bee spit

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honey is bees spit

It’s actually diluted bee regurgitation. Bees collect nectar and store it in a honey crop (sometimes called a “honey stomach” but it’s not a stomach at all, more of a storage sac), where it’s mixed with an enzyme. The nectar is then regurgitated into honey comb and that’s how honey is made.

Years ago I worked in a hardware store. There was a regular customer that would come in maybe twice a week. All the staff members recognized his truck in the lot and we’d all do our best to scatter so we wouldn’t have to deal with him.

So this old fart (mid 60s I reckon) comes in one day and his first step in the door is a loud WHOOP noise, almost as if to announce his presence. I manage to duck away and help another customer and avoid him.

He winds up getting one of our managers to basically escort him around the store for an hour and a half, getting super hung up on industrial strength water hoses and their appropriate warranties.

After his self imposed tour, he settles on a 70 dollar hose, pressing “ITS GOT A LIFETIME WARRANTY RIGHT? MEANING FOREVER?!” And we concede to him. He pays, he leaves.

Thirty minutes later, his run down ol Ford truck comes screeching into the parking lot like a bat out of hell, and he gets out with this mutilated water hose in his hands and he looks about ready to spit bees.

He walks in, throws this mangled and dirty mess of what was once a hose on my counter and shrieks

In desperation, I deferred to the manager again who simply did not know how to handle the situation given to us.

He wound up throwing such a fit he got a full refund despite deliberately ruining his own purchase. Right after he walked outside he dropped trou and had himself a whizz in the middle of the parking lot.

To this day I’ve never run into anything quite as unique.

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Lils and James, number 9, it's okay to cry

The door crashed open at exactly 2am and James stepped inside. Lily quickly crossed the room and wrapped her arms around her husband. 

‘I missed you’ she whispered as he pulled her close and began kissing her. The kiss deepened and suddenly Lily pulled away, spitting out bees. She coughed in disgust as more bees flew out from her mouth. James grinned widely, laughing as dozens of bees flew out from his own open mouth. 

‘Why didn’t you tell me you had bees in your mouth!’  screamed Lily as she spit out another 4 bees. 

‘The bees were a gift!’ yelled James, his face now covered in the bees escaping from his mouth, ‘I thought you would like them!’ 

Lily stared at her husband in shock, this war was changing them both. She started to cry. 

‘It’s okay to cry’ said James soothingly as he placed a bee behind her ear, ‘I will always’, he held a bee close to her eyes, ‘bee here for you.’ 

hey, does anyone have any idea why bee would be spitting out his pellets? nothing at all has changed- no tank rescape, same pellets he’s always eaten, but he kept spitting them out and re-swallowing them. he also spat out a few bubbles, so i think he might have gulped some air at the surface, but is this something i should be worried about? it only happened once last night and he seems fine now.

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I would love to hear more of your ancient cosmetics knowledge, if you'd like to share!

There’s SO MUCH, so I’m just going to kind of talk about this informally rather than try to make some kind of essay or organised thing.

Pre-nineteenth-century cosmetics were actually pretty tame! Once you get past lead and arsenic and bird poop in face makeup, belladonna eye drops, and false eyebrows made of mouse hair, there isn’t all that much there that’s alarming.

Sincerely “ancient” cosmetics were mostly made with things like waxes and kohl, or pigments from flowers and fruits. Stuff we still use today! Even strange things like ground up bugs aren’t all that strange. Carmine is still a thing, after all, and modern cosmetics still use weird stuff like snail slime in face masks or fish scales in lipsticks. Hell, high-end false eyelashes made from mink still exist.

The true horrors in the makeup world (the world in general, let’s be real) came from bad science pushed by old white dudes. But, hey. When the doctors of the time thought strychnine and cocaine were medicines, it isn’t really a time period you can fault for poisoning people with unregulated makeup full of mercury (liquid metal! metal what you can just slaps up in your body no problem??? hell yeahhh).

Things didn’t start getting really bizarre until the twenties, and it only got weirder from there. Makeup technology was so different! Nail polish, before it was liquid, was an actual abrasive polish you used to buff colour or shine into your nails. Mascara was a cake of product rather than a tube. Face enameling (actual paint on your face) was a thing!

I think cosmetic history, just in terms of how the techniques and look of products have changed, is super interesting, but you probably just want to know about radioactive makeup because DANG that sounds rad (ha).

New science might as well have been magic. Until they figured out what it actually did or didn’t do, the theoretical possibilities were endless. This is why radium (ooh, glowy, glowy science) was used for literally everything you can think of.

Radium was added to BABY products, condoms (probably won’t need those baby products after that one), foods, toothpaste (there’s a good “radiant smile” joke here that I’m too lazy to make), household chemicals and cleansers, paint, you name it.

Tho-Radia was a notable French brand that included thorium chloride and radium bromide in their cosmetics all the way into the dang SIXTIES. Radon gas was also supposedly somehow put into face creams by other brands (because regular radium would be a bad idea, DUH), but that was probably more of a gimmick than a reality. I understand that this probably isn’t how it went down, but I always imagine a bunch of wacky vintage scientists aiming a gas canister at a jar of face cream and then closing the lid real fast.


People were putting embryos, amniotic fluid, placenta (that’s still a thing), and royal jelly (bee spit, yuck) in makeup for… no reason whatsoever because it didn’t do shit. We didn’t really understand how or what skin could absorb, you feel me?

And this isn’t even getting into weird DEVICES used for beauty, like x-ray hair removal, or shooting streams of freezing cold water into a horrible titty contraption to firm breasts, or electrocuting EVERYTHING.

But I should probably shut up now, so yeah.

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(ignore the ones that have been answered before!) how many dogs does Bee have? what're all of their names as well as the little nicknames he calls them? what kind of dogs are they? what does Bee give them as treats? what did they look like as puppies? do they sleep with him? do they chase cats or do the cats chase them?

two! their names are azrael and enoch. i dont have any nicknames in mind ,, but they are his chilren ..

and theyre not really dogs, theyre just really similar. theyre hellhounds !
which are a lot different than actual dogs in that theyre made of a soul while regular dogs have none to pass through the realms. before the souls were hounds im thinking they were imps of some sort?

in any case theyre very large, sleek black doberman-looking things that have spindly long legs and sort of a greyhoundesque goblin feel with big sloping ribcages. very warm ! like bee they spit smoke and generally just have a high body temperature so theyre nice to sleep next to (unless youre a human because they just instinctively will rip you apart sorry) which ! they do sleep with bee sometimes! enoch more than azrael bc he is a big baby who likes to stay by bee’s side . most of the time theyre in their dog bed all piled up together tho

as far as interacting with cats or actually any regular animal, its uhh probably best to keep them very far separated as they like to hunt for fun and are really fcking fast

MKX Friendships

Scorpion: Turns his back towards the opponent. Breaths fire on something. Turns back with a tray full of fresh cookies.

Sub-Zero: Forms an iceball in his hand. Crushes it into a cone and pours syrup on it. Hands the opponent a snow cone.

Johnny Cage: Walks over the opponent. Hands them his shades. Ruffles their hair/head then walks away.

Sonya Blade: Takes her hair down and lets the opponent braid her hair.

Cassie Cage: Takes a legitimate selfie with the opponent. No ripping off their jaw first. Then high fives the opponent.

Jax: Grabs the opponent. Bends them over his knee. They stand up straight and shake his hand for fixing their back.

Jacqui: Punches her fists together. Proceeds to play patty-cake with the opponent.

Kenshi: Throws sheets on paper into the air. Cuts them with Sento. Paper snowflakes rain down.

Takeda: Lights dim and Takeda raves with his glowing blades. He tosses one to his opponent who joins him.

Kung Lao: Pulls a rabbit with a hat out of his hat. Rabbit throws its hat like a boomerang and catches it.

Kung Jin: Shoots an arrow into the air then catches it in his teeth on its way down.

Kitana: Preforms a short fan dance. Tosses a fan to opponent and they dance together.

Mileena: Produces a stack of paper. Chews on it then reveals a chain of paper dolls holding hands.

Liu Kang: Turns into a dragon and let’s the opponent take a ride on his back.


D’Vorah: Spits up bees that fly in a heart formation around the opponent then disperse.

Ferra/Torr: Torr juggles Ferra while Ferra juggles knives.

Erron Black: Throws a sand grenade at the camera. Sand clears to reveal him and the opponent building a sand castle.

Ermac: Has opponent select a card from a deck. Shuffles the deck and then finds the card.

Reptile: Produces a reptile doll. Squeezes the doll causing the tongue to come out while it makes a “fwee” noise.

Kotal Kahn: Cooks a tarkatan leg to share with the opponent.

Tanya: Tanya preforms some super cool gymnastics moves. Very impressive.

Kano: Pulls out a skewer with raw shrimp on it. Cooks it with his eye laser. Hands kebab to the opponent.

Tremor: Summons a chunk of earth. Crushes it to produce a tiny clay vase for the opponent

Quan Chi: Summons Puggles. Puggles runs into the opponent’s arms and slobbers on their face.

Shinnok: Summons a skeleton dog. Giant bone hands play fetch with the dog.

Jason: Doesn’t kill the opponent. Just walks away.

Predator:  Mimics the voice of a random kombatant (not opponent) and says “I’m [name]. I sleep with a teddy bear and rainbows make me cry.”

Home Remedies from Wayfaring’s Patients

Disclaimer: These “remedies” are all things that my patients have admitted to trying. Some are completely useless, a few might actually be helpful, and others are potentially harmful. Do not consider the following remedies to be sound medical advice. Do not try this at home.

Got leg cramps at night? Try leaving a bar of soap under the sheets at the foot of the bed. Don’t forget to change out the soap or at least shave it down every few weeks / months to refresh it’s leg cramp curing powers.

For any sort of chest or nasal congestion, try a few drops of turpentine or kerosene on a sugar cube.

For sinus congestion, swallow a teaspoon of Vick’s Vapo-Rub.

Got the gout (pronounced thegouch around here)? Keep you a jar of raisins soaked in gin around the house. Take 9 (this is very specific) raisins a day.

Bowels plugged up? Baking soda and water’ll clear ‘em right out. 

Bee or wasp sting? Spit your chewing tobacco juice on it to kill the burn. For fire ant bites, use bleach. 

For acid reflux, try taking shots of cider vinegar. 

Still got some vinegar left over? Mix it with water and drink a glass to lower your blood pressure. Or maybe take another shot to fight the flu. Or a shot to cure hiccups. Or a shot gargled with salt to cure a sore throat. Or rub it on your legs to cure your aching varicose veins. Better buy the big bottle of vinegar at the Piggly Wiggly. Vinegar cures everything.

Harvey Beaks is premiering this weekend

Following the Kid’s Choice Awards on Saturday, March 28th there will be a Harvey Beaks sneak peak! Then on Sunday, March 29th at 7:00pm the first episode I ever boarded, “The Spitting Tree”, will premiere!

I am so so so so SO SO SO excited! I boarded this episode with the talented Brandon B., and I remember going through our episode outline together and thinking “this show is so special”. It really is! And it’s so unreal to see it all finished and about to air on real live television! You guys are gonna love it.

(P.S. I put in a little cameo of one of my favorite video game characters–can you catch it?)


different shapes of breath
myriad vegetables
healthy bees with anti-
bacterial spit and wax
lip good but not talking
too much


in service of presence
presented generous
on platters of genuine

offered and received

to yield
to absorb

with beats

skills and talent

rest and sleep