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You like me better than them right...right marichat if you're still doing prompts please

“You like me better than them, right?” Chat Noir asked with a charming grin. “Right?” he repeated when Marinette didn’t answer immediately.

“It’s not really a matter of who I like better,” she began.

“No, it really is.”

“You bring different things to the table though.”

“Marinette, say I’m your favorite,” Chat Noir demanded.

She laughed. “No.”

“Princess,” he whined.

“Ah, see, that right there is why you might not be my favorite.”

“Because I call you Princess?”

“Because you’re whiny.”

Chat Noir scowled at her. “Nevermind. Maybe I don’t want to be your favorite after all. Let Queen Bee have you for her little fan club.”

“Maybe Ladybug’s my favorite. You really can’t fault me for that, can you? She’s your favorite too, isn’t she?” Marinette smiled sweetly.

“I suppose it’s okay if she’s your favorite. I mean, I’m only the one who visits you and saves you on a regular basis and–”

“Twice! You’ve saved me twice,” she interrupted. “And one of those shouldn’t count because we definitely wouldn’t have gotten out of that box on your smarts alone.”

“Well, three times really if you count Puppeteer.”

“Which I don’t.”

Chat Noir slumped. “I guess I’m okay with being second favorite,” he sighed. 

“Who said you’re my second?” Marinette teased.

“Oh, come on!”

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A Clandestine Affair

It’s not cheating.

It absolutely is not.

 True, Regina does sneak out every few days behind Robin’s back on business that remains carefully hidden from him. They’re each their own person after all, and it’s perfectly healthy to not be joined at the hip all the time—and never does she remind herself of this more often than those mornings she slips out of their bed at the crack of dawn, leaving a short note with a salacious promise of quality time later that night, and delves into the depths of the forest for one of her very special dates.

 A date that doesn’t involve her soul mate—and one it’s absolutely crucial he doesn’t find out about.

 And this may not be cheating, but there’s an element of deception all the same. Regina doesn’t particularly like this state of things—hates it with a passion, in fact. Oh how she wishes she could just tell him, for even though it’s not what it may seem, the secret eats at her, and the reason it’s even necessary (and it is, it really is, she’s thought about it long and hard, but she can’t, cannot pick between them) leaves a bitter, lingering taste in her mouth. Yet as much as it weighs on her conscience, Robin simply can’t know about these meetings.

 For now. 

 Robin likes himself a bit of independence. Preferably a good, large chunk of it. Although truthfully—in an unprecedented and, honestly, shocking manner—lately he’s been rather happy to part with his solitary pursuits just to relish the company of the enchanting woman fate had brought into his life. He likes to be around her—whether it’s playing their cat and mouse games, trading confidences, or engaging in other stimulating activities.

 Still he also enjoys the time apart—enjoys the fact that she, like him, isn’t one to limit her personhood to just being one half of a couple (he still has trouble thinking of himself as part of a couple at all, but that is what he is now, isn’t he, and he’s not complaining either). Time alone comes in especially handy for one still seeking himself. It takes time, this transition from Robin of Locksley, scoundrel, to whatever version of himself he wants to be. It’s a lot to figure out, and some of that Regina helps with, but the bulk of it is really up to him.

 So Robin doesn’t begrudge Regina her little escapades, far from it; and he’s plenty to do when it’s only him. A bit of hunting, a bit of poaching (although does it still qualify as such when he’s doing it in his lover’s forests?), and an awful lot of soul-searching.

 Except one sunny afternoon he wanders off to a nook of the woods he’s avoided before, and his search for answers turns up a daunting secret, a bitter betrayal, and a myriad more questions.

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The Signs Aesthetics

Aries: Black knee ripped pants, Paint on skin, Headphones, Road trips, Man buns

Taurus: Colored hair, Flower dresses, Septum piercings, Yellow convers, Mountains, Books

Gemini: Jean jackets, Crystals, Nose rings, Concerts, vinyls, Neon Lights, Wind

Cancer: Messy hair, Stargazing, Night swimming, Nude highlighters, White rooms

Leo: High ponytails, Lip gloss, Furr coats, High heels, Rings, Gold, Queen Bee

Virgo: Floral couches, Colored lipstick, Guitars, Trees, Bare footed, Sunshine

Libra: Sweet tea, Adidas, Straightened hair, Pools, Ladybugs, Dad hats, Sand

Scorpio: Red lipstick, Black clothing, Ice cubes, Mirrors, Acrylic nails, Midnight texts

Sagittarius: Boyfriend jeans, Tennis, Art, Cartilage piercing, Sugar, Flannels

Capricorn: Snow, Rain clouds, White roses, Polaroid photos, Coffee, Morning fog

Aquarius: Blue skys, Necklaces, Lakes, French doors, Gardens, House plants, Afternoon naps

Pisces: Aquariums, Lavender, Koi fish, Cracks in sidewalks, Creeks, Mason jars

my fav taryn @tweekay and I quickly collabed for some slightly older queen bee chloe because who can resist? t did the most amazing sketch (i juz love it so much okay) and i did colouring and all that fun stuff. so happy to be collabing with her (a fav) again after a while! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・

The new Miraculous print I just finished!!! Omg this baby was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears…. But it’s finished!! I will have this available in my storenvy by the end of July when I open it back up! Please let me know what you think.

EDIT: Omg I am so overwhelmed by the feedback I have been getting!! You are all so awesome!! However, because of an incident that just happened I feel I need to add this even though it shouldn’t have to be said. 


I don’t like having to report people but with how bad art theft is getting, especially in the Miraculous fandom, I will not tolerate it. I will make an effort to reach out and fix it if it was a simple mistake and got overlooked but i will not ask again before reporting.

I hate having to be like that but we have to protect our creations.