Note: uses this prompt from Rayvah: Escort! Gold prompt : He and Belle talk about why she stopped calling him. I know you haven’t mentioned taking prompts lately, but I just wanted to submit this while I was thinking about it. You do good work. Sorry to be a bother! (You’re never a bother, omg)

And this prompt from an anon: Escort Gold verse: Belle what went through your mind when Jefferson told you that Gold had quit the escort business?

Belle’s Outfit

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fic: Coffee and Vodka

So this is for somethingstately, since she just moved, and for beeeinyourbonnet, since she’s looking for a job. Dead Fish and Once Upon a Time crossover. In this verse (this is a ONE SHOT), there’s no FTL backstory, Belle’s just an ordinary person.

what are titles

Summary: Publicist Belle ducks into a shady club to avoid a creep on the street, ends up meeting the foul-mouthed owner, and things ensue. NC-17.

                Belle was unsettled: she was rarely unsettled, and she did not like it. She was not afraid, not yet, because she was fairly certain she could find her way back to a well-lit, slightly-less-full-of-criminals area, but she was jumpy and she knew she looked afraid. Her second night in London and she was close to lost, without even a can of mace in her purse.

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Belle wants them both but doesn't know how to ask. She thinks she is being subtle but they both see it, and they decide to show her it's okay.

Posting this here so I can put it under a cut. xD

(We’ll see how this works out. If the names are too confusing, I’ll give Rush#2 another name.)


When they had first talked about it, Rush from the intact Destiny (called Rush by everyone and Nick by Belle) and Rush from the exploded Destiny (also called Rush by everyone, but called Nicholas by Belle) had thought Belle might be confused about which one of them was which. Neither of them would have believed that she was interested in them without proof, but it was hard to ignore when it played out directly in front of them with each other.

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“He opened his eyes and found himself looking up at the most beautiful face he’d ever seen—smooth white skin, tumbling chestnut curls, and eyes as stormy as the ocean from which she protruded. Why was she in the ocean?

“Oh, you are awake!” She smiled, revealing pearly white teeth, and she had to be either an angel or a siren. He would wait to decide which. “Good, I thought I’d lost you.””

From Siren’s Lullaby by beeeinyourbonnet

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beeeinyourbonnet  asked:

Drop Dead Fred AU: Rumple, now that Belle's older, what do you guys do to fill the time?

Drop Dead Fred AU.


She likes to read, anything and everything, and he often watches her. She likes to talk while she buries her nose in her books, like she’s making sure he’s still there, and where else would he be?

He listens to the things she wants to say, replies even when she isn’t listening, and he could disappear, it isn’t like he doesn’t have the choice not to stay, but he doesn’t want to.

He’s used to a hectic head, to her imagination and his own, but she’s recovering from the pills, as is he, and…it’s nice, anyway, sitting in the garden while her father’s at work, even if his fingers itch for something more sometimes.

But it’s not potions or magic that his hands want. He dabbles for old times’ sake, much to Belle’s amusement, but it doesn’t satisfy.

It’s strange that it’s worse in the mornings, once she’s showered and eaten and asked him to accompany her out to that rickety little white bench her father has already forgotten to fix for her. Her hair dries slowly and his fingers curl accordingly.

She smells…good. She reminds him of things, things he’d forgotten locked away where he was, and there’s something special about Belle - hadn’t there always been? - something…so very different.

She touches his hand, asks him why he’s frowning, and there it is, touch. He wants to touch her.

And he now he knows, now he understands. He’s a grown up, too.