bee's rambling

Chloe/Queen Bee gets wind of the possibility that Ladybug might like Adrien
  • QueenBee: hey Chat, you've been around Ladybug when akumas went after Adrien right?
  • Chat: ...yeah... why?
  • QueenBee: did it seem like she might have a thing for him? She seemed to be quite distracted by him.
  • Chat: wait! what?
  • QueenBee: oh like you had a chance with her in the first place.
  • Volpina: she'd better not, my friend's got quite the interest in him and she'd be crushed if he got with ladybug
  • QueenBee: so is this "friend" just a sly way of talking about yourself or what because I'm not letting you ruin this for Ladybug, they'd be the best couple in all of Paris.
  • Chat: hold on! You really think she likes him?!
  • ----------------
  • One argument later
  • ----------------
  • Ladybug(late with pastries): what's up, who's ready for a patrol?...Ok I know I'm late but whys everyone so angry?
  • me, logically: okay, look, obviously adrien went to marinette after the whole event with evillustrator to ask about her opinion of chat noir because he's had a super lonely childhood and is still trying to work out this whole social cues thing and he's surprised at how different her interactions with him are depending on whether or not he's in the mask so he's curious about what she thinks of him
  • also me: hE LIEK S HE R !!!#!!2!2

Today has proved how little the phandom has changed over the years, y’all call 2012 bad but you’re doing the same shit.

If you think it’s okay to bully Dan into coming out, bully him because he didn’t give you what you want, or bully him in general.

Unfollow me.

You guys want to call the year 2012 bad, check yourself.

And if you reply saying something like “we were just joking” no you weren’t you got called out, realized you were wrong, and you’re trying to cover your ass.

“Memphis Minnie”  by Kay Robinson

Lizzie Douglas (June 3, 1897 – August 6, 1973), known as Memphis Minnie, was a blues guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter whose recording career lasted from the 1920s to the 1950s. She recorded around 200 songs, some of the best-known being “Bumble Bee”, “Nothing in Rambling”, and “Me and My Chauffeur Blues”.

I can’t believe Damian Wayne is the comic relief in the Superman title.

(I also like that he’s clearly adopted Clark as one of his dads. Good job Damian, Bruce would be proud of your adoption skills.)

Superman 21 was a gift. Specifically for Damian zingers, of all things. 

Is there"love" in Sangbum?

I frequently see negative opinions on their relationship, that are based around some very obvious things like:
- emotional and physical abuse
- lime/stockholm syndrome
- overall unhealthiness etc.

All that talk is morally right and understandable, hovewer, I believe this thinking is also completely missing the whole point of what we are being shown in the manhwa.

Both Bum and Sangwoo had a long history of being abused by their families or strangers, while society did nothing.

It’s more evident with Bum: police did see clear marks of family abuse going on, but did not care. The only person, who he thought understood him, still saw him as disgusting. He was almost raped in the army. No one ever suggested a therapy for him or helped him, or even saw him as worthy of compassion. He was trapped with his own strange obsessions and thoughts, and started seeing himself as something disgusting.

It’s more complicated with Sangwoo. We still don’t know too much about him, except the fact he has hallucinations and crazy personality changes, and we don’t know how did these develop.
Still, society is blind to his mental problems. Pretty sure, the fact that people keep falling for his facade of a nice and gentle boy makes him despise people even more. He is also aware of the fact, that he’s becoming more and more like his father, who was hated by him, meaning he’s probably slowly starting to hate himself as well.

In the end, we have two characters, who WERE NEVER TRULY LOVED by ANYONE. They don’t love themselves either. They’ve never seen or been a part of a healthy relationship, as we see it. They never learned to love. And the point of exploring their dynamics is not in condemning them, but in analysing how could these characters even experience “love” and what would that feel like for them. I feel like denying even a possibility of any genuine feelings between those too is not a right thing to do.

Sometimes I get these bursts of inspiration to write the Epilogue/extra chapter of Here We Are, Two Strangers, and it wavers between snippets of slice-of-life things like Kent trying to make some sort of Russian breakfast for Alexei, and then fast-forwarding to Kent watching Alexei make breakfast for their son and daughter, who both insist that the milk should go first before the cereal (”It’s so the Cheerios float, Papa. Like boats.” “You right.”)

And another scene where Kent has a sort of blue day talking about his childhood and how it was really consumed by hockey, so Alexei insists that they slide down staircases because it’s something he used to do as a kid. (”Mama yell at me always when she find. But is fun! Only break wrist once.”) And then this turns out to be how they pick their first house together, by test-sliding banisters together with the realtor standing off to the side with a look like “These weird-ass rich people….”. Their wedding invitation is a mini flip book of Kent sliding down a staircase and Alexei catching him at the bottom and spinning him around, forehead pressed against Kent’s and nosing at his cheek, and Kent’s smile is just absolutely bright. 

Or a scenario where Kent surprises Alexei by going to one of his games (which Alexei had assumed was near impossible because Kent has games pretty much the same days Alexei has games, but this time he flew in secretly on his one free day off). Alexei’s literally mid-brawl when he lifts his head and sees his mother in a Falconer’s jersey in the family box, and then Kent right next to her, wearing an Aces t-shirt going like “Woooooo!!!! Knock his teeth out, baby!!!!!” 

Alexei gets punched one second later to the ground and he swore he could hear Kent, in that moment go, “That’s my fucking fia–oh shit.” 

The interviewers post-game asked why Kent Parson was in the family box and why he tried to climb onto the ice to deck the guy Alexei was fighting. 

Alexei just shrugs and goes like, “Engagement photoshoot in two week. Maybe he mad that other guy actually knock out teeth, make me look bad.” He turns to the camera, flashing a grin. “Is okay, Kenny. I’m still beautiful, have all my teeth, not turn into Ovechkin. We can still marry.” And the press loses it.