Unbelievable. I have to do everything myself

I can’t believe the first playlist for the ML Breakdance AU is going to be for Chloé Bourgeois. 

Queen Bee

1. Confident // Demi Lovato
2. Hate on Me // Jill Scott
3. Va Va Voom // Nicki Minaj
4. Hard Out Here // Lily Allen
5. Blow // Ke$ha 
6. Monster // Meg and Dia (Dubstep Remix) 
7. Whatever U Like - Nichole Scherzinger 
8. Super Bass - Nicki Minaj 
9. You’ll Find a Way // Santigold 
10. Bo$$ - 5th Harmony 

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Cover art by @lady-magique-et-lady-chance
Amazon Echo and Google Home Get Trapped in Instructional Loop

Adam decided to get both a Google Home and an Amazon Alexa to find out which one would provide the most benefit. He was sitting on the couch when he decided to find out what would happen if the two devices could talk to each other.

Adam knew that they will read out loud whatever a person has in their calendar, so it turned out that it wasn’t hard to make them “talk” to each other. Credit: YouTube/Adam Jakowenko via Storyful