Can we please write a sitcom about the Beechcrew? Like seriously. And I think we should base it around Tim - the lovable nerd virgin geek who only is friends with girls… And his particular group of girls consists of a lesbian, an overly emotional girl, a heavy-drinking-hoe, and a heavy drinking observer type. Come on! And we can even write it at Beechmont!
—  My pooh bear Sheena that is trapped in Germany after getting her tonsils removed comes up with the best ideas for sitcoms based on our lives.
Just when I thought...

I liked driving the Jeep, I had to drive in Beechmont to get an estimate for that fence I backed it into. Beechmont is not a nice place. I think I got lost about 6 times. I stalled once. Haven’t done that in weeks. And for the cherry on top, it will probably be about $800 to fix. A couple small scratches! Ridiculous… At least none of the managers at work said anything about my no-call/no-show today.