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I see you rebloging some posts about honey and how it helps bees. Vegans oppose to it because its unethical, Conservationists and scientists oppose to it because it is destructive to other bee species and the environment. Native bees pollinate more.

1. vegans don’t know anything lmao

2. source?

3. idk if it’s true that native bees pollinate more, but i do know for a fact that there are not enough native bees to pollinate all the crops we need to grow (at least in the US), so honey bees are necessary in that respect regardless of the fact that people might think that it’s unethical. even if it is destructive to the environment and other bee species (how???) people still need to eat and I know this is controversial to the vegans but people are more important than animals

4. bitch, i didn’t even ask


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