and comprise a part of other Southern US cooking, as well. The style of cooking originated during American slavery. African slaves were given only the “leftover” and “undesirable” cuts of meat from their masters (while the white slave owners got the meatiest cuts of ham, roasts, etc.).

They also had only vegetables grown for themselves. After slavery, many, being poor, could afford only off-cuts of meat, along with offal. Farming, hunting and fishing provided fresh vegetables, fish and wild game, such as possum, rabbit, squirrel and sometimes waterfowl. Africans living in America at the time (and since) more than made do with the food choices they had to work with. Dishes or ingredients commonly found in soul food include: Biscuits (a shortbread similar to scones, commonly served with butter, jam, jelly, sorghum or cane syrup, or gravy; used to wipe up, or “sop,” liquids from a dish). Black-eyed peas (cooked separately or with rice, as hoppin’ john). Catfish (dredged in seasoned cornbread and fried). Chicken (often fried with cornmeal breading or seasoned flour) Collard greens (usually cooked with ham hocks, often combined with other greens). Grits, often served with fish. Neckbones (beef neck bones seasoned and slow cooked). Okra: (African vegetable eaten fried in cornmeal or stewed, often with tomatoes, corn, onions and hot peppers). Turnip greens (usually cooked with ham hocks, often combined with other greens).

Though soul food originated in the South, soul food restaurants — from fried chicken and fish “shacks” to upscale dining establishments-are in every African-American community in the nation, especially in cities with large black populations, such as Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

Slave Women Processing Pork on Wessyngton Plantation Source:

Soul Food History:

140315 Rice Cake Soup - Jin's Blog Post

2014 Rice Cake Soup

Firstly the ingredients are frozen dumplings,  1 packet of rice cakes, 1 packet of spicy rice cakes and 3 packets of beef bone soup

And some other ingredients

This year we’re poor so no meat

Firstly let’s soak the rice cakes in water

And we’re cooking the beef bone soup.

We don’t have anchovies to put in the broth, neither do we have meat, or the time so what is there to do other than this that only takes 3 minutes

Or at least that’s what is written hehe

The stew pot has gotten quite rusty.. 

Mom.. I’ll steal one of the good stew pots from home. I’m apologizing in advance.

Getting the cooking duration and amount right

While that’s cooking let’s break an egg

Now let’s start cooking for real

Throwing in 1 packet of frozen dumplings

There’s 30 dumplings in there

Next is to throw in the rice cakes that are swollen from soaking in water

This too is a 6-person serving

Right beside that, we’re starting to cook the Honey Rice Cakes

We’re using olive oil. Hweek-hweek 

Throwing in rice cakes swollen from soaking in water

They look like brothers in a good relationship

Adding peanuts, later we’ve to add honey and sesame seeds too.

Ah when water comes in contact with oil it might spurt so do be careful. I put it on low fire so it’s not spurting hoot

Both stirred in and cooked, sub standard-looking photos.

In the middle (of cooking) the beef bone soup wasn’t enough so I added more water, diced garlic, pepper and egg

The timing’s whenever you deem fit

Having completed it would look perfect with a bowl but since there’s no bowl - Fail..

But seriously why is this happening while we’re living here in the dorms

Why does the bowls disappear, spoons and chopsticks disappear, there’s no one who’d take it and go off with them (Namjoon ah I’m not being suspicious of you)

With that in mind, I end up with large brass bowls for practical use.

We’ll just eat with that used as substitutes

Visuals solo shot-☆

Now you kids ought to know better and do the dishes

That’s being considerate tok-tok


We ate rather senselessly so that’s omitted

Thankful to the members who ate it deliciously. Actually there are things I forgot and also couldn’t buy so I got my nice older brother to buy it for me..

Since its for 7 people the food costs are more extravagant than what I thought ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

It’s not like I just realised .. what ..

I hope you read this post and know it too hyung, next time I’ll definitely cook it for you to eat

with that said I still hope you’ll buy the ingredients haha

I’m joking ~heh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

List of Sponsorships

Stew pot sponsored by Mom 

Scoop sponsored by Mom 

Plates sponsored by Mom

Spoons sponsored by Mom 

Salt sponsored by Mom 

Honey sponsored by Mom

I’m here to rob everything after all

Mom I’m sorry. . I love you. . 

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Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans

sweetpvnk  asked:

drop kicks you

                   WHAT THE HELL did he ever do to deserve this, he’s been
                   a good boy. he’s never done anything wrong in his life  
                   DONE ANYTHING WRONG.. )
   so why was this PUNK
                   kicking him?!

                   ❛     listen here you big boned beef head – go back t’ your
                   sewin’ kit & i won’t STITCH you a new one!!    

Cabbage Soup! I looked back in my archives and kinda can’t believe I haven’t made this one before, because it was a favorite of mine growing up.

The change of weather to autumn (even in sunny Southern California) always puts me in the mind frame of being a kid, anticipating the first batches of my grandmother’s soup. I’ve written about it before, she did all the cooking in our house, and she elevated Jewish peasant food to a high art. Soup was one of her specialties (she made about 5 or 6 different kinds), and people on the block would ask for jars of it when word got out that a batch was brewing. My favorites were mushroom barley, and matzoh ball, but I loved her cabbage soup too. She made two kinds, white, which had cream in it and no meat, which I was not a fan of, and red, which had a tomato base and beef, which I absolutely loved! For whatever reason the other day, I started craving the red stuff, so I bought a large head of savoy cabbage (but any cabbage will do), and made a crockpot full.

Normally my grandmother used flanken to make this, a cheap cut of steak, similar to short rib, but I had some grass-fed stew meat in the freezer, so I just used that. First I browned the meat, then threw it into the slow cooker with the cut up cabbage, carrots, onions, celery, strained tomatoes, and homemade chicken stock. Then I added the spices, and some lemon juice to give it that slightly sour flavor. Very similar to her sauce for stuffed cabbage, which I’ve made for you before.

Even with a paleo all-organic healthier version (and no added salt), this taste brings me right back to my childhood. It was also a favorite of my Uncle Bernie’s, and when he visited, my grandmother had it waiting for him the minute he walked through the door, so I’d sit and visit with him too, while devouring my own bowl. Not much talking between us because we were busy eating, but the moment was shared nonetheless.

Uncle Bernie is gone now, as is my grandmother, but the memory lives on through food.

Cabbage Soup (Red)

large head of cabbage (chopped)
stew meat
strained tomatoes
stock (beef, bone, chicken, veggie, etc)
paprika (the key spice)
black pepper
garlic (and/or garlic powder)
lemon juice

(EDIT: Last time I made this I skipped the lemon juice, and added diced turnips, and I liked it even better)

fatale-distraction  asked:

23 and 24

  • 23: how they act when they’re sick

Spiridon: completely knocked out. It’s very rare when infections down him, and even when they do he usually recovers very quickly. It’s just when they do hit, they hit hard enough to knock him off his feet. He just shuts himself in somewhere and rides it out with very fatty chicken and beef stock, some bone marrow, and medicine.

Lea Surana: doesn’t get sick. Ever. Both thanks to the haleness the darkspawn taint gives him, and because he constantly bleeds magic that sucks life from other life forms. Larger creatures such as humans will feel the effects of being around him in about two weeks before they develop a sort of immunity to it, but insect life and microbial life die of it and relinquish their life force to Lea. The only things that can kill Lea are direct, grievous assaults or other battery-based accidents. Illnesses can’t bite him. One has to wonder how the beneficial bacteria in his gut survive it, but my guess is that Lea’s magic does not attack things that it considers to be a part of its wielder’s survival.

  • 24: what motivates them

Lea Surana: hunger. Not for food, but for something he can’t identify. He tries to snuff that hunger by setting goals and reaching them, but reaching those goals only makes him hungrier. It’s an insane, instinctual thing, and it drives him forward with crazy force.

Spiridon Lavellan: nothing. not really. He’s a very passive person who’d rather not take action if not forced to, so his motivation is always a response to someone else’s action. And as such, his motivation changes the aggressor. He lives his life as a response, and has little agenda of his own aside from survival and being left alone.

Yazawa Kobe Beef Ramen, Kobe

Whenever Mutsumi tells someone she’s from Kobe, nine times out of ten, their response is always, “Oh, where the beef’s from!”

It’s expected, as beef is definitely what put Kobe on the map globally. 

And when it comes to Kobe beef, there are usually four preparations that immediately spring to people’s minds… yakiniku, sukiyaki, steak and shabu shabu. These are definitely the four most popular ways that cuts of these sacred cows are prepared. But here at Yazawa, they’re using top-dollar tenderloin fatty flank to assemble a more affordable meal… as ramen!

Located on the outside of Sun Center Plaza, halfway between the JR Sannomiya and Motomachi stations, it’s easy to find Yazawa by looking for the big black cow that stands in front of the restaurant or, from a distance, the white lantern that read “Kobe Beef”…

Yazawa Kobe Beef Ramen was opened and run by the folks at the award-winning Yazawa butchers, whose family have been proud purveyors of Kobe beef for generations…

It’s a small shop, with only six seats and two tables, and lines form quickly, so best to get here early…

I asked to see what was behind the curtains in the kitchen but was told it was top secret…

Once you’re seated inside, there are only a few options on the menu, Kobe beef ramen being the main event, of course…

While they do have lighter “shio” and “shoyu” soup options, you’d be crazy not the get their beef bone broth, made from boiling the bones overnight, the marrow making the soup super thick and creamy…

Only the best cuts of Kobe beef are used as toppings, and even after being roasted, you can still clearly see that magical marbling in the meat which the local wagyu is known for…

One of your ordering options is for “extra meat”, so do yourself a favor and splurge…

The noodles Yazawa uses are custom made, a little ticker and wider to better stand up to the richness of beef broth and pick up the bone marrow bits…

Their kitchen also cranks out handmade beef gyoza…

Plump and juicy, mixed with scallion and onion, the beef gives these potstickers a unique flavor unlike their pork counterparts…

Finish your bowl and you get a red star…

The fact that Yazawa gets all their Kobe beef from their own butcher shop, which they buy in bulk, helps them keep costs down, and a standard bowl of Kobe beef ramen here will only cost you about US $10.00!! A side order of extra Kobe beef, served tataki-style, runs an extra US $15.00 but should not be passed up. I mean after all, beef is what you came to Kobe for, right?

Open for lunch and dinner. Reservations not accepted.


Sun Center Plaza

2-11-1 Sannomiya

Kobe, Hyogo