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Papa crying after the match against Monaco. Idk why exactly he’s crying (bc of the defeat or bc of the whole circumstance). But I want to take this opportunity to say, FUCK YOU UEFA! YOU GUYS ARE NOTHING LESS THAN THOSE INHUMAN AND COWARDS WHO DID THIS TO MY TEAM! 

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So at my university to fundraiser the sports teams will auction themselves off and people will bid on them to spend the day with them or dress them up in silly outfits or whatever. So picture soccer captain Sid being auctioned and Geno gets into a bidding war with a rival Frat who's trying to buy sid just to piss Geno off

“Everyone put money in hat,” Geno demands, pushing back to the Rhos at the Kick It Off! fundraiser. He’s holding out his Penguins cap. “Right now, immediately.”

“Why?” Jake says, even as he’s fishing out a twenty. “Didn’t we already donate at the front door?”

“They’re bidding on a date with Sid,” Flower says, passing the cap around. “If the Rhos don’t win against the football team, Geno’s forehead vein will burst.” He shouts, “Come on, boys. This is gonna be cheaper than paying for Geno’s impending ER trip. Pull up your Venmos if you don’t have cash on hand.” 

Olli nudges Jake and points at the football team, who’s passing a fucking bucket of cash around. The captain, this big, beefy guy who’s been leering at Sidney and Sidney’s Ass every five seconds, is giving Jake the creeps. 

“We’re gonna have to send Geno to the ER,” Conor moans, dragging his hands down his face. “They have a cash bucket. We have a dinky little money hat. Oh no, oh God, I can’t breathe–”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t freak out,” Jake says. “We have to win. We will win.”


“Fifty!” a girl shouts. Her letters say that she’s from the Beta Sig sorority. Her sisters are all giggling and cheering her on.

“Fifty?” the announcer says. “We got a fifty! I think we can do a little better than that for our star player!”

Sidney shifts uncomfortably on the podium, but he waves a shy hello in the Rhos’ direction. Geno yells out, “Seventy-five!” Then, after shooting a death glare at the football captain, he adds, “I love you, Sid! You look amazing!” 

People are whistling, and the sororities are ‘aww-ing’ among themselves after this declaration. The football captain narrows his eyes. 

“One hundred and fifty,” he shouts, followed by more hollering from his team. He gives Sidney a self-satisfied once-over, and Sidney turns to Geno in a kind of helpless panic.

“How much do we have in here?” Jake whispers.

“Two hundred,” Conor says. “As long as Geno doesn’t get to that number too fast, we might be able to outlast them.”

Two hundred,” Geno screams.

“Fuck,” Olli says. 

“Two hundred from the Rho Ep boys,” the announcer crows. “Going once, going twice–”

“It’s okay, Hags went over to check out how much money they had,” Olli says. “Their bucket was full of fucking ones and quarters. They don’t have more than us.”

“Three hundred dollars!” the football captain shouts out, and Geno turns his head so fast Jake was afraid he’d get whiplash. “For a date with Sidney Patrick Crosby!” 

“They were using Venmo,” Conor cries, spiraling again as he scrolls through the public transactions. “We’re fucked.”

“Jesus Christ,” the announcer says. “Looks like you’re popular today, aren’t you, Sid?” 

Sidney says nothing, only a half-hearted shrug aimed mostly at Geno like, ‘Well, you tried your best.’ 

Going once!” the announcer says. “Going twice! And our one and only Croz goes to–”

Five hundred dollars!” a new voice says. Geno’s eyes look like they’re nearly about to pop out of his head as Ovi and the rest of the Kappa Alpha Pis step up. “Five hundred dollars from Kappas for the Rho Eps,” Ovi says, grinning. “Which makes it seven hundred dollars total. For Sidney Patrick Crosby.”

“Shit,” the football team groans.

“Well, damn. Sold,” the announcer says, also gaping.

Sidney makes a delighted, astonished noise, then rushes off the stage and into Geno’s arms, peppering his face with kisses. “You did it! You did it!” he yells. “Thank you, thank you–”

Tanger and Flower are clapping Ovi on the back. “Why’d you do it, man?”

“Was Nicky’s idea,” he says. “Found some leftover in our budget that we didn’t get to use for philanthropy event. Would have gone back to headquarters at year end, so might as well donate it to good cause.”

“Well,” Flower says, looking at Geno hoisting Sidney up and nosing at his boyfriend’s neck, “it went to something, alright. We owe you one.”

“I know,” Ovi says, smiling. “You think I do for charity?”

“I mean, that was kind of the point of this event,” Jake mutters, but he goes unheard as Geno’s cheering and the Rhos’ celebration drown him out. 


BØRNS “Holy Ghost” (After Dark) Sessions - Directed by: @oliviabeephoto

Looks like Society 6 is having another sale today! That’s fairly close to the last one when I put the Caution: Evil Writer up so I guess they have them fairly often! Keep an eye out guys!  - 7/30/17

I think if i had money, i’d get the bag, the notebook and the pillow. Not sure the laptop sleeve would fit on my laptop but if it DID i’d snag that too…and of course, i always love the travel mugs so, yeah, these are my faves of the bunch :D

*stares longingly at her own stuff*

y’know, i wish they did bumper stickers and pins too…and i still have no idea why i’m having trouble with the tshirt selection - that’s something i’d buy and totally not feel guilty for, considering we all need clothes!