imagine bitty skyping with Alicia and Bob on a regular basis…and by regular basis I mean every single day because the Zimmermanns love Bitty so much. I want Bitty to be in the Providence apartment and they’re making out and suddenly Bitty pushes Jack off like, “Wait, I just remembered I have to do something first hold on sweetheart” and he literally slides off, pulls his laptop over, and calls Bob to tell him that he passed his French quiz.

(Bob is ecstatic: “ALICIA GUESS WHO PASSED THEIR FRENCH QUIZ, I told you I was helping–oh, hello son!! I heard Eric made pot roast today, you’re lucky–oh right, your mom wants the recipe–”

And then Alicia comes over and she and Bitty talk for forty five minutes, with Bob popping in and out with commentary. Jack passes out on the couch after the first thirty minutes.)


SO we had an extra jug of bee syrup (syrup for bees to eat, not syrup made of bees, which would be…. repulsive) and the bees have been trying to drink out of the hummingbird feeder, which makes the hummingbirds nervous, so my dad put the jug out next to the back door, where the bees could eat it and we could watch them (these are the Carniolans; the queens are Cleopatra and Diana). I was watching them drink their syrup and everything seemed good until one of them FELL INTO THE SYRUP and like my dad says, bees are better at drowning than swimming, so she started to drown and she was stuck on her back failing in the syrup and her bee sisters were trying to fish her out but they couldn’t grab her and then finally two of them reached in with their bee arms and dragged her out and she flopped onto the table and laid there a very long time resting and in the end she was okay but it was Very Stressful and I had to lie down afterwards

i just wanna say that i so so appreciate that my blog can be a place for important conversations! everyone is so considerate and kind and says their opinions with such grace and it’s so nice. i love youuuuuuuu

Doodles of Bee (HoneyBee?) Cause I love her desing, also her weapon and how full of live and cheerfully she looks like. And then I come with this idea yesterday.

What if the bee wielder asume not the role of the queen, but the workbee? She will be full of energy, always working for the hive, and speacialy for her _queen_ aka Ladybug.
Chat would be glad that she wants to protect her bugginette, but mostly he will be step over by the bee so she can come closer to her queen, so development?
And if its Chloe, as we suspect, it would be a great point of start for her to evolve! Working for others instead of the oposite, she starting to apreciate more sabrina, stop being mean cause she hear her queen talk about this bully that won’t stop, the girl that is also her supper fan but she can get to like…
And she start to change also her way to interact to others, specialy the dinamic chat/bee adrien/chloe can be * ^ *…
There is much more details I can came up with, but simply I think this could be a great way for thing to _bee_

Ok but what if the Bee Miraculous holder introduction/ episode goes like this:

- Fu and Marinette are ended up talking about the book.
- Fu confirms Marinette there are more holders and HM was one of them.
- Mari is kind of shocked.
- Fu tells Mari there’s something coming that is worse than HM, so Mari ask if they are going to get help.
- Fu just smiles and says something like ‘sooner than you think’ while he changes the page of the book to the Bee holder.
-The scene changes to a new student arriving and she is very excited.
- Imagine she already has got the miraculous from Fu.
-So she talks to her kwami of wow this is where I need to help.
-But she is nervous too cause she is a big fan if LB.
- Cut to Marinette talking to Tikki about wth Fu was talking and how they are going to fight with this new evil.
-But she bumps into Adrien, who’s having a crisis because of the book.
-Marinette is nervous as always.
-Adrien then asks her if she has seen a book.
-Marinette is practically dying here.
-And of course Akuma attack! Cause HM doesnt want this ship to sail.
-Maybe Volpina is back too.
-'oh shit we need to hide’ 'gotta go differents way’ 'that was close’ 'TRANSFORME MOI!’
-Bee holder hears the screams.
- 'I guess that’s my call’
- transformation sequence of her too.
- CN and LB are planning what to do and talking about this 'new evil’
- Bee comes.
- and starts fangirling.
-LB is kind of suspicious cause Volpina.
- CN is amused and pretty chill.
-Akuma interrumpts them.
-'gimme your miraculous or else…!’
- They are all go into action.
-insert shameless flirt here in front of the newbee.
-Bee is like 'oh…?’
-Lucky Charm. Cataclyms. Beeblade.
-akuma defeated, HM being a crybaby
- 'Miraculous Ladybug’ shouts LB.
-'She is amazing’ whispers the Bee.
-'i know’ says CN.
-fist bump and bien joue between CN and LB.
- Bee: Ohhhhh! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- Bee holder confirmed Ladynoir shipper.
-LB congrats Bee. Bee is in cloud nine.
- LB mentions the great evil and how they all need help.
- they all separate to detransform.
-in the school Bee is excitingly talking with her kwami.
- she sees Marinette, maybe helping, scolding Chloe or just walking
- she knows.
-Meanwhile Mari stumbles and falls.
- Bee is ready to run and catch her.
- Adrien is there first.
-'are u ok?’ 'i’m adrien, sorry…I MEAN sorry to fall for u I MEAN…’ ’…ok’
- Bee is 😞 WAIT
- :O
- thATS CHat NoiR
- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-i know what to do.
- episode ends.

Basically Bee knows, and she is a hard shipper of the Love Square and will do anything for them to realize and put them together. She is basically us.



AMAZING!!!!!!!  Beautiful!!!!!