I’ve been away and I don’t really plan to come back but for those who are interested, I brought home my puppy Beesly last night and she’s perfect and if you wanna see more photos of her you can come find us on insta @beeslysbigday and it’ll be super fun okay thanks bye again

I love the Queen Bee Miraculous theory so much…. more like Queen Bae amirite

Since Chloe is my baby and fave character, I HAD to do my own take on this. Her weapon is a royal scepter. Her powers involve manipulation. Like she can tell civilians (not kwamis/miraculous/akumas) commands and they are compelled to do what she asks. Her main power is Hivemind, which allows her to directly mind control someone for about a minute. After that minute is up, the person is released from her control and her transformation, due to her kwami in her comb/hair pin miraculous, begins to run out of time.