the one who made it out - a playlist highlighting the talents of women of color in musical theatre

aquarius - hair // america - west side story // waiting for life - once on this island // breathe - in the heights // i speak six languages - the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee // prologue / little shop of horrors - little shop of horrors // that’s rich - newsies // we ain’t no cheerleaders - bring it on // eleven days - here lies love // helpless - hamilton // satisfied - hamilton // 911! emergency - bare: a pop opera // we’re okay - rent // the dark i know well - spring awakening // learn your lessons well - godspell // simple joys - pippin // the witch - big fish // i wonder where our love has gone - lady day at emerson’s bare and grill // sal tlay ka siti - the book of mormon // something wonderful - the king and i // i loves you, porgy - porgy and bess // it won’t be long now - in the heights // out tonight - rent // letterbomb - american idiot // the party goes with you - 35mm: a musical exhibition // i got four kids - caroline or change // where you are - kiss of the spider woman // by my side - godspell // your daddy’s son - ragtime // colored woman - memphis //


how to ask out fellow memers

- hey yo tony, wanna be my boy/girlfriend-roni

- youre the rarest pepe ive ever met

- i crave your mineral

- you make my heart go nyoom

- being with you would be a WIN-na ween

- Waluwillyougooutwithme

- ur my sweetie ;)

- bee (movie) mine

- will you goat out with me

- are we science side of tumblr? cuz we got chemistry

- i would return from the skeleton war just to see your face

- i loaf you

- if i had any idea what cheeky nandos is/was/were im sure youd be just as great as he/she/it is (???)

- i snove you (snail love you)

- be the left shark to my right shark

So I’ve been sitting on this thought for a while and I just need to get it out there. 

So those ships in Beyond, the one that Bones drives? I’m sure everyone noticed that the steering mechanism is remarkably like a motorcycle, and Bones just jumps onto the thing and starts to drive, doesn’t give Spock even a chance, and the guy must be inwardly freaking out.

So imagine this: 

Imagine shore leave, and Jim is back planet side and he misses his old bike, so he buys a new one, because he can. And he takes Bones out on rides, just like his dad used to do with his mom. And Bones is just screaming in his ear, and holding on so tight, because Jim is a freaking MANIAC when it comes to driving, and he’s convinced he’s going to fall off, or Jim is going to take a turn too sharply and they’re going to end up road kill - he’s seen the results of motorcycle crashes in the ER far too often. 

Imagine Jim stopping in the middle of nowhere, laughing and grinning at Bones, and insisting that if he’s going to complain so much, he should just drive. And Leonard of course thinks Jim is INSANE! Because he’s a doctor, Jim, not a stunt driver. But Jim eventually wears him down, and then every time they go on shore leave after that they take turns riding around the motorcycle (because Jim totally manages to store it somewhere on the Enterprise). 

Imagine Bone just automatically swinging up onto the controls of this alien ship, and all the while he’s focusing not on space and the very real possibility of his imminent death, he’s remembering Jim’s smiling face, the feel of his arms wrapped tight around Bones’ waist as they drive around on some alien planet, or on Earth. He remembers those lessons, and he’s so fucking glad that Jim taught him how to drive a death machine because now it’s saved his life and means that he can get back to Jim and hold him again.
This federal judge just sided with bees over bureaucrats
A federal court nixed EPA approval of a pesticide known to be "highly toxic to honey bees."

On Thursday, a federal appeals court struck down the Environmental Protection Agency’s approval of a pesticide called sulfoxaflor. Marketed by agrichemical giant Dow AgroSciences, sulfoxaflor belongs to a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids, which have been implicated by a growing weight of evidence in the global crisis in bee health. 

In a blunt opinion, the court cited the “precariousness of bee populations” and “flawed and limited data” submitted by Dow on the pesticide’s effects on beleaguered pollinating insects…


The K-abeilles Hotel for Bees is more than just an intriguing pavilion built for the 2012 Muttersholtz Archi Festival in in France. The giant honeycomb wall is an attractive retreat for wild bees who like to burrow into the tight spaces. Designed by AtelierD, the pavilion features a honeycomb installation on one side that is perfect for bees, while the other side offers a shady resting spot for humans built with the same honeycomb panels. Visitors to the pavilion can rest and also watch nature in action through some of the open panels.

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