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Blue Moon Beer from USA, “Bee Cheng Hiang” Beef Jerky, Asian Snacks & Japanese Vegetables with Chinese Soybean Paste - May 2017

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I’ve discovered one of the more underrated foods here in China is beef jerky. While beef is the least eaten protein in Chinese cuisine, its quite common in dried and seasoned form.

My friend Snowing recently brought me back this excellent variety from Qinghai province that’s made with Tibetan beef. Keke Xili beef jerky comes in two flavors, Five Spice and Cumin, both of which were rather tasty, but with cumin edging it out for me. I did find their texture a bit drier than other brands, which made it flakier though, not tougher.

As with most jerky, Keke Xili paired perfectly with a cold beer, in this case, an Orion I brought back from Japan.