//Note to the kind anon who sent me “ How do you think Aster would react to seeing Richter in the other form?” I am sorry I’m taking so much time to reply, all I have in mind atm is “Hot damn, he’s hot, you’re hot, I’m gonna punch your godamn face Richter.”

I don’t know, kind of feels like really ooc (you beeet, OR MAYBE NOT, AT LEAST NOT THE PUNCHING PART). I will reply to it, I swear, but when I4ll be able to reply something serious x)

anonymous asked:

"DROP A BEAT YOOOO!!" Link ripped off his hat and jumped onstage. Lemme. Lemme drop some siKK BEEETS.!!!! Yelled the hero of time. ... PISTACHIO pistaCHIO gimme some MOGMAFUCKING PISTACHIOS I don't care about me but I know Ganon wants to fuck me but I DONT wanna see those green nutty eyes! My pistachio kink isn't a lie. WORD!!!!" You could say he was having an early mid life crisis.

you could also say he was going nuts