die Amsel (Amseln) - blackbird
der April - April
der Baum (Bäume) - tree
die Biene (Bienen) - bee
die Blume (Blumen) - flower
der Frosch (Frösche) - frog
der Frühling (Frühlinge) - spring

der Schmetterling (Schmetterlinge) - butterfly
die Geburt (Geburten) - birth
das Gras - grass
die Jahreszeit (Jahreszeiten) - season
der Juni - June
der Krokus (Krokusse) - crocus
das Küken - chick
das Lamm (Lämmer) - lamb
das Licht (Lichter) - light
der Mai - May
der Marienkäfer - ladybug
der März - March
die Pflanze (Pflanzen) - plant
die Pfütze (Pfützen) - puddle
der Regen - rain
der Regenbogen - rainbow
die Sonne (Sonnen) - sun
der Vogel (Vögel) - bird
die Wärme - warmth

grün - green
kühl - cool
neu - new
warm - warm

aufwachen - to wake up
ausschlüpfen - to hatch
duften - to smell nice
einpflanzen - to plant
gebären - to give birth

geboren werden - to be born
schmelzen - to melt
tauen - to melt/to thaw

wachsen - to grow

translated from @malteseboy‘s Spring vocab in Maltese

German vocabulary from Duolingo [part 1]

Hallo - hello
Tschüss - bye
Danke - thanks
Bitte - please
Ja - yes
Nein - no
Guten Morgen - good morning
Guten Tag - good afternoon
Guten Abend - good evening
Gute Nacht - good night
Willkommen - welcome
Gern geschehen - you’re welcome
Bis bald - see you soon
Bis später - see you later
Bis morgen - see you tomorrow
Auf wiedersehen - goodbye
Entschuldigung - excuse me
Es tut mir Leid - I’m sorry
Genau - exactly
Leider - unfortunately
In ordnung - alright
Wie geht’s? - How are you?
Mir geht’s gut - I’m fine
Keine Ahnung - no idea
Alles klar - alright
Und - and

Sein - to be
Trinken - to drink
Essen - to eat
Lesen - to read
Haben - to have
Heißen - to be called
Kommen - to come
Sprechen - to speak
Verstehen - to understand
Schmecken - to taste
Fressen - to eat 

Der Mann (Männer) - man; husband
Die Frau (Frauen) - woman; wife
Der Junge (Jungen) - boy
Das Kind (Kinder) - child
Das Mädchen (Mädchen) - girl
Deutschland - Germany
England - England
Deutsch - German
Englisch - English
Das Essen (Essen) - food
Der Hunger - hunger 
Der Durst - thirst
Das Brot (Brote) - bread
Das Wasser - water
Die Milch - milk
Der Apfel (Äpfel) - apple
Die Pizza (Pizzen/Pizzas)  - pizza
Die Suppe (Suppen) - soup
Der Fisch (Fische) - fish
Das Eis (Eis/Eise) - ice; ice cream 
Das Ei (Eier) - egg
Der Käse (Käse) - cheese
Das Fleisch - meat
Das Gemüse (Gemüse) - vegetable 
Die Kartoffel (Kartoffeln) - potato
Die Schokolade (Schokoladen) - chocolate
Der Zucker (Zucker) - sugar
Die Erdbeere (Erdbeeren) - strawberry
Das Salz (Salze) - salt
Die Nudel (Nudeln) - noodle
Der Reis (Reise) - rice
Das Öl (Öle) - oil
Das Obst - fruit
Die Orange (Orangen) - orange
Die Banane (Bananen) - banana
Der Saft (Säfte) - juice
Der Tee (Tees) - tea
Der Kaffee (Kaffees) - coffee
Das Bier (Bier/Biere) - beer
Der Wein (Weine) - wine 
Die Zeitung (Zeitungen) - newspaper
Das Buch (Bücher) - book
Das Tier (Tiere) - animal 
Das Haustier (Haustiere) - pet
Die Katze (Katzen) - cat
Der Hund (Hunde) - dog
Die Maus (Mäuse) - mouse
Der Bär (Bären) - bear
Die Kuh (Kühe) - cow
Das Pferd (Pferde) - horse
Das Schwein (Schweine) - pig
Der Vogel (Vögel) - bird
Die Ente (Enten) - duck
Die Spinne (Spinnen) - spider
Das Insekt (Insekten) - insect
Die Biene (Bienen) - bee
Die Fliege (Fliegen) - fly
Der Käfer (Käfer) - beetle

Gut - good
Süß - sweet
Frisch - fresh
Lecker - delicious

And The Snakes Start To Sing

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Request by an anon: hi! could you write a draco x reader imagine where the reader is a hufflepuff, so he’s secretly dating her because he can’t ruin his reputation, but since it’s a secret a lot of people still bully her and lowkey draco does too just so its not suspicious, and one day draco finds pansy and the reader fighting so draco yells at pansy and stuff and then ends up telling everyone that they’re dating and it ends all fluffy :) thanks so much sorry this is so long 😂

A/N- It’s fine xD

Stolen glances desperate to demonstrate a reply and grasps of hands as brief as the passing zephyr make the world become a test of reality. It was what you’d become accustomed to while being in your secret relationship with Draco. Along with of course, being bullied by your own boyfriend. Despite the fact he’d always apologise in the most charming way possible and regardless as to whether it was only to keep up pretences, you couldn’t help feeling significantly unimportant.

It had been around four months of agonising bliss but you couldn’t, to put it nicely, cut the ties that held the relationship together. You loved him, that much was certain. And what with your determination into keep a rare relationship such as this one alive, you knew those antics were beyond your capability.

Charms had become increasingly more enthralling over the past year, much to your delight. As Professor Flitwick explains and demonstrates the fluid wand movements and high-pitched incantations, you copy verbatim. After numerous rather unsuccessful tries and a fair amount of bandages for an unfortunate Susan Bones beside you, you’d finally accomplished the spell. 

Exultance radiates from you in beatific sparks. If it is to be described, a showering spectrum of metaphorical fireworks erupt like grenades around you; creating an endearing aura which molds itself around your body.

In exuberant excitement, you glance around and for a moment your eyes meet Draco’s immensely proud ones and he sends you a quick, suave wink before turning around.   

You feel your heart flutter slightly and clear your throat in attempts to disregard the moment. Though you have barely time to control yourself before your teacup waddles to its doom with the legs you had charmed on it.

The end of Charms class arrived with the same amount of time it takes a dead star’s light to travel to Earth. You leave later than everyone else due to an arrogant Slytherin choosing to spend his time to knock over your books. 

Huffing slightly, you leave the barren classroom and enter the equally desolate corridor. Silence settles like the dead resting in their astringent graves.

The clack of your shoes cuts through the thick atmosphere like knife through butter. You were thankful that this day had occured with only a marginal number of icidents involving a few certain Slytherins but like always, you though too soon.

“Well if it isnt our favourite mudblood playtoy.” Pansy Parkinson’s resounds through the hallway. You look up to find Pansy and her clique of aforementioned Slytherin “Furies”. 

“A hufflepuff and a mudblood? What an unfortunate match.” she shakes her head in pity with a contrasting smirk. “It’s a shame Draco isn’t here to witness….he hates you lot more than I do.” they all laugh derisively.

Pansy begins to examine her polished nails and tuts upon finding chips in the varnish. “So tell me mudblood, you think you can look at my Draky-poo?” 

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” you stammer and retreat a few steps.

“Oh I think you do. Maybe you need a little persuading.” she says viciously while turning to the others.

“I think this one needs to be taught a lesson. I guess we’ll just have to tell Draco about it then. Pity really…he was always one for relishing in other people’s pain.” an evil sneer crosses her face as she draws her wand. 

“Then you really musn’t know me at all Parkinson.” Draco growls at her from a hidden corridor. The panic and unequivocal fear clenched your chest eases and is replaced by mild horror and relief at Draco’s arrival.

“Draky!” Pansy exclaims hesitantly. “We were just-”

“I know full well what you were doing and i’d advise you to leave now if you value your dignity.”

“Draco? W-what’re you-” Pansy starts with verging hysteria.

“And don’t ever hurt Y/N again.” Draco cuts her off.

“What’s gotten into you?” she screeches in  shock. Jealously flashes in her beedy eyes as her eyes narrow at the close proximity between you both.

“I dare you to even think about harming her. Do it and see what happens.” he growls menacingly.

His icy hand weaves its way into yours as he says, “ Y/N is my girlfriend. If you have a problem with that, don’t bother me with it.” he says with a sharp finality, nods to them once with an intimidatingly mocking, “ladies.” and leads you towards the Great Hall.

 “I’m so sorry, Y/N.” he whispers in despondent sincerity. “I can’t believe i acted in such a way. I wasn’t considerate towards how it affected you and believed that sneaking around here and there could in any way make up for how I treated you.”

“Draco It’s okay, it’s fine-”

“No, Y/N it’s not.” he sighs. “I…I love you. And that’s quite possibly the worst way to show that.” he whispers.

Your heart palipates thunderingly as you turn his face towards yours. “Maybe, but this isn’t.” you mutter as your lips press gently against his. 

Draco’s hand tightens considerably around your own as he pushes open the Great Hall doors. Quick enough as to not allow enough time for an escape and loud enough to arise attention.

The Hall hushes itself into a minute second of deafening silence before there’s an outbreak of whispers.

“Is that Y/N Y/L/N?!”

“Of course it’s Draco Malfoy! Look at his hair.” 

“Has he been confunded?” 

“Who would want to go out with an insolent git like Malfoy?”

“Oh go back to eating, Ronald.”

You glance at Draco worriedly, your tooth resorting to biting your lip in anticipation of who knows what.

“Want to sit with the Slytherins or Hufflepuffs?” Draco asks quietly but with an encouraging smile. You know how hard it must be for him already and decide to make the meal more comfortable. 

A huge smile forms on your face as you gesture towards the Slytherins. “This should be fun.” you say cheerfully and take your place besides him amoungst a sea of flabbergasted pine colour.

Then without warning, members of each House erupt in applause and wolf-whistles and you don’t know whether to blush or laugh and end up doing both.

Slytherins around you introduce themselves albeit unsurely and you feel the beginnings of interhouse friendships become common place.

For the first time in his life, Draco felt warm in ways he would never have thought he could. From the heavy blush on his cheeks to the blossoming warmth arising in his chest.



der Bär - the bear

der Hund - the dog

der Vogel - the bird

der Käfer - the beetle

der Hase - the rabbit, the hare

der Esel - the donkey

der Elefant - the elephant

der Löwe - the lion

der Wal - the whale

der Delfin - the dolphin

der Affe - the monkey


die Spinne - the spider

die Ente - the duck

die Katze - the cat

die Fliege - the fly

die Biene - the bee

die Kuh - the cow

die Maus - the mouse

die Ziege - the goat

die Schlange - the snake

die Schildkröte - the turtle


das Haustier - the pet

das Schwein - the pg

das Insekt - the insect

das Pferd - the horse

das Tier - the animal

das Schaf - the sheep

das Huhn - the chicken

das Zebra - the zebra