The Piskey Whickle, urged of the month from @theblueskitchen.
A 7oz Dry-aged Angus & Shorthorn steak patty topped with American cheese, pickled red cabbage, house smoked pastrami, gem lettuce and mustard & dill aioli in a toasted rye & pumpkin seed bun crowned with fried pickles and served alongside a Four Roses pickle-back. £15.50. My first impression was of how colourful and beautifully presented the burger was, it’s very important for it to look good and stand out. The deepness of the cabbage along with the brightness of the pastrami, lettuce and cheese really contrasted well, and the rye & pumpkin seed bun gave it a sharp look.
The meat was a well seasoned, perfectly chewy patty and slightly bigger than your general 6oz. It definitely justifies the price. The cheese slightly melted over the top have you that classic cheeseburger recognition, but was very much improved by the rest of the toppings.
The pastrami was fresh and juicy, and they don’t hold back on the size of the slab that they give you. It gives you that savoury sensation of a really good deli sandwich mixed with a traditional beef burger.
The picked cabbage gives you that almost bitter sharp taste but doesn’t take away the juiciness of the beef or pastrami, allowing multiple flavours to combine in your mouth.
The mustard and dill aioli adds that slightly tangy and hot flavour to the meats, again resembling a New York deli sandwich.
My favourite part of the burger was definitely the bun. It was firm, slightly crusty on top, and gives you a very good hard chew, which I prefer with a burger, I love having something that I need to rip and chomp my way through. The seeds add that sharpness and bitterness that really sets this aside from a normal burger.
I very much recommend getting down to The Blues kitchen whilst this is on, and don’t forget to wash it down with your pickleback!
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