bee racing

so I watched Bee Movie

• He sharpeners his stinger with what looks like a pencil sharpener
• Bees go to school their whole lives so they can work their whole lives
• They’re all cousins
• Pollen collectors are like Bee Air Force
• is that Kronk??? Pull the lever!
• The lady saved his life
• He has a crush on the human lady
• He has put off working to pursue the woman
• Jerry Seinfeld voices Barry and no one understands his jokes.
• It appears queen bees are elected by voters in some sort of democracy.
• Barry finds out humans eat honey, becomes shocked and upset™
• Loves tiny bee cars, but is terrified of human cars
• The bee keepers laugh manically and make fun of bees
• Drag queen reference!?
• Wait how did Barry’s parents even get Barry?
• There is bee news and weather reports
• Bee Larry King IS Larry King
• The women is HELPING Barry sue herself
• She is either dating or married to a man. He just wants yogurt without Barry
• So many puns “the bee team”
• He is suing every honey company in existence. (45 more minutes???)
• Opposing lawyers says bees are on steroids
• Bears are not appropriate for honey containers
• The woman called Barry for dinner because she thought her partner was busy!
• Barry is using a Barbie table and chair
• Barry almost gets murdered but then surfs in the toilet
• Woman broke up with boyfriend over Barry
• They win and bees get their first day off in 27 million years
• Bees stopped making honey and all the plants started dying. So naturally that lead to a flower parade float being stolen.
• BARRY IS LANDING A PLANE!? + inspirational speech.
• Sexual tension between a woman and a bee. I swear I caught it.
• The bee Air Force has shown up to carry the plane through the air
• They landed the plane on bees and everyone lived
• More inspirational speeches
• Barry joined the bee Air Force
• Time to fix everything Barry messed up!
• Vanessa (the woman) and Barry have a flower shop/attorney business?

Knock Out AU -- Discovery

AU where Knock Out is enthused by medical theories, and does research on an alternative form of reproduction for Cybertronians.

AU where he makes a breakthrough, but requires some peer review to make sure his findings are sound and plausible.

AU where when KO and Bee are about to race, he gets so excited that he corrals Bee off the track to talk one-on-one without a fight for once. He asks if he can speak to Ratchet, to bounce some ideas off him. Everyone knows Ratchet is basically the most educated/well-trained medical practitioner alive, and because these ideas are important for the Cybertronian race as a whole he could really use his expertise.

AU where Bee relents and brings KO back after he agrees to give intelligence info as well.

AU where KO asks to speak with Ratchet in private first, before sharing his findings with the rest of the Autobots… partially to save face, partially to not instill some false hope– in case it goes badly.

AU where Ratchet is astonished by these findings– the “sparkling” theory could actually be feasible, Cybertronians could potentially reproduce without their home planet and/or factories! He calls in Optimus and they all share a moment of pure joy. Knock Out is positive he would not have received such a warm, sincere reaction if he had discussed his findings on board the Nemesis.

AU where after Knock Out gives some intel he bonds with Team Prime, sharing jokes or stories or funny videos for the rest of the evening. He only leaves when he is pinged a reminder of his shift.

AU where Ratchet, a classic symbol of the elite functionists, praises Knock Out, a mech who was clearly not forged a medic, for his discovery and research. Where the revolution has succeeded in proving you don’t have to be forged into your function, and where Knock Out begins to appreciate Autobot thinking earlier on in the series.

Bee Valhourdin - Contacts

Name: Bee Valhourdin

Race: Miqo’te, Seeker of the Sun

Sex: Female

Occupation: Working for the Adventurers’ Guild and the Immortal Flames taking down dangerous targets

Personality Type: Outgoing, impulsive, loyal, extremely energetic and talkative

Favourite Hobby: Experimenting with with new recipes to cook with. She also enjoys creating her own clothes.

Motto they live by: “I will never back down.”

Favourite type of Environment: The heat of the desert. Though she has come to be quite fond of the ocean as well.

Friends: Bee doesn’t have a lot of close friends. Her closest friend would be Lisette ( @castingdebauchery because Bee treasures their friendship immensely.)

Who They Admire: Her adoptive mother. She is the strongest woman, both mentally and physically, that Bee has ever met. Bee will always look up to her and will always try to make her mother proud.

What they hope to do 10 years from now: Bee has never been one to think that far ahead. However, she does hope that her family has grown by then.

Are they single? If not, who is their spouse/partner/life mate?: Bee is married to Zephirin Valhourdin ( @zephirin-the-valorous ). They are also expecting their first child!

What do they look for in friends?: Someone to match her energy. Someone that is honest and open with her. Someone to be there for her without asking. Just as she would for them.

If they walked into a bar and saw a talking slug, what would their reaction be?: Honestly, Bee would be unable to stop herself from walking up to it and start rapid firing questions at it.

Usual Playtime: Evenings. I live in the mountain time zone and work all day. (I think that’s GMT -7)

Server: Balmung

FC/Guild: Heresy Hut

Looking for: Anything that people would like to throw my way!

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Raven Cycle ensemble fanvid premiered at Bitchin Party 2016 aka: come read these amazing books with me! 

Featuring Blue and Gansey, Adam and Ronan, and Noah, also Chainsaw, bees, orange cameros, drag racing, and Cabeswater.