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#65. Frank Ocean  contributed to the writing of the Justin Bieber track “Bigger” in 2008, and the following year he co-wrote the track “I Miss You” with Beyoncé Knowles for her album 4.

Shadow is actually very patient, which means he’s surprisingly good at dealing with children. If Team Dark have any rescue missions it is an unspoken rule that Shadow will be the one to deal with them and calm them down. This is why Charmy thinks he’s ‘cool’ because Shadow has never acted as though Charmy was annoying him or told him to leave him alone before.


Please watch this…I freaking love Chaotix

“I didn’t even have time to get nervous. I’m walking around here like in a dream; I don’t understand what’s happening. Early in the morning the day before yesterday, when I was still sleeping, Ksyusha (Afanasyeva) called and told me to get ready to leave for France. At first I couldn’t even react, and then, when I returned to myself, I thought, “What? How?!” But I had to get myself together quickly, despite my shocked state of mind.”


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The ninja sat on the ground to meditate. It was his method of sorting information, and he just finished the last bit that Time and Oil had gathered.

He ended up with unfamiliar names and numbers. But he’s sure that his counterpart will understand.

Geography had changed beyond recognition in just a span of sixty years. Shio only had an inkling of the scale of violent revolution that plagued that world.

Sigh. How in the world did he end up in this mess?
But he will do anything for family, even if the child had yet to acknowledge him.

“…I’m ready. Will any one of you follow me?”

well, now i can add ‘was a contestant on a television game show’ to my List of Accomplishments, which is pretty cool