To Max, on his first day
  • Suzy:That there is Edward Burger. He is one of the dumbest boys you will ever meet. Dimitri sat next to him in English last year.
  • Dimitri:He asked me how to spell 'orange'.
  • Suzy:That little one, that's Isaac O'Connor. He's totally rich because his dad invented Toaster Strudel. He's in everyone's business. He knows everything.
  • Dimitri:That's why his hair is so big. It's full of secrets.
  • Suzy:And evil takes a human form in Isabel Guerra. Don't get me wrong, she may seem like your typical, back-stabbing jerk, but in reality, she's so much more than that. She's the Queen Bee, the Star. Those other two are just her little workers.

set 2/?? nintendo gijinka designs.

I think I’ll be done with these for now. I can guaranty that there is a likely chance I will end up drawing more though ( ・_ゝ・)
I just really like coming up with all these designs.




1. Britain: a) the official title of a female member of the Order of the British Empire, equivalent to that of a knight. b) the official title of the wife of a knight or baronet.

2. (formerly) a form of address to any woman of rank or authority.

3. a matronly woman of advanced age; matron.

4. Slang: sometimes offensive, a woman; female.

5. Ecclesiastical: a title of a nun in certain orders.

[Bete Noire & Etta Diem’s Attic]

Imagine Adrien seeing the brand new superheroine “Queen Bee” in action, and suspecting Chloé.

And he tries to get her to confess as civilians by using his best weapon: words.

Adrien: I just thought you were beehaving strangely.
Adrien: No need to be stingy!
Adrien: Just be honeyst with me!
Adrien: Did you see all the buzz about that new superhero?
Adrien: Give me a hive five!

listen yall

it would be fucking incredible if instead of it being “Chloé gets redeemed and then gets the bee miraculous” we would get “Chloé gets redeemed THROUGH being the holder of the bee miraculous”

I don’t want lazy predictable writing in the form of the civilian antagonist suddenly being ~good~ for some BS reason and ~rewarded~ with the opportunity to be a hero. nah, that’s boring as shit. i don’t want that. so let’s switch things up

I want selfish rude Chloé receiving the miraculous and being absolutely ecstatic over it! thinking that she’s earned this! and she’ll be a much better hero than ladybug or chat noir! better than both of them combined!! Queen bee will be the greatest hero Paris has ever had! I want her to receive the miraculous and I want it to boost her ego so much that it makes her even MORE intolerable in real life! if possible, I want getting the miraculous to make her meaner!!


I want Chloé to be BAD at being a hero. I want her fumbling with her powers and being awful at helping catch akuma. I want her to be a hindrance to the team and I want to see ladybug even asking her if she can… yknow…. try to NOT be in the way all the time. I want to see her frustrated. I want to see her in denial.

and I want her to realize that she’s not meant for this and I want to see her fucking TRY. Chloé figures that if ladybug and chat noir can be great heroes, why can’t she????!! so she tries. and she tries hard. and how does that start? she tries mimicking the way they act. the way they talk to civilians. she stops with the theatrics and the overdramatics. she starts telling them “good job” after they catch an akuma (even if she did almost screw things up for everyone–again). she stops snapping at ladybug and chat noir when THEY mess up. she tries being encouraging. she’s awful at it in the beginning, but most importantly she TRIES.

and eventually she doesn’t need to try to force herself to be helpful and encouraging and kinder to people, because eventually it starts coming naturally. and then the next thing you know, it’s been months since Chloe’s akumatized someone. THATS how I want her redeemed, and I’ll be damned if she gets this miraculous and this isn’t how it’s done……