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Honey Bee

Ship: Eriel
Word Count: 1,291
Type: Photo Inspiration/One-Shot

(picture is NOT MINE- belongs to @desflorecia) 

Hey Eriel lovers!!! I recently decided to do a collection of different pieces of writing inspired by multiple photographs (aka “Photo Inspiration”). Some of these pieces may be full fics, one shots, or even just a few sentences. These writings will include a variety pairings, and will vary in length. None of these photos are mine and credit will always be given to the source. If you have any questions feel free to ask! 

Liked my idea: @photofeesh @dr-woodsprite


Azriel glided through the gaping open window of his town house kitchen, landing swiftly on his tired feet.

Something was wrong.

Resting the sac of seeds he bought for Elain against the sugar jar, he made his way past the oven and into the hall.

He’d been flying high in the cloudless sky when he spotted a fresh market on his way home from the most brutal fight he’s had in centuries.

But he couldn’t think about that right now.

Making his way down the wooden hallway and into the living room he found her.

Lying face down on the couch weeping.

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Let it Bee

Second part to Bees Sting, there will be more!

Negan x Bee (reader’s nickname)

1700 words

Warnings ~ Negan language, sexual innuendo, Bee’s mental illness

If you want to be tagged, or asked to be tagged and I didn’t, please let me know!

@negans-network, @ladyhawk4133, @jenniegs, @memphisgirl1977, @mwesterfeld1985

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Dean waking Cas up with bright flowers, filling the bedroom with the scent of fresh grass and bumble bees.

Dean wrapping himself around Cas for warmth in the early morning chill of winter. Waking him up by rubbing his cold nose along the crease of his soft neck.

Dean laying in bed for hours, watching his own personal sunrise in the form of a messy haired angel. Dragging his fingers along the bare curve of his spine, over the shoulder blades where his wings used to be.

Dean sneaking away for coffee, not caring when Sam catcalls at him from the kitchen. The smile on Cas’ lips when he’s handed the steaming mug, his cold fingers wrapping around Dean’s.

Dean kissing Cas in a lazy, early morning sort of way. Cas shivering beneath the blankets, smiling when Dean asks if he’s cold. He promises he’s not. There’s not an inch on his body that’s cold.

Dean saying I love you. Over and over. A song for just Cas to hear. Their own personal melody.

Hi there!  So.  I’m doing a thing.  And I do not want to make any promises about the thing.  I am not even sure I will finish the thing.  But this is the first chapter in what I hope will be a Matthew Morgan based, Past Gen fic about Matt, Joe, and Rachel (and probably a lot more special guests).  I’m excited about it.  I dont know how often Ill get to write it.  But if you’re interested in Matt like I am interested in Matt, then I hope you’ll join me.

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Chapter One

Everyone has three things.

Everyone has three things that pull at the heartstrings, that are engraved into their most primitive instincts, that make up the very air that they breathe.  Everyone has three things that define them in a way that is equal parts undeniable and unregretted, and once you know someone’s three things, you know them as well as they know themselves.  Sometimes you can even know them a little bit better.

For example:

  1. Matthew Morgan is, inexhaustibly, a mama’s boy.
  2. There exists, in the depths of his mother’s dustiest photo albums, a picture from Matthew Morgan’s very first birthday in which he grins at the camera, chocolate cake covering him from head, to fists, all the way down to his belly button.
  3. When the question is one of family and friends, Matthew Morgan’s answer is always, without exception, yes.

Of course, these are only guidelines.  Knowing a person’s three things can help you predict their behaviors, it can help you understand what they might be thinking, but it is never a certainty.  More than anything else in the world, it is people who posses the greatest capability to surprise.

Another example:

     4. One year ago, just before the summer of his junior year, Matthew Morgan spoke to a recruiter about enlisting in the United States Army.

It is an act that had surprised even himself.

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Name: Ginny

Age: 18

Location: USA

Occupation: Student


Let’s start with my ukulele. My cousin gave it to me before we went to the US. I always borrowed her sister’s ukulele, and I would record a lot of covers with it. She told me that I should keep recording and playing when I got here. Until one day, days before our flight, she came to our house and gave me a big box. This lil’ ukulele was inside it! I kept saying “Are you for real?!” cause I just couldn’t believe it!

On the top middle is my travel journal. This is a really good find. My aunt bought it for me at Goodwill for $2! I didn’t know what to do with it. I decided to make it a travel journal when I went to California and New York last summer. That little drawing in there shows what I see when I wake up in the morning at my aunt’s apartment in Daly City. Still not finished with the whole journal though. I’m still working on it!

Below that is my Brandy Melville denim jacket! It’s my absolute favorite. As soon as I saw it I told myself that I’m definitely going to get it. Even after I saw how much it was.

On the right are my laptop, phone charger and eyeglasses. My laptop is basically where all the magic happens. I do all my photo and video editing in there. My dad bought it for me, but I paid like less than half of it with the money I earned from selling phone cases. Then there’s my glasses. I just want to say it’s really pretty and it helps me see this beautiful world, lol, but look at my phone charger! It’s so cute! I wrapped my bee washi tape around it!

Lastly, there’s my white embroidered cap. I got it from Ross. I swear to God when I saw it there was light coming down from heaven and I could hear the angels singing. It is such a good find, and it’s cheap! I decided to put it in this picture because I know I’m gonna have a hell lot of adventures with this lil’ guy.

"Wait, are you jealous?"-Bumblebee
  • Yang, waving as she walks into the rwby dorm: Okay! Later Neon! I had fun!
  • Yang, stretching and plops onto Blake's bed: Phew, that girl is a riot, y'know once you get past all that annoying she's pretty cool!
  • Blake, not even looking up from her book: Mhmm.
  • Yang, looking at Blake for a bit before chuckling: Somebody's jealous.
  • Blake, tossing her book away: I AM NOT!
  • Yang, raising an eyebrow: Says the one who just threw their favorite book to yell at me. Ha, soooo jealous.
  • Blake, looks away, attempting to hide her blushing face: Shut up Yang...I'm not jealous, I'm just....
  • Yang, crawling up to Blake's side: Just what bee?
  • Blake, wraps her arms around her legs, bringing them to her chest, rests her head solemnly on her knees: I'm scared...
  • Yang, tilting her head in confusion: Scared of what Blake?
  • Blake, looking Yang directly in the eyes: Scared that I'll lose you to somebody...
  • Yang, mouth opens agape, a little shocked: B-Blake, I would never. You know that!
  • Blake, throws her arms in a pained fit: But you're so promiscuous Yang! How can I believe in your faithfulness if you're always going out, and getting numbers, and drinking and flirting. Huh? How do you think it makes me feel that you're just doing all this?!
  • Yang, sits up and looks away, not being able to face Blake: I...I'm sorry...
  • Blake, now shouting, her voice a trembling mixture of anger and pain: IF YOU WERE SORRY YOU WOULD LOOK AT ME YANG.
  • Yang, slowly turning her head, tearing as she looks at Blake: Please....I wouldn't leave you...never...
  • Blake, sniffling a little bit, gasps slightly as Yang lunges around her, wrapping her arms around Blake's waist: Y-Yang...
  • Yang, sobbing: I...I just, I don't know what else to do...I don't feel worthy to anyone so I try to please everyone I see...I'm sorry Blake, I'm so sorry...
  • Blake, rubs her eyes and softly begins to stroke Yang's back: Don't....don't worry, we'll be okay, we'll be okay...

monstrslair  asked:

An old, but familiar pair of arms wrap around Bee, the folds of a cloak billowing around her. "I'd recognize this doll anywhere." (cháros)

She had gotten loss, a gash on her forehead and now it throbbed. She gasped “I know that voice. She turned to hug him, a bit more tightly since she had missed him so much. 

In another universe
Where revolving doors open backwards
And butterflies are never mistaken as moths,
I kissed you on the edge of a cliff
And neither of us fell off.

In another universe
Where trees sing songs about highways
And bees bury secrets,
I wrapped an eyelash in lilies
and you said you’d forever keep it.

In another universe
With purple seas and lemon skies,
Not enough questions and opaque eyes,
I brought you soul in plastic bags
Speaking love in disguise.

In another universe
Where ceilings hold parties
And I don’t know your name,
We passed each other on the street
And both looked back the same.

In another universe
Where people ate flowers
And tiny dinosaurs ran banks,
We stared at the sky,
Our white speckled black fish tank.

I held your hand
And my heart did a dance,
You told me to jump
And we slipped in romance.

In every universe not known to us
But all just as wide,
I opened my heart to you
And placed you inside.

—  “Well Versed Multiverse” by Niall Donnelly Submitted by Mountain Slacker

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This is my daily on body carry for work and around town…minus a few choice items. I plan on adding a flashlight to the mix very soon, too.

anonymous asked:

Why do you say that you don't wanna talk about Zerrie lately? Tag zerrie shit as 'oh i didn't want to post that' etc?

It’s a bit complicated.

At first I didn’t talk about Zerrie [or Payzer] at all because I found them irrelevant to Ziam. And they kinda are, tbh, if you see the bigger picture. But then Zerrie became so stressful and we all had to make analyses about tattoos and engagements and pet zoos etc. etc., so I really couldn’t help myself.

Now it’s a different story. Zerrie is now ENTERTAINING. There’s nothing that stresses me out about it anymore, nothing that causes me to panic. It’s all just a cause to have a laugh and move on. But I feel bad about it cause even tho I’m sure Zayn and Liam themselves are way calmer about it now, it MUST be stressful to them. It’s still a bad situation with lots of mistakes and lies involved, so me laughing about it feels misplaced. And like - how many times can you laugh about the same thing? It all feels repetitive. The laugh of the day is ‘the truth Perrie knows about Zayn’. Yeah. That he’s Indian. Give me a break.

Plus -whenever I/we freak out about Zerrie or even just LAUGH about it, we still give Modest exactly what they want - ATTENTION! Every time we make fun of Perrie’s new shenanigans, we create buzz around her name. We may not buy LM merchandise, but we give hits to news articles about LM, we give hits to their interviews, we publisize LM for people who do not share the same disdain as us to actually look into them.

And LM WOULD deserve the attention, if only they tried a bit harder to conceal how bullshitty they are. They never practice what they preach, they act all empowered but then you have Perrie shaming people for their weight and appearance in general, we get reports of them being rude to fans, they seem to have let whatever fame they have get to their heads, and they are huge victims of their marketing campaign because the people who are trying to sell them have no idea what they are selling. I don’t know about them individually, but LITTLE MIX are not empowered, not feminist, not badass. They are four talented girls that are desperately trying to make it with the assistance of Zayn Malik [and yes – the other three hate it, and they may very well be feminist and fierce and all that jazz but they STILL participate in it, their image is still influenced by Zerrie and Perrie herself, ya feel?], because that’s what their managers decided for them - and they decided WRONGLY, but the girls are still trapped in that image.

I have gone way off topic but this whole ordeal with LM’s image vs reality is just sad. You can’t proclaim to be feminist and have a member who has struggled with her weight, and then have Perald say her haters are probably fat and smelly. You can’t proclaim to be fierce and flawless and then have Perald ‘decide to be native American for a day’. You can’t proclaim to be all about friendship and equality and then have Perald dominate music videos [Word Up is the Perald show feat. backup dancers], have people carry her bags when the rest carry their own. You can’t proclaim to be confident and loving yourself and then have Perald have several plastic surgeries before she even hits 21. You can’t proclaim to ‘need no man’ and then have Perald participate in a clusterfuck of an unhealthy relationship - that’s either as pathetic as a cheating show or as over the top as a study of desperation - that’s not even REAL.

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I decided to draw some art of the first few paragraphs of my FimFiction
Might shade later


Ever since she was a little filly, Tabery Bee had always loved sitting at the edge of Cloudsdale, every morning, to watch the  sun rise high into the sky. It was a beautiful experience that she would share with her sister, Harmony Flare. They had shared so many memories up on these clouds that the thought of leaving weighed them down. With her shoulder-bag packed beside her, Harmony Flare sighed.

“I’m going to miss this, you know,” said Harmony to her sister with a teary smile. Though the thought of leaving made her sad now, but she knew that her new life in Ponyville would only get better.

“So will I,” said Tabery Bee,  wrapping her wing around her sister, “but I know we’ll have a blast down there!”

“You really think so?” asked Harmony Flare, looking up.

“Oh, I know so!” beamed Tabery Bee, “After all, Rainbow Dash, the fastest mare in Equestria lives there! Miss Peppermint told me about her Double Rainboom! I don’t think I could even do one of those! Oh and don’t get me started on Pinkie Pie, I hear she throws the best parties around! Really, you have nothing to worry about! I’m sure you’ll make friends straight away, but if you don’t, you know I’ll always be right here!”