Scientists confirm: Children’s show “Steven Universe” more likely to cause cancer than intense UV rays

by: James “Jimmy” Russels

BeedFuzz News

According to scientists at the University of Cyprus Pennbrook, rats exposed to forty four minutes of Cartoon Network’s television series “Steven Universe” develop cancerous cells in their skin about three times faster than rats exposed to forty four minutes of intense ultraviolet radiation…

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Internet Tough Guy Never Makes Good on Threats of Physical Violence

by: James “Jimmy” Russells

There is a good chance that if you are reading this you are doing so via some sort of social media account (in this case, probably tumblr) and, with that in mind, there is probably at least a 90% chance that you have encountered this phenomenon that seems to plague every social media platform:
The internet tough guy®

You can usually identify these guys by their blatant lack of self-awareness and willingness to engage in physical violence over very minor disagreements. Well, a recent study at Cameron University-North Tennessee shows that, despite the impression that these gentlemen (and we use that term lightly) like to give off, they never actually seem to deliver. Read right here at BeedFuzz-News as we talk to one university student and his multiple encounters with multiple internet tough guys® on multiple social media platforms!

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