So Kill La Kill just finished and holy crap was it amazing, fun, awesome, silly and had a metric ton of naked people running around at the end.

This series was straight up fun. Like… big stupid grin on your face fun because of how off-the-wall mad it was.

I have come out the other side of this show a happier man than when I went in. In no particular order, here’s a couple of major thoughts I have.

  • Kiryuin Satsuki is one of my new favourite characters: It’s become apparent to me that if you throw me a badass, strong, driven and awesome female character like Satsuki, I will latch onto her like a drowning man to a lifebelt. Satsuki is just amazing and it was lovely to see her being normal with short hair in normal clothes at the end as seen in the gif above.
  • Ira Gamagori is also amazing: While he may not have got the girl (though my headcanon is that Mako is bi and will come around to him) Gamagori legitimately saved the world with his sense of duty, strength and total inability to fall down while people are relying on him. I loved how much fun the animators were clearly having with his wildly fluctuating size and he got some of the best moments in the series. His entrance in the first episode is what got me to pay attention to Kill La Kill and he remained a constant source of fun and joy throughout.
  • The Elite Four in general: Off the back of Gamagori’s towering magnificence, the Elite Four had great chemistry and banter that made them as much to root for as the primary heroes of the piece.
  • Holy cow those are some fight scenes: Trigger as studio have an excellent and unique style of animation and you can tell that they love nothing better than having a big elaborate fight scene to show off how cool their style is. Well… maybe they enjoy transformation sequences a little more but both are awesome.
  • Dat soundtrack: Between Blumenkrantz and DON’T LOSE YOUR WAAAAAY, Kill La Kill had an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack. This alone is a good reason to check out the show.
  • A battleship that turns into a gigantic rocket knife: Because YES.
  • NUDISTO BEEEEAAAACH: Definite winners of best secret underground resistance.

So yeah…

Kill La Kill is enormous fun. If you haven’t watched it yet, I would advise you to. If you have… watch it again. Or at least the final episode because that deserves to watched twice.