When there is money, there is no morality.

“Artists who “work” on themselves, including the early Zhang Huan (65 kg. 1994) and the most recent Marina Abramovic (The House with the Ocean View, 2002) can have integrity, and respect for themselves and others. Whatever they endure, they endure themselves. They are on a journey, and the audience is a part of it, but mainly as witnesses.

Artists who “work” on others, though, like Wearing, Beecroft, and Sierra, are misanthropes, people-haters, who not only want to see others humiliated or ordered around, they want to do it themselves. For them, the audience is implicated in the whole scam by visiting and watching and buying and supporting their work. A massive sliming of mutual humiliation.”

Go Jerome!!

Raf Simons autumn—winter 1998—99.

Raf Simons organised his elaborately orchestrated show, called ‘RADIOACTIVITY’ in the Moulin Rouge in Paris on Friday January 23rd 1998. 

The collection was inspired by: Kraftwerk, Laurie Anderson, Vanessa Beecroft, Ceremony the 80’s New Wave and Punk. The show was a continuous alternation of classic and trash.

Make-up and Hair: The head group of the models had dyed black hair and pale faces. The faces of the Kraftwerk part were made up in white, with bright red lips. Four spider-men appeared with a spider-web on their faces.

The silhouettes: Tight, strictly classical, shapes with influences of Punk, New Wave and historical costumes. The coats had a sharp form and shiny zippers. A group of female models appeared wearing slim classic jackets, bodysuits, tights and high heeled shoes and with shiny motorcycle helmets on their heads, all in black.

Colours : Black, Grey and red (Kraftwerk shirts).


Vanessa Beecroft x Vogue Italia - Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2016


Full Dual Slalom Highlights | Sea Otter Classic 2017 - YouTube

Including tiny interviews with Jill Kintner, Caroline Buchanan andDanielle Beecroft

anonymous asked:

i've searched the blog and nothing came up, but maybe you can direct me somewhere i can find an answer? i'm wondering if Labyrinth by Alex Beecroft has good genderfluid rep — the author doesn't appear to be nonbinary and frankly the goodreads reviews are so confusing that i don't trust them to answer my question. i was hoping to find a nonbinary reviewer who has read it, but i'm not sure where to look as it's not a well-known book. thank you!

I’m not personally familiar with the book, but whenever I’m looking for #ownvoices reviews for anything non-cis, I run to Xan West’s fabulous post of these! And, as luck would have it, there is in fact a review of Labyrinth on there:

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I thought I remembered reading Alex Beecroft being nonbinary so I searched and found it mentioned halfway down the About page alexbeecroft(.)com/about/ Disclaimer that I don't know Alex and have not read the book in question and am also cis

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thanks for responding to my Alex Beecroft question (and thanks to shira glassman for your addition, if you see this!) it was very helpful :D

Np! And Shira is fabulous :)