Monsta X as My Little Pony Characters

Shownu - Twilight Sparkle

  • Natural born leader 
  • Wise and Knowledgable
  • Seems quiet, but will open up if approached
  • Rational (Has to keep the rest of MX from doing idiotic things)

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Hyungwon - Fluttershy

  • Quiet and Timid
  • Sings like an angel (HE NEEDS MORE LINES GODDAMN IT)
  • Open to new experiences
  • Has an aggressive side (bruh…have you seen kihyun try to wake him up)

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Minhyuk - Pinkie Pie

  • Hyperactive, outgoing (kid is always on a sugar high I swear)
  • Sometimes shows insecurities
  • Enjoys helping others
  • Large personality (face of MX basically)

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Jooheon - Rainbow Dash

  • Competitive (ahem N.O MERCY ahem)
  • Self-conscious (protect this child)
  • Exceptional at what he worked for (his bars are straight fire c’mon)
  • Passionate

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Wonho - Rarity

  • Loves fashion (I bet 99% of MX’s coat rack is his)
  • Doesn’t like getting dirty (rlly depends on what type of dirty you’re talking about…)
  • Martial Arts master (check weekly idol for Taekwondo “skills”)
  • Determined (works RLLY hard to make good music)

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Kihyun - Spike

  • Greedy at times *cough* with lines *cough* (don’t kill me)
  • Playful and likes pranks (scares jooheon every 5 sec)
  • Defensive about his masculinity (don’t even try to argue)
  • Seen as cute, but doesn’t want to be
  • Edit: Shoutout to @awkwardshownu for mentioning that Kihyun was still the SMOLLEST character here (wasn’t even intentional when I made this)

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I.M - Derpy Hooves

  • Is there anything else that really needs to be said?

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…don’t even ask what went through my mind when I made this okay? Wasn’t requested but hope you enjoy! ~ Kiwi

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