Revisiting “CodeSevilla: ¡A programar!”

by Jesús Moreno, EU Code Week Ambassador from Spain

One of the largest events held in Spain during CodeWeek was the one that Programamos and Google run at the “House of the Science” of Seville, where they tried to bring the world of programming and robotics to the more than 160 people who participated in the event with a series of activities, demos and games intended, first, to arouse the curiosity and imagination of children and youth and, moreover, show that learning to code can be really fun, powerful, educational and lies available to anyone who gives it a try.

With this goal in mind, we prepared a extemely fun workshop with Beebots robots, which allowed young assistants begin practicing with the concepts of algorithm, program and sequence of instructions while trying to get the Beebots to move to the position desired. 

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We also organized some activities for learning to code without a computer, and the truth is that it was one of the activities that the attendees enjoyed the most. The idea was that the children would become printers, knew different methods of data representation and were able to pass each other encrypted notes that could then decrypt to find the original message.

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Another of the great attractions of the evening were the activities prepared by our students with  Scratch, Makey Makey and Arduino boards and a Leap Motion device. We are really proud of their behavior as they performed exceptionally well throughout the day and explained the operation of their video games and animations in a truly educational and fun way.

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Moreover, the very young team of Leantecs, a Sevillian company that researches and works on issues related to robotics and electronics, brought two of their robots: one that was able  to detect obstacles and dodging to avoid getting crushed by kids chasing it across the hall the whole evening, and one controlled by an Arduino remote control. It was a real pleasure to have this great team of professionals who answered all the questions from the audience and explained the operation of both cars. 

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In short, it was a truly enriching event where kids (and their parents!) had a really good time giving coding a try.

Do you speak Spanish? Have a look at the summary video of one of the events in Madrid: