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Can any of my fellow introverts/INXX relate?

So you plan to spend the day with THAT FRIEND, just the two of you, you’ve not seen each other all year, you’re actually super looking forward to it, confiding in them, bonding with them, inside-joking with them, opening up to them, being your brightest and best self with them…. and then they bring along their boyfriend/girlfriend/mutual friend/friend you’ve never met and you’re like?? rude??? I made an appointment?? I booked this time?? and they can just skip the queue?? Do you think I bothered to turn up because I like third wheeling?? Or that I would have nothing to say that I couldn’t say in front of a stranger????

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I have like literally nothing Real to say about any of this except that now I kinda DO want Lego Palpatine to be canon.

YOU AND ME BOTH.  LEGO Palpatine is sincerely the best Palpatine, like I could handle that evil shit’s horrible cruelty so much better if he’s giggling and hopping around excitedly and saying “Goody-goody gum-drops!” and draping himself all over the evil murderbots he’s made.

I love Ian’s performance in that scene with Yoda toward the end of ROTS, Palpatine is clearly having the time of his life and that’s the closest we get to LEGO Palpatine, but I want it 24/7, MAKE LEGO PALPATINE CANON PALPATINE.


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Hey there, do you think all the female Hogwarts teachers were as straight as JKR wants us to think ;-) And wouldn't the Marauders or Harry and Hermione see it on the map if two were secretly having a date? Wouldn't they talk about it to each other? Who would it be likely to be? I'm just sure it's not likely to be Trelawney... I'd love some representation. (Putting bee in bonnet and sending virtual chocolate) Yours MeAndMinnieMcG

Tbh I find it unlikely that anyone at Hogwarts is straight. 😂


Missing Parts - 4.

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For the rest of the day you refused to talk to anyobody. In the Great Hall – where you all had to sleep that night – you didn’t join to Harry, Ron and Hermione. It was more than enough to hear from strangers what they say about him, you didn’t want to hear it from your friends aswell.

The next few days you still avoided the subject. The whisperings died when you were nearby – everybody knew you’d hex them without hesitation if they say something wrong. Your friends saw that you rather ingore the topic, so thankfully, they didn’t push you, but it’s still didn’t save you from your own thoughts. He is innocent – you were still sure about it – but why he wanted to break into the Gryffindor common room, then?

As the weekend came, you wanted to skip the Qudditch match, but Fred picked you up after breakfast and carried you up over his shoulder, bringing you to the pitch, because „being alone is no good for you”.

So you stayed, but after ten minutes you wished you didn’t came at all. The storm was so strong you can hardly stand or even sit, and you couldn’t imagine how the players not fell off of their broom. Until Harry did.

Thanks to Godric, he hadn’t any serious injury; his biggest suffer was his broomstick that broke in pieces. You visited him everyday at the Hospital Wing – more than once usually.

„You know, being friends with you is really hard. It’s like the fiftieth time in three years when you scared me to death. It’s a miracle I didn’t get a heart attack yet.” – you said, sitting on the edge of his bed while you eating a chocolate frog.

He smiled. „Stop worrying about me, then.”

„You know I can’t.” As you ruffled up his hair, you almost forgot Hermione was there too, until you heard her voice.

„I have to go to the library. See you later.” She rushed out so quickly you didn’t even have a time to say goodbye. There was a few minutes silence, but not awkward at all – it was never awkward between you.

„Are you… erm… okay?” – he asked suddenly in a low voice.

You avoided his gaze fo a moment, staring at you Chocolate Frog card. „Yeah, sure.” As he saw you still don’t wish to talk about it, he changed the topic.

„So, there’s Hogsmeade next week, and I’m thinking about sneaking out in my cloak.”

Eyes brightened, you looked at him again. „I’m glad you mentioned it.” – you smirked, pulling out the old piece of parchment from your robe pocket. „I have a gift for you that may helps.”

He frowned as he took it from you. „How exactly an empty parchment could help me?”

You looked around in the room to see there’s no one nearby before pointed your wand at it. „I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

Harry examined the map in amazement, loss of words, before he could speak. „Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs are proud to present: The Marauder’s Map… how – where did you get that?”

„Not me, actually. Fred and George „borrowed” from Filch office, first year, but we all agreed on that you should have it. They know the map by heart anyway.”

He was still shocked, but grinned. „That’s… brilliant! Thank you.”

„There’s a secret passageway to Huneydukes, you see. We can meet there.” – you said, standing up and kissing him on his cheek. You were almost at the door when you ran back. „Oh, and don’t forget to tap and say „Mischief managed!”, and it’ll go blank.” His cheek was still red where you kissed him when you left.

You joined to Hermione at the library to write an essay for Lupin, but it was hard to concentrate when she was throwing suspicious looks at you. Still, you stayed in silence; if she wants to say something, she will… eventually. It took her nearly twenty minutes when she finally asked you. „Why didn’t you tell me you like Harry?”

Eyes widened open, you frozen with your quill in your hand before you articulated slowly. „Because I thought it’s obvious I like my best friend?”

„No…” – she sighed. „I mean, you like him, like… romantically.”

A loud laugh left your mouth, but quickly switched to a whisper since Madam Pince already threw knives at you with her eyes. „No, Hermione! He’s like a brother to me.”

„Are you lying to me or to yourself?” – she smiled.

„Okay, I have no wish to continue this stupid conversation.” – you said, still laughing. „He’s my best friend. End of story.”

Hermione just shook her head, still smiling. „If you say so…”

No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t understand why is she thinks that you have feelings for Harry. And no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t stop thinking about Harry. You had a bee in your bonnet after that conversation in the library. Is it possible that Hermione knew something about you that even you didn’t know? Well, yes, she’s Hermione Granger…

As the next Hogsmeade trip came, your mood was finally was good again. You could buy all of the Christmas presents, and Harry could be there with you too under his invisibility cloak. Hermione wasn’t really happy about it (It’s so dangerous!”), but all of you ingored her worry.

Everything went well, until you were in the Three Broomsticks. After McGonagall, Flitwick, Fudge, Hagrid, and Madam Rosmerta sat in front of your table – and you all hide behind the Christmas tree, Harry under the table – you were prepared for everything, expect what came after that.

You didn’t had any choice but sitting there, listening all those things that you tried to keep as a secret for three years; that your father and James Potter were like brothers, that he’s Harry’s godfather, that’s he was the secret keeper and he betrayed them and killed Peter Pettigrew…

You were frozen, you couldn’t move, you couldn’t even look at Ron and Hermione. After the teachers and the minister left the pub, you followed them not so long after. Harry went back to the castle in the secret passageway, you with Ron and Hermione, all of you still speechless.

Harry wasn’t in the common room, so later on that day you visited him in his dorm. Only Ron was there besides him, but he left when he saw you.

He avoided your gaze, but he was the first who spoke up. „You know that, didn’t you?”

You saw as he stood up in the corner of your eyes, so you looked in his face, nodded slightly as it was still too hard to say anything. His eyes were so full of anger; you never saw him like this earlier.

„Everybody kept it as a secret… even Hagrid.” – his voice was almost a shout, and you felt as tears gathering in your eyes. „But you? I trusted you above everyone else!”

Hot tears fell down on your cheeks. „Harry, please…”

„Why didn’t you tell me?” He didn’t even tried to keep his voice down anymore.

„Because I knew you wouldn’t believe me that he’s innocent.” – you yelled back at him, desperately, making him just angrier.

„OF COURSE I DON’T BELIEVE YOU! Sirius Black betrayed my parents, Y/N, he’s the reason they’re dead!”

„No, he isn’t! Harry, please, just listen to me…” But he didn’t care anything that you wanted to say to him.

„He was the secret keeper, wasn’t he? Or do you have any other explanation what happened?”

You couldn’t say anyting to him anymore.

In the next morning you were ready to leave as this was the first day of the Christmas Break. Before you went down to the common room, you visited Harry again in his dorm – he was still in bed. „I just wanted to say… if you want to come to us for Christmas…” – but he cut you off, though his voice wasn’t rude.

„Thanks, but I stay here with Ron and Hermione.”

You nodded, trying to keep your tears to yourself before you left him there.

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Well, that wasn’t scripted (Chris Evans/Steve Rodgers)

A/N:Chris Evans smut 

summary: As a makeup artist you have become comfortable with celebraties working with them everyday but what happens when you have to actually work with them in their own field, under lights,camera and action. 

Warnings: female!reader x Chris: Quite Smutty, fingering, stimulation, teasing, swearing , tinsy bit of daddy kink and I don’t know what else 

Disclosure: I do not own marvel or any of their characters

Y/N : your name 

During scene Chris changes into Steve but hopefully will make sense as you read  Hope you enjoyxx 

Y/N’s POV:

Now lets get facts straight. I’m like any normal person on the planet. I survived through high school and college. But now, now I am a make up industry on large films such as spiderman, the x-men and hold up the avengers.. did I fucking stutter the avengers most recently the film Infinity War. It’s in this time that I have met the legendary Chris Evans, the beautiful man, that laughs everytime I powder his nose because it tickles…how cute.Anyway being up close and personal with the cast everyday I have managed to become quite close friends with all of them , especially the blonde and blue eyed devil. Anyway today is Chris evans big scene as Captain America is heart broken after seeing his love interest Sharon Carter cheat on him with a random agent. He feels wrong done by and when a flirty gorgeous woman throws herself at him , he doesn’t think twice about taking her to the tower to have his way with her. Lets say im jealous with whoever is playing this role , I’d swop places in a heart beat, literally. As I am setting up the make up for Chris Evans , simple yet a bit has to be added, for the lights. As I am crouching down to get the brushes , the door to the room opens and slams shut with big heavy steps and the person sits down with a huff. Chris seems to be in a happy mood. Sarcasm it’s beautiful. “So grumpy whats got a bee in your bonnet today” i say while turning to face , a shirtless hunk of Chris , okay y/n not the time to druel , smirk. “Y/n i don’t have time for this …” he says while  pressing the heel of his hands and rubbing his eyes. “ okay Chris tell me whats wrong ?” I say while putting my hands on his shoulders to get him to look up. He looks up at me with those crystal blue eyes , dammit. “Its just .. the girl who Captain America was supposed to sleep with , she backed out , so now we don’t have a girl and its gonna set us so back, and its just the whole cast is so tired..aghhh.” he says and hangs his head low. “Well if I could act I would do it but then the movie might go to shit.” I say with a nervous giggle before realising what I just said when he gives me the biggest grin. “ really oh my gosh that would help so much I’ll be right back I need to suggest it.” And runs out of the make up room , oh fuck what have i got myself into .  Okay so an hour later and I have hair done , make up done and the skimpiest dress I’ve ever worn , yeah you got it right kids , I’m the replacement , which means I’m doing a sex scene with the guy I’ve been obssessed over. How am I gonna even survive this , I’m so shook. I walk on to set where I have to flirt with ‘Steve Rodgers’ , and I’m the bar lady where Steve tries to drown his sorrows even though he can’t.  Chris walks up to me eyeing me up and down , well maybe this dress was a good idea. “Hey y/n , you look great by the way and thank you so much for doing this.” “ its no problem Chris it’s just will I be good enough I mean I’m not an actress I’m just a make up artist. ” I say looking at the ground , pouting. Chris gently lifts up my chin looking into my eyes ,“ hey you’ll be perfect just remember its only me , just playfully flirt like we usually do and we’ll be fine , and for the sex scene just follow my lead and we will do well okay beautiful.” Oh my gosh sex and beautiful in the same sentence don’t do that to me Chris, dammit. “Okay I’ll try my best.” I say with hopefully a convincing smile. “Okay its time to shoot , you got this and we haven’t told the rest of the cast that you are replacing the interest as we want them to be actually shocked at the end of the scene.” The scene : “Oh captain, what has gotten America’s favourite soldier so blue” I say behind the bar with a pout. “ don’t really want to talk about it doll” Steve says with a shrug. “ okay handsome, just know you can talk to me everyone knows a bar lady is actually the best person to talk to.” I say with a wink. “ its..its just you fall for this girl and its like she walks on water and gets you and the next moment she is getting fucked on her desk by some no name agent like what the hell.” Steve says frustrated.

“Language soldier” I say with a smirk. “ dont even get me started on that doll.” He says with a small smile. “ okay you want me to be straight with you this girl was stupid to let you go , your a gentleman , strong, fucking hot and probably great in bed , I would of never given that up.” I say staring at him and licking my lips. Steves eyes widen a bit shocked at this girls forwardness but soon recovers and smirks. “So what time do you get off ” I act shocked but then smirk back “ in 20 minutes , may I ask why you would like to know.” I say leaning forward letting my clevege be on display. His eyes dart there quickly before looking up at me ,“ I was thinking of buying you a drink and maybe a dance.” I flutter my eyelashes ,“ such a gentleman as always, and sure i could do with a drink.” Supposedly 4 drinks in , and my characrer Sierra and Steve are on the dance floor . Its supposed to be provocative with the audience surprised to see captain america so raunchy not that I’m complaining grinding back into Chris’s body is never a complaint , I’m soaking now and by what I can feel Chris is also a bit excited. My character turns to face Steve and I wrap my hands around his neck pushing our bodiesvtogether grinding onto him. “ Sierra. .” Steve moans losing himself yet his hands are on my hips not moving, gripping tightly.  “Yes captain …” i say looking up at him through my lashes and biting my lip . “ I dont really know what…” “ shhhh ..” my character says putting my finger on his lips .“ Put your hands where it feels right.” I say placing his hands on my ass and Chris lets out a soft growl which isn’t scripted holy shit. Soon my character grows some strength and I pull Steve nearer our lips close yet not touching , holy shit I’m going to kiss Chris and this feels really real. Soon Chris closes the distance and we are kissing tounges, lip biting and everything and I’m trying my best not to let out a moan, gosh dammit is Chris talented in everything he does , soon my back is pushed up against the wall and Chris kisses down my neck , and taps my thighs indicating me to jump , as my legs wrap around Chris’s waist I can feel his not so little friend , is this even acting anymore. I then remember I have a line so I say it in a breathy tone , “ captian shouldn’t we go somewhere a bit less public.” And moan out loud as he nips my neck , that wasn’t scripted. “ sure baby girl lets go.” And Chris carries me to where a stationary car is parked to look like we are going to the tower as Chris sets me down to climb inside but thankfully there is more raunchyness in the car .Chris pulls me into his lap , Istart to grind on him which causes him to release moans which seem a bit to real to be acting , soon he says his next line which is just before we get to the bedroom for the sex scene, oh shit .“Sierra baby if you dont stop now im going to cum in my pants .” Chris gives me a pointed look to say that this isn’t just about the acting. This scene then jumps to the sex scene in Steves bedroom , Chris and I walk onto the set quickly and I jump and wrap my legs around his waist before we resume the sex scene. Chris throws me onto the bed before stripping his shirt off , and being this up and close with  a shirtless Chris i could of came right there .he then proceeds to take his pants off leaving him in tight white boxers , holy shit he is rock hard but he has to be for this scene anyway , he then removes my dress in one move realising that I don’t have a bra on and sucks in a breath ,“ baby you look so beautiful right now ” i look at Chris wide eyed as that wasnt scripted but it seems that the director is happy with it. “Please fuck me captain , please.” At this time we go under the covers and the next part is supposed to be all pretend but it seems that Chris has better plans , Chris’s hand sneaks into my panties and as I am about to pretend gasp , i let out a real one when Chris’s finger enters me ,“oh baby girl your so wet for me ” scripted although well he’s not wrong. “Captain please ..” I say whimpering as he adds two fingers into my entrance. He starts to move quicker inside me and I let out real moans when it should be fake and as i am about to hit my high Chris pulls out his fingers and puts it into his mouth tasting me as scripted and says “so sweet.” And I am flushed , but I carry on the scene to not let anyone know whats actually happening , “captain please fuck me ..” I say in a whiny and desperate voice and not much is really acting,  Chris then starts grinding on to me and his thigh is against my clit giving me friction that causes me to tilt on the edge and then he whispers in my ear only for me to hear ,“ come for me baby ” and this pushes me over and causes me to moan that puts a porn star to shame. The director calls cut and congradulates me on my ’ acting’ and states that i need to wear just captain America’s shirt over my underwear for the next scene. When he turns away i look over at Chris who is smirking at me ,“ we will talk about this later ” i say and slip his shirt on walking to the next scene , i pretend to be looking for something to eat and as I am reaching for the cereal the rest of the team walks in and I can hear gasps as they did not know I was going to play the scene, Natasha says ,“ so captain did get lucky last night , I thought I heard right ” at this I drop the the cereal box and turn suddenly to see all the avengers ,“ oh um hello , im Sierra and I, I’m not trespassing I came home with um … steve and we uhh… and … this is really awkward , I just really wanted some cerial.“  I say with an awkward smile , then Bucky says “with those legs your welcome anytime doll face ” and looks me up and down. “ and with that ass ,” Pietro says and at that Chris walks in(as scripted ) and looks at my state weirdly before looking in the direction I’m looking at and sees the team , “ahhh right , guys this is Sierra , we met last night and we hung out and yeah.” He says scratching his head blushing before wrapping his arm  around my waist. “ I call bullshit you had sex ” tony says running out the room as steve chases them and wanda states “men” END OF SCENE Everyone starts to cheer and congratulates on my acting and sebastian comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek , “ Y/n you did amazing and I wasn’t lying about those legs"  and then Scarlett joins in ” yes girl , why have you been hiding this from us.“ ” well its just ..“ by this time Chris interrupts us ” sorry guys Y/n and I have to catch up on something so we are going to hang out in my trailer , okay bye “ tugging on my hand while running to his trailer before pushing me inside locking the door , ” is everything okay Chris “ I say looking at his heaving chest .” Yeah sure besides the fact you are driving me insane” “ what do you mean ?” I say confused . “Oh come on y/n , during that scene i just wanted to properly take you on that bed but I opted in just fingering you but now I’m just hungry for more and I always get what I want ” Chris says pushing me against the wall in his trailer. I smirk up at him and drag his shirt off my body ,“ well then daddy , why don’t you take what you want ?”
Hogmanay pt. 1 (I love You Beyond The Brink of Madness.)

Hi all! So I have been doing some Spring Cleaning of my AU because it has spiralled a little out of control. A few chapters of this fic have been moved into a new thread called ‘Tales of Brianna’ because really they do little to feed into the central story and are really just one shots prompted by some lovely asks and some of my own random thoughts. This is more relevant over on AO3 but I love my Tumblr fam too so wanted to apologise for any confusion caused here by this.

Anyway I really hate to mess you about and to say sorry I have part one of an extended piece which is going to be pure Fraser loveliness! I hope you enjoy it, here is pt. 1 of Hogmanay.

Bree had been disappointed by Christmas. She wouldn’t admit it to Mama or Da but the lack of a tree or proper presents and carol singers had been quite disheartening. Mama had done her best and they had built a snowman in the afternoon which was fun, but that was about the only tradition from Boston that Bree had been able to observe.

Da had gifted her a little knife with an ivory handle that had her initials carved into it B.E.R.F and Bree had been pleased that he hadn’t left out the ‘R’ because she was feeling homesick and wondering what exactly Daddy was doing and whether he was alone or maybe with a new family. She didn’t know which thought made her feel worse.
Mama had wrapped up a new pair of breeks, folded playfully within a dress that Aunt Jenny had made and also a box of paints that made Uncle Ian raise his eyebrows – no doubt at at the extravagance.

She knew that she had received more than her cousins which only increased her guilt at feeling longing for the extravagant Christmas’ of the twentieth century and after supper Bree had excused herself and gone to bed early.

The next day had been better. Winter at Lallybroch was like something straight off a Christmas card. Fresh blankets of white snow every morning, smoke curling from the chimney, dark against the bright winter sky and she spent playing or hunting with Ian when they were released from their chores.

She wasn’t allowed to take her knife out with her, Mama had pretty much confiscated it the moment Da’s back was turned and assured Bree that she’d keep it safe before slipping a shilling into her hand – a bribe that Bree wished she hadn’t taken but at the time had been too wrapped up in feeling blue to think about. However Ian had a new bow and a set of arrows and he was allowed to take them out hunting whenever he pleased, which was also good news for Brianna as it meant she effectively inherited his old bow, now slightly too short for Ian but still pretty much alright for her, currently lagging one growth spurt behind him.

When Ian and Bree had asked Jenny where it had been put, Jenny had narrowed her eyes and said
“It has been put away. The two of ye ken well enough that Claire doesna want for Bree to learn how to use weapons yet.”

But then, after considering them both for a moment, she had sighed and picked up a foot stall, handing it to Ian with stern expression on her face

“Also I dinna wish either of ye to be pokin’ around on top o’ the wardrobe in Michael’s room, ken?”

After she had marched back to the kitchen Ian had grinned at Bree and nudged her in the ribs.

“Sometimes ye can really tell that Mam and Uncle Jamie are related, eh?”

On the fourth day, December 29th, Bree woke up, dressed in her favourite shirt and breeks and fetched her newly acquired bow from beneath her bed and walked downstairs into beautiful chaos.
Garlands of holly and thyme adorned the doorwars and thick boughs of juniper were stacked by the main entrance, stripped of their berries which were in a bowl beside them. Candles had been stationed on every available surface. The sound of fabric being struck over and over again came from outside and heedless of her contraband slung up on her shoulder, Bree padded out into the courtyard.

Jamie and Ian were beating rugs that had been draped over the washing line, both their faces shining with sweat despite the chill.

“What’s going on?”
Bree asked, wrapping her arms around herself shivering.

“Good morning, a leannan!”
Jamie wiped his brow and smiled at her

“Why is everything so … festive?”


Ian called cheerfully, swinging the carpet beater viciously at the rug and then stepping back to survey his work.

“Do ye think it’ll do Jamie?”

Jamie stepped around to Ian’s side and cocked his head

“Aye it’ll do if ye mean to have Jenny chase ye about the house wi’ this thing after ye give it back!”

Flicking the beater in Ian’s hand he gestured to a patch of dust on the higher right corner

“Look at that there!”

Ian clucked his tongue and rolled his eyes

“Fussy as an auld maid ye are. A patch of dust isna goin’ to offend any of our visitors.”

“It’s no’ the visitors who will be inspecting it.”

Jamie sniffed and nodded toward the house. Ian grimaced

“Last year I had the lads do this. I should ha’ done so this year too.”

Bree frowned at her father and uncle and shuffled her feet, wiggling her toes against the chill of being outdoors.

“What’s Hogmanay, Da?”

“It’s the celebration of welcoming the new year coming in and bidding the old farewell.”
Jamie said, his own rug now met his fastidious expectations, began carefully rolling it up before hefting it onto his shoulder and walking towards her.

“OH! Like New Year! With fireworks and champagne?”
Bree clapped her hands delightedly, the cold forgotten.

“Ah weel, no, I dinna have fireworks and I dinna think ye Aunty has any champagne here but there will be dancing and a fine feast and a bonfire too with guests and food and more to drink than is good for anyone so we’ll need to watch ye Mam.”

Jamie grinned, stepping into the house Bree following faithfully at his heels.

“So what happens at midnight?”

“Eh? Well that my lass is the first footing. A tall and dark man must enter the house barin’ gifts for good luck!”

Jamie deposited the rug in the hallway and turned to her, hands on his hips

“Now there is a wee discussion about this and I should care most greatly for your opinion.”

“Dinna be hounding the lass about this Jamie!”

Jenny admonished bustling between them as if by magic and inspecting the rug before glancing up at Bree.

“Your father has a bee in his bonnet about the First Foot. Pay him no heed. Your Uncle either. As bad as a couple of weans wi’ a new bauble to share.“

Jenny paused and pursed her lips at her niece

"And you’ve as much sense as either of them, walking around wi’ that on ye shoulder for the world to see.”

Bree glanced to her left and blushed, snatching the bow from her arm and quickly hiding it behind her back, a completely useless gesture but one that she felt the need to make anyway. She looked up guiltily at her Da but Jamie had that small smile on his lips that Mama called his ‘Proud Father’ smile.

“How are ye getting on wi’ it?”

“Not too bad, not brilliantly though.”

Bree smiled shyly back at him. She liked the idea of having small secrets between her and each of her parents. It was nice to feel close to them individually because they formed such a tight unit together that sometimes she could feel a little left out – after all she had been the centre of the world in Boston, the linchpin that kept her family together and she sensed it, even if she could not put it into words.

She had secrets with Mama already, little jokes about the future world and small things that Da would disapprove of like sharing a sweet before dinner or staying up past bedtime to read. Now she had a secret with Da too, learning to use a bow and arrow.

“I’ll show ye a couple of things after lunch but for now, hide it away wherever ye keep it, aye?”

Bree nodded and hurried up the stairs oblivious to the slender black eyebrow aunt Jenny raised at Jamie.

He asked defensively but Jenny only smiled good-naturedly at him

“She has ye around her pinky, Jamie”

Jamie feigned haughtiness and strode past her but not before Jenny saw the faint pink blush of happiness that touched his cheekbone.

Jenny shook her head and sighed contentedly – it was time for bringing in the new year and with it a breath of joy that the dear old house had long needed. It was Hogmanay.

Angry/jealous Jamie

Here it is again for those of you who can’t see anything after the ‘keep reading’.

James Fraser was a jealous man. He knew it. Claire knew it. Everyone who had ever met him probably knew it. But there was a short list of things that could sent him into a blood rage at the drop of a hat.

A man flirting with his wife was one of them.

On some level, he didn’t fault the man for it. Claire was a stunning woman with the most perfect ass he’d ever seen. But she was his. Only his. And he wasn’t inclined to share.

“Tom’s invited us to the cinema,” she said one night. “Said his girlfriend wanted to see that new film that’s just out.”

“Tom hasn’t got a girlfriend,” he muttered darkly around his toothbrush.

“He has! I’ve seen the photographs and so have you. Don’t get a bee in your bonnet. He’s just being nice.”

Climbing into the small bed beside her, he turned out his lamp.

“And did he invite you? Or us?”

“Well he invited me, but I said it would be fun if we made it a double date.”

“Mmhmm,” he mumbled.

He blundered his way through work the following day, trying not to imagine Tom flirting with Claire. When the little bell above the shop door rang, he looked up and saw her.

A smile seemed to always come to him when she first entered a room. She wore a skirt that went just to her knees, a nice deep red. Shiny black heels made her even taller and he bit back a moan just thinking about some of the ‘interesting’ encounters they’d had with those shoes. His eyes traveled up the rest of her, absently noting that she wore a push up bra beneath the eggshell blouse.

Damn she was a fine woman.

HIS woman.

“Careful,” she said with a bright smile. “If you keep staring like that, my husband might have a word with you.”

“Is it time to go, then?”

“Just about. I thought you might have forgotten to eat again, so I brought you some dinner.”

She handed him a brown paper bag with a few pastries that he wolfed down.

“You’re a good woman, no matter what anyone else says.”

“Who’s been talking?”

“No one, Mo nighean donn.”

He felt better, walking down to the cinema with his arm around her waist. Until he saw Tom.

“Tom!” Claire said, breaking away from him to give the man a hug. “So good to see you. You remember my husband, Jamie?”

“I do,” the other man said.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” Jamie asked.

“Ah… She, er… She couldn’t make it.”

Claire shot him a ‘if-you-don’t-keep-your-mouth-shut-you’re-sleeping-on-the-couch’ look and he kept back the comment he’d wanted to make. After purchasing their tickets, they went into the theater to get their seats. Claire sat in the middle, Jamie on her left and Tom on her right.

He was fuming. Tom always had a witty comment to whisper in her ear, making her laugh. Jamie didn’t miss how Tom didn’t ever put the armrest down between him and Claire either. The wee fool wasn’t even trying to hide his intentions.

The movie was pointless. Jamie hadn’t really been paying attention to it. He was too aware of Tom’s movements, how his hand brushed Claire’s bare knee. How he brushed hair away from her ear to whisper something to her. It took everything he had not to pummel the man in his damned seat.

Finally, the credits rolled. Claire sometimes liked to read through the names, but he couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Are you alright?” she asked him, looking at him with concern.

Glaring over at Tom, he pointedly stared at how close the man’s hand was to her thigh.

“No,” he said shortly. “I am not.”

Then he got up and stormed out of the theater. She was following as quickly as she could, given her shoes and the tightness of the her skirt.

“Jamie! What’s the matter with you! That was very rude to poor Tom.”

He whirled on her, feeling the rage beginning to creep up his neck.

“Poor Tom? POOR TOM?! The fool’s been flirtin’ wi’ ye all night, wi’ me sittin’ beside ye. He kens you’re marriet and it doesna matter!”

“You’re overreacting. And people are staring.”

“You. Are. Mine,” he growled. “And ‘poor Tom’ can go try to seduce someone else’s wife.”

“Do you honestly think he would take me away from you? Really, Jamie.”

“No. He would not. I’d throttle him first.”

His hands were beginning to shake. It had been a long time since a blood rage this strong had taken him. He needed to find some way to break the tension before he went to find Tom. She was glaring back at him, arms folded over her chest.

“I can’t believe you think he was flirting that hard with me.”

“You were flirting back.”

“I was not!”

He glared back.

“Yes. You. Were. Laughing at his wee jokes, nudging him when something happened in the movie.”

Her mouth was wide open, giving him an idea of what to do with his rage. Gripping her wrist, he yanked her down the hallway.

“Where’s Tom?” he asked, tearing open the door for the family bathroom.

“In the theater still. He said he thought there was something after the credits finished and that he’d wait for us in the lobby.”

“Good. There’s time then.”

“Time for what?”

He slammed the door closed and turned the lock.

“For me to remind you who you belong to.”

The horrible fluorescent lighting did nothing to detract from her beauty. It made her skin look even more pale. Pushing her roughly back against the wall, he crammed his mouth down on hers. At first she fought him, refused to give in to his will, but she couldn’t resist for long. They’d known each other too long. Protest she might, but she enjoyed when he did things like this.

Though, they’d never been quite so public about it.

“Jamie no! There’s people outside the door!”

“I dinna care.”

“Tom will walk by at any second!”

He spun her around and began yanking her skirt up.

“Good. I want him to.”

“No you can’t possibly want him to hear us.”

His hand searched around for her underwear and suddenly realized there wasn’t any.

“You went out wi’ nothing else on?” he whispered harshly in her ear.

“Well… It’s been a while since we had a date. I know Tom was there too, but I thought…”

“Thought ye’d sneak away wi’ him?”

“No! Jamie I’d never-”

Fumbling with his belt for a moment, he sighed with contentment as he filled her. Her body shuddered.

“Mine. Only mine,” he snarled, punctuating each word with a hard thrust.

Her palms were flat on the wall, fingers beginning to curl. Untucking her blouse, he reached beneath it and took hold of her breasts.

In his mind, he replayed what Tom had been doing all night. Touching her. Making her laugh. Wanting her so brazenly.

But Tom wasn’t the one pushing her against a wall, making her whimper. Tom wasn’t the one that made her cry out his name.

Holding her harder against the wall, his body went rigid as she moaned.

“Oh Jamie,” she breathed.

“You are mine,” he said again. “Mine, mo nighean donn.”

“Yes. I’m yours.”

Turning her back around, he kissed her swollen lips tenderly.

“Just as I belong to you,” he said.

He tucked some of her hair behind her ears, trying not to smile. She hated how wild her hair was, but he always enjoyed it.

“You’ll pay for this later.”

“Is that a promise, Sassanach?”

With a huff, she tugged her skirt back down and set herself back to rights using the mirror.

“You’d better put that away until we get home,” she said, nodding to his open jeans. “Or you’ll be arrested for indecent exposure.”

Smiling, he cleaned himself up as well. Checking to be sure no one else was in the hallway, they snuck out of the family bathroom and prepared to walk home.

“There you are!” Tom said, jumping up from his seat. “You both disappeared after the movie.”

“I’m sorry, Tom. Jamie wasn’t feeling very well. I’m afraid I need to get him home.”

“Oh, well… I’m sorry about that. You’re lucky,” Tom said, trying to smile at Jamie. “Dr. Beauchamp is the best at the hospital.”

“Fraser,” both Jamie and Claire said.

“It’s Dr. Fraser,” Claire smiled. “I’ll see you later, Tom.”

Lacing her arm through his, Jamie lead her toward their home.

“No one could ever take me away from you,” Claire said quietly.

“I know. My temper got the better o’ me. I’m sorry, Claire.”

“It’s alright. You didn’t hit anyone. But you and I are connected forever by something that no one could ever break.”

Maybe he’d been too rough with her. She was speaking nonsense.

“What’s that mean?”

She smiled and put his hand over her stomach.

“It means I’m pregnant.”

Missing Parts - 29.

Part 30
Missing Parts Masterlist 

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It wasn’t surprising Hufflepuff defeated Gryffindor in the quidditich pitch easily enough; the only miracle was the score difference wasn’t big at all, as Ginny managed to catch the snitch, though it wasn’t enough to win the game – the other team scored too many goals. The whole Gryffindor tower was in a miserable mood at the remaining time of the day; you just sat in the common room, talking or staring off the distance. Except Hermione of course, who tried to get all of her homework.

After hours Harry started to smile randomly – the expression on his face was something between astonishment and proudness, causing you to looking at him with curiously. “You know, you were actually really good today.”

Being extremely exhausted and also, sad about the lost game, you let out a half smile at him. “Thanks. But I think that was only because I was so angry.” – And it was true; listening as the Slytherins were constantly singing the Weasley is Our King”, louder and louder, made your blood boil with every minute a little more – which at least helped you flying faster at hitting the bludgers harder than you thought you could.

The sorrowful mood continued around the gryffindors in the whole weekend, but the Monday brought happier news: as in the newest Quibbler arrived with the whole interview with Harry. A day or two later the whole school knew the story – and more and more people started to believe it. Complete strangers sent letters, most of them supported Harry, and some of them are not; but the most important thing was the article made the perfect effect: people started to doubt the Ministry of Magic. Umbridge were fuming, which also made you amused – especially because you knew she could do nothing about it.

It was nice and funny again, until you got betrayed by Cho’s friend, which also cost Dumbledore’s Headmaster position. You knew that without him Hogwarts will be even more awful that it was in the past few months – but without your secret little group? That was amongst those few things that helped you to go through hard times lately.

The common room was quiet as it was late night; the other members from the Dumbledore’s Army who were also in Gryffindor all sat near to each other. “We shouldn’t give up now.” – you said suddenly, causing some people to look at you like you were stupid, and some people who rather just avoided your gaze; but no one said a word until Harry spoke up.


“Y/N, this is too dangerous!” – Hermione said, a few other students murmured in agreement.

“It was always dangerous!” – you jumped up from your seat, trying to keep your voice down. – “I don’t care about school anymore! There are a lot of more important things going on outside, if you haven’t noticed!”

Neville raised his voice, looking around and telling you’re right – but apparently, he was the only one who thought that.

“No, she’s not.” – Harry stood up and walked closer to you. – “It’s isn’t just about school, and you know that. Look where is Dumbledore now because of us!”

You didn’t even tried to keep your voice down anymore. “And this is why we shouldn’t give up! All of this would not have happened in the first place if Fudge had believed you!”

“This is too reckless.” – Hermione’s voice was quiet but firm.

“Thanks, now you’re just sound like my mother.”

“And she’s right.” – Harry started, placing his hand on your arm. – “I’m not happy about this either but we just can’t risk other people’s safety because of us.”

Seeing as they were all determined about their decision, you jerked your arm away and rushed out from the common room, not even thinking about that it was long past curfew; trying to find a quieter place in the castle where you could be alone with your thoughts for a little while. But you were still just at the deserted seventh floor when Harry reached you. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” – you mumbled as it was too hard to prevent yourself from crying.

“You don’t have to lie to me.” – he cupped your face, taking a step closer. – “I know something isn’t right, because I can’t believe you can’t see that what you want is really, too dangerous now.”

A few tears rolled down on your cheeks, but he gently wiped them away instantly with his thumbs; his eyebrows knotted together in concern and you could see the worry deep in his eyes, through your blurry vision. “Do you know what it feels like coming from a family like mine?” – you started, with a voice so low it was a surprise he could hear your words. – “People hear my name and what are they think about? A family full of Death Eaters – or not much better than them… Do you think people are like me? They don’t. They just don’t say it out loud because my name carries weight and fear.”

“You feel…” – Harry started uncertainly, running his fingers through his hair, but continued as he finally understood what you were talking about. – “Y/N, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone! Anyone who ever talked to you could see you’re not like them. And look at Tonks or her mother, and Sirius, none of them are bad people…”

You sighed, looking away and staring at the wall. “Well, they still think my father killed people.”

“And since when do you care about other people’s opinion?” – He cupper your face again with one hand, gently turning it so your gaze could meet again with his.

“Since it isn’t just about me.” – as he fell silent, you continued. – “I know I’m not a part of them at all, but I still feel… connected somewhat, you know. And they’re terrible. Just thinking of Bellatrix Lestrange making me sick.”

Behind the worry in his eyes, you also saw some kind of understanding, and you knew why; he has the same thoughts and fears about himself, even if it were because another reasons. His hands moved on your waist and back, pulling you onto his chest, drawing soft circles on your back. After long minutes staying like this, he places his palm on your shoulder, gently pushing you away, looking into your eyes and let out a trembling breath. “I don’t want you to feel that. I want you to see how beautiful you are, inside and out.”

A weak and small chuckle left your throat, and Harry smiled too as he wiped the remaining tears off from your cheeks, placing a few tender kisses on it. You almost haven’t noticed the smile stuck on your face, wishing you could spend the rest of the night with him, alone, when you heard a strange and low noise on your right. Turning to the source you saw a small door that appeared from nowhere – realizing you were in front of the Room of Requirement, but stepping inside it was nothing like that you used in the past few months. It was only a simple but nice bedroom now. After you looked around, a big sigh left your mouth, looking at Harry. “Why we haven’t thought about this earlier?”

He chuckled as you walked closer to him, wrapping your hands around him and burying your face into his neck. “I don’t know.” – he murmured, playing with your hair. – “But I don’t think we’ll sleep in our dormitories any time soon again.”

You nuzzled deeper, muttering under your breath. “Who talked about sleeping?”

Returning into the Room of Requirement instead of your own beds in the Gryffindor tower almost every night was mostly sweet, and hot; but no amount of cuddling, gentle words or other kind of pleasures could hide the worry that you felt for him – because you woke up almost every time by him tossing and turning in his sleep, his hands tighten around you too much, talking or even shouting; all of it because of his “dreams”.

“I don’t even understand what the point of Snape’s torture is.” – you said, sitting on the edge of the bed after you had to shake up Harry from his sleep, as he was couldn’t stop yelling. He was sitting behind you, but you heard as his head hit the pillow again.

“Me neither. I only feel myself weaker after every time.” – he was still panting, trying to catch his breath; and you lied back, resting your head on his chest.

Despite of everyone said you should trust in Dumbledore and his decisions, some days you thought about that what if Snape really did this on purpose; you had a bee on your bonnet after Ron shared his worry with you. After that night you haven’t got much time left to be concerned about this – as the next Occlumency lesson was the last for Harry.

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The A-Z of TMBG


They Might Be Giants have forever been one of those bands that, when asked my opinion on, I would say “Oh, I adore them”. But similarly to my relationship with The Mountain Goats, I have gaps in my knowledge of their history that are so big that they rival the amount that I do know about them. I always list them as a favourite band, but if I turned up to one of their shows I’d be the asshole excited by every other song, then trying to work out if I knew the rest, nervously mouthing the odd lyric here or there. “Duhh muhh duhh BAG OF GROCERIES duhh duhhh muhh muhhh EXPIRATION DAAAAATE”.

This is because I have a very silly way of listening to music in which I discover a band, love a couple of their albums to death, then struggle to move on from those because those are the ones that I love so much. Most people who have good critical thinking skills would say “Gee, I loved this album so much that I should probably try another of their albums”. Not me! Figure 8 by Elliott Smith, Entroducing by DJ Shadow and This is Our Music by Galaxie 500 are some of my favourite albums of all time, and guess what? They’re pretty much the only albums i’ve listened to by those artists. Now, I have listened to quite a lot of TMBG, but I haven’t often sat down to dig into their music (or stood up! I don’t exclusively listen to music sitting down on a couch like some record producer trying to feel the vision or fall asleep). It’s time to change that, and i’m going to be going through each of their studio albums over the weeks, one by one, and giving them a bit of an appraisal, and a bit of a praise, because, as hard and objective as I wish I was, i’m going to be gushing over TMBG a lot. But if any band, or any album, deserves a hot torrent of gush, it’s this band, and this album….

#1: Untitled, or, The Pink Album, 1986

“We were the most stoppable force in rock music”

- John Flansburgh

John Flansburgh and John Linnell’s (or the Johns as everyone, and now I, call them) first album is quite a rorschach test of an album. Whatever you see in it, and whatever you want it to be, it is. Musically adventurous and avant garde? Check. Goofy and hilarious? Check. The one thing I don’t think anyone could see it as is boring. It feels like an album that will elicit strong feelings and strong opinions from its listener, primarily because it truly does not sound like anything else. While Flansburgh self-deprecatingly refers to the band during their early days as a stoppable force, their music right from the off sounds determined, self assured and insuppressible. What Flansburgh means by stoppable is that they had no record label and no publicist, and that the only people who could really support the band were the few locals who’d catch their shows in Brooklyn. It wasn’t their music that was stoppable, but their situation.

In more ways that one, the music on this album is unstoppable. In their huge bursts of energy and ideas, and in how easily listenable the album is, it is unstoppable. Once I start the opening track on this album, I cannot and do not stop until the album is over, because it’s such a damn fun and specific world to be in. You know that feeling when you’re so deeply into a TV show that when the episode finishes, no other show on the planet can hit the spot? That’s how listening to this album feels.

I’d heard it a couple of times before, but sitting down (again, I don’t just sit down to listen to music! Sometimes I even have a nice little walk!) and paying proper attention to it really opened my eyes to what an incredible debut it is. Though it’s basically an adapted version of a DIY cassette, its distinctive sound is really professional and well recorded, and the songs themselves are fully-formed statements by a band who know what the fuck they’re about. Everything Right is Wrong Again is a legitimate contender for best opener on a debut ever, and it summarises everything that the band is about. It’s a mission statement and a litmus test; a song that, based on your reaction, tells you whether or not this’ll be your new favourite band. Linnell’s distinctive nasal vocals, the prominent drums machine patterns and a huge array of synthesised instruments underneath (is that a fucking harpsichord??) all tie together to make a pop song that sounds nothing like any other pop song around at the time. The lyrics on the opening track touch on a common theme for TMBG, that things feel out of step, and that confusion and even pain are weird damn things to deal with. I mean, take a look at the lyrics. It’s pretty unusual that such a fun and bizarro song would contain lyrics as precise as “The healing doesn’t stop the feeling” and “Everything right is wrong again, every movement false, every four is waltz again”. 

TMBG are demonstrating that as silly and playful as they might get, they write real songs that sometimes touch on very real ideas and feelings. And then they have songs called Toddler Hiway that describes a highway of toddlers that leads to Toys R Us. Their ability to mix the astute with the absurd is unique in that they often do it at the same time. Whereas a more traditional band might have a track alternation of serious song - silly song - serious song - silly song, this album blends the two so idiosyncratically that it creates a flavour unlike any other. All their serious songs sound silly, and all their silly songs sound serious. The album takes musical influence from all over the place which results in tracks that boil over with the enthusiasm of two very smart music-buffs who know how to use their inspirations. Number Three has a bluegrass rhythm to go with its self-referential storytelling (”I got two songs in me, and I just wrote the third”), while Alienation’s For The Rich has a country swing to complement its lamenting lyrics. And while these influences are never repeated in a straight forward manner, they also are more than parodies or pastiches of a genre. They’re influences that are put on a conveyer belt and processed through a strange and beautiful machine that mashes them up, flips them upside down and releases them as strange mirror images of themselves. What makes the difference is the skill the Johns have as songwriters, and how intelligently they use references and influences. 

And so, accordions and harpsichords don’t feel parodic, or “how weird ARE WE”, but instead complementary tools used to build very specific little worlds. It might seem strange to start the song Youth Culture Killed My Dog with a James Bond riff (fittingly, TMBG would years later write Dr Evil’s Theme for Austin Powers) but it all gives off a mood, a vibe, and sometimes a good fucking laugh. The album feels like the Johns are saying “Look, this is the music we have to make. It has to have silly skits, it has to be ridiculous, because that’s what we care about.” Or as Flansburgh says in Put Your Hands Inside the Puppet Head: “Memo to myself: do the dumb things I gotta do”. 

The album is built on smart absurdity, a kind of dadaist desire to reveal the strangeness of its characters, and of the music itself. Youth Culture Killed my Dog seems to parody the conservative’s public to youth and counter cultures:

Bacharach and David used to write his favorite songs

Never, never, never would he worry/he’d just run and fetch the ball

But the hip hop and the white funk just blew away my puppy’s mind”.

They seem to be tackling the topic of music itself, and the expectations on what music is and should be. They subvert this by making music that doesn’t sound like what traditional pop music is supposed to sound like. You could call it experimental, but the Johns seem to know exactly what they’re doing. They’re art school weirdos who mercifully don’t take themselves too seriously, and instead have a post-punk, Talking Heads-esque idea of deconstruction and why-the-hell-not attitude. And like Talking Heads, aside from all the oddness and whimsy, what TMBG sound like on this album is a really, really good alternative rock band. Their guitars sounds consistently excellent; Don’t Let’s Start in particular has a great surfer-y guitar sound in the verses that sounds like PixiesHere Comes Your Man (but a few years before that song was released), and She’s An Angel, which is the loveliest track on the album, has gorgeous, almost slide-like guitars giving a wonderful texture to the song. And songs like Don’t Let’s Start and (She Was A) Hotel Detective speak to the fact that as well as being a niche, cult item, the Johns create songs that are indisputable alternative classics. The songs might not be as well known as the Blue Mondays and Killing Moons of their era, but they are just as important, clever and classic.

This album makes it clear that the Johns probably won’t go on to be the biggest rock stars on the planet, but it does make it clear that they are truly worthy of their cult status and their passionate fan base, and that they have a hell of a lot in them to look forward to. It’s an album that, if you’d heard it in 1986, you would’ve rooted for it. You would’ve gone up to your friends who liked Devo and Oingo Boingo and told them to please listen to this. You would’ve attended their shows and bought cassettes and written reviews, like the one i’m inspired to write now. The album connects to me in an immediate sense, the songs instantly working their way into my ears and heart. They’re songs that i’m always happy to hear, and to instantly incorporate into my life. Songs that I want to live with. What I mean by that is, there are songs that are always swirling around in my head, so that when something even tangentially connected to them is mentioned, the songs barge their way to the front of my brain. Someone on TV a couple of days ago said “Not to put too fine a point on it”, and I instinctively said “Say i’m the only bee in your bonnet”. Because that’s who TMBG are for those who love them: a band that are constantly right there, dancing around in your head and giving you a wealth of songs, lines and tunes to enjoy. 

And as an album, there really is no better example of their talents and their personality. It’s a surprisingly cohesive set of songs, the 19 of them flying by in just 38 minutes (they do have a lot in common with punk!). It strikes a good, even balance that spreads the tentpole tracks across the two sides, and though there are shorter songs that really are goof offs, they don’t feel like filler. It’s not like they’re saying “shit, we need to throw a 25 second a-cappella about a toddler highway in there to pad the album out”, they’re just giving you sort of…bonuses? Little treats, really. The album would be full enough without them, they’re just the weirdo icing on the cake. If the singles on the album are the equivalent of a comedian doing a longer monologue, then the shorter tracks are one-liners, and having both means you’re spoiled for choice.  A lesser band trying that might not be able to hold your attention for so long, but the Johns do it effortlessly. I kind of think of them and this album as Pee-Wee Herman: Self aware, subversive, a little anarchic, but also completely warm hearted. The kind of thing that those who love it, really deeply love it.

It’s hard to imagine them breaking the mainstream, but looking at the few videos they produced from this album, they begin to make a bit more sense. Because as goofy, nerdy and joyful as they are in these videos, they’re also really fucking cool.

They look like the art-school weirdos that they are, but the kind that like to have lots of fun and make fart jokes. In the Don’t Lets Start video, Linnell is dressed sharply in black and has his hair long and floppy, and he instantly looks like a dweeby counter-culture hero. They dance like David Byrne and seem to be having the most fun of any band in any video. In the Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head video, they look like Tears for Fears letting loose with an accordion, which sounds like the uncoolest thing ever, but The Johns pull it off. It’s their enthusiasm and sweetness that sells it.

(She Was A) Hotel Detective has some great vintage Nick-At-Night vibes which (pardon the pun) illustrates their playful style, which is interspersed with self-mocking clips of the Johns playing, with the word “MUSIC” hanging behind them.

Please, if you haven’t seen them and if you get a few minutes, watch these videos. There are not many examples this good of such pure joy and fun. And there aren’t many bands who have music videos that feel like such an accurate extension of their ideals, and it’s in these that you can start to see how they carved out their niche. 

Seeing this play on MTV would’ve been eye and ear catching to say the least, and though it might’ve made many ask “what the fuck is this”, there had to be those people in between who this connected with. And it turned out, there are a lot of those people, and they are now the TMBG fan base, as passionate and excited today as ever. TMBG don’t necessarily speak for them, but they speak to them. The Pink Album says it loud and clear “be weird, have fun, feel things, do the dumb thing you gotta do”.

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Which do you think are the worst art styles of Sonic X?

A few years back, I actually made a fairly in-depth topic over at the Sonic Stadium’s message board specifically about Sonic X’s differing art styles. I still think the style that episode 47 is (In)famous for amongst X fans is the worst. But here it is in full;

Chances are, if you’ve viewed quite a few Sonic X episodes, you’ll notice that throughout it’s run it had wildly varying animation and drawing styles.

Each style is so distinctive that it is very easy to spot which animators did which episodes. This topic was created to elaborate on the different animation/drawing styles used throughout the series’ run and to pinpoint which animators did which episodes.

First off, let’s start with the positive. Too few episodes had on-model, decently well drawn scenes and characters but when they did pop up, they stood out from the other episodes for all the right reasons;

The characters are well-proportioned, on-model and expressive and conform to the model sheets very closely. The animation is also quite fluid. This animation style was utilized in;

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 20
  • Episode 26
  • Episode 32
  • Episode 38
  • Episode 44
  • Episode 52
  • Episode 63
  • Episode 67
  • Episode 78

Unfortunately, those episodes are the only ones that can be honestly said to contain quality. Now, we’ll start looking into the ugly side of Sonic X’s animation. And good god is there a lot of it!

Next, let’s look at the animation style I personally like to label as the “Mutant Sonic” style.

Ewww….wrongly-shaped eyes, off-center nose, too pointed where it connects to his muzzle and his eyes are not joined when they are closed as well as a mouth that’s just too small and horribly drawn quills. Sonic is the biggest victim of this animation style, he’s FAR UGLIER than other characters when this style in utilized in episodes.

This animation style was utilized in;

  • Episode 48
  • Episode 54
  • Episode 59
  • Episode 64
  • Episode 69
  • Episode 74

Next up, we have the “Stoned” animation style.

The irises and pupils look unfocused and not proportional to the rest of eye. This gives the characters an overall look of being spaced-out and distant. Arms tend to be too straight and too short and hands, ears and feet tend to be undersized.

Overall a horrible style. This style was utilized in;

  • Episode 25
  • Episode 28
  • Episode 36
  • Episode 42
  • Episode 60

Next up - “Lines on irises” style

I personally call this the “Lines on irises” style because from all of my observances, no other animator(s) puts lines on the characters irises. This is probably the worst animation style IMO as characters tend to look too “chunky” (Just take a look at poor Sonic in the top-center image). Characters tend to have oversized, thick noses and odd expressions and overall poor proportioning.

This style was utilized in;

  • Episode 24
  • Episode 31
  • Episode 39
  • Episode 47

“Cartoony-er style” is the animation style I like to call the following.

I personally think that this style makes the characters look zanier. Their eyes are oversized and their mouths tend to be larger than average, drawn distinctly differently than other styles. It’s expressive (Sonic tends to look happier than usual) and a distinctive feature of this particular style is that Knuckles is very frequently drawn with pointed teeth teeth. but overall it’s definately off-model compared to the “best” style featured at the top of this post.

This style was utilized in;

  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 14

Next up is the style I label as the “Angry characters” style;

Got a bee in your bonnet Sonic? The distinctive thing about this style is that Sonic, Shadow’s and Knuckles’ brows tend to be constantly furrowed and the irises and pupils are never too far from the brows themselves. Characters in this style are inclined to have hard expressions, making them look irritated, accusatory and even downright angry even when they aren’t. Animation concerning the hands often depict them balled up or more expressive than X’s other styles, adding onto the impression of attitude. Sonic’s, Amy’s and Shadow’s ears tended to have a curve, adding onto the overall impression of hardness.

This style was utilized in;

  • Episode 6
  • Episode 16
  • Episode 33
  • Episode 34
  • Episode 50
  • Episode 58
  • Episode 65

The “exaggerated cuteness” style

Featuring huge irises, large bangs, little mouths and in the case of Eggman, a big snoz with comparatively small glasses and a big mouth. This makes the characters look more childish than usual.

This style is utilized in;

  • Episode 56
  • Episode 62
  • Episode 66
  • Episode 71
  • Episode 76

The “toothless” style;

Overly thin bodies, very expressive hands but mildly expressive eyes but the mouths are the most striking part. They tend to be big and teeth are never shown unless a character is really struggling or something.

This style was utilized in;

  • Episode 15
  • Episode 17
  • Episode 19
  • Episode 21
  • Episode 29
  • Episode 45
When You Say It Like That...

Dedicated to my girls, @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms and @paintrider13-blog and at least part of what I hope we will be doing in 90 days!!

Word Count: 927

Warnings: Language, drinking, implied smut

Pairing: Rob x Me, Jared x Ana, Jensen x Megs

Let’s all assume for the sake of fiction that ALL parties involved are single. 

Written for Kari’s @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 2017 and the prompt will be bold “It’s 8:30, I have a hangover and you’re annoying me.” 

It was hot outside, but it was beautiful. The first truly nice Spring day in Minneapolis and my girlfriends and I were taking full advantage of it. My deck faced the bright sun and all three of us were soaking up the rays. Megs and I were lounging in the zero gravity chairs, while Ana opted for a towel in the grass.

 “Ang? You need another?” Megan called as she rose from her chair.

 “Yeah, thanks Babe,” I called out as she walked through the sliding glass door into the kitchen. It was a quick walk to the ‘cocktail fridge.’

 “Where the fuck you been?!” I called to her as she walked back out several minutes later.

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Devil's Train
The Lab Rats

Within the foggy distance I saw a silhouette that got bigger as I stepped
The train tracks were wet, I saw a shiny grin from afar like it was happy
This is what he said as he started to walk passed me

It’s a nice night for a walk, would ya mind if I joined you?”

Do what you wanna do”

Well that’s great cause I’m going to
And not to annoy you but see I really have to ask
What a young dude like you’s doin out by the tracks? You waiting on a traaain?

Nah man let me explain
I’m mindin’ my business so maybe you should do the same
I just been a witness to something sick and sadistic
So twistedly disgusting you should feel real lucky you missed it.”

Ooh easy with the tongue son, try to listen carefully
What you seen’s scary but nothing when compared to me
I could show you things that paint all your dreams haunted
I could make you scream if I wanted
Or I can be the bee in your bonnet, your best-friend forever
Two peas in a pod flocking like birds of a feather
And you never have a need to beg, work, or steal
If all this sounds worth it then lets make a deal
All you want in life for the price of your soul
All the money you can fold, power that you can hold
I’ll put you in control, only if you’re down to roll down these train tracks tonight.”

But where we gonna go?”


I knitted a pair of items for the bakerstreetbabes’s Daintest Bee Under Your Bonnet Charity Ball, taking place this Thursday in New York City. Tickets can still be grabbed from People should go! Dressing up all pretty with other Sherlockians! And getting to support a fantastic cause! 

Thanks to professorfonz for the use of her cowl pattern.

I’m your only friend
I’m not your only friend
But I’m a little glowing friend
But really I’m not actually your friend
But I am

Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch
Who watches over you
Make a little birdhouse in your soul
Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul

I have a secret to tell
From my electrical well
It’s a simple message and I’m leaving out the whistles and bells
So the room must listen to me
Filibuster vigilantly
My name is blue canary one note* spelled l-i-t-e
My story’s infinite
Like the Longines Symphonette it doesn’t rest

Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch
Who watches over you
Make a little birdhouse in your soul
Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul

I’m your only friend
I’m not your only friend
But I’m a little glowing friend
But really I’m not actually your friend
But I am

There’s a picture opposite me
Of my primitive ancestry
Which stood on rocky shores and kept the beaches shipwreck free
Though I respect that a lot
I’d be fired if that were my job
After killing Jason off and countless screaming Argonauts
Bluebird of friendliness
Like guardian angels its always near

Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch
Who watches over you
Make a little birdhouse in your soul
Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul

(and while you’re at it
Keep the nightlight on inside the
Birdhouse in your soul)

Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul

Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch (and while you’re at it)
Who watches over you (keep the nightlight on inside the)
Make a little birdhouse in your soul (birdhouse in your soul)

Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul

Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch (and while you’re at it)
Who watches over you (keep the nightlight on inside the)
Make a little birdhouse in your soul (birdhouse in your soul)

Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul

—  Birdhouse in your Soul by They Might be Giants
A Bee in His Bonnet

Written for the @dwsmutfest prompt: a bee in the bonnet.

This fic came about after a conversation with @beth51276 about what possible motivations Rose had for telling Mickey that she’d go to a hotel with him - right outside the TARDIS. 

There are two different kinds of smut. There’s making love, and then there’s FHDF - filthy hot dirty fucking. This is the latter. 

Nine/Rose, rated E, 3255 words, beta’d by @tenroseforeverandever, but all the mistakes are mine.

read it on ao3!


They boarded the TARDIS after waving goodbye to the Raxicoricofallipitorians, and Rose was glad. She was exhausted - it had been a long, trying day in more than one way.

The Doctor started the dematerialization sequence, hopping around the console. She just watched him, fascinated as she always was with his movements. But they were different this time. There was less fluidity, more jabbing of buttons, jerking of levers.

He seemed distracted, angry, and Rose barely had a chance to wonder on that before she had to grab on to the railing to keep from being knocked over by the lurching of the ship. Once they were in the Vortex, the Doctor remained at the console, fiddling with a knob, glowering at it.

Jack yawned beside her, stretching his arms above his head. “Well! I’m dog-tired. This has been quite a day! Think I’ll go try to catch forty winks.”

Rose hugged him. “Goodnight, Jack,” she told him. “And thank you.”

“Night, Rosie.” He placed a gentle kiss to her forehead. “Glad you’re alive.”

She grinned. “Me, too.”

“Night, Doctor!” Jack waved as he walked by the console.

The Doctor’s only acknowledgement was a lazy toss of his hand in Jack’s general direction.

Rose watched him fiddling with the console for a minute as she heard the footsteps dwindling down the hallway. He didn’t look up at her and his jaw was clenched.

“Bee in your bonnet?” she asked, keeping her voice light.

“Go to bed, Rose.”

Her eyebrows flew up. “Ordering me about now, are you?”

He still didn’t look at her. “It’s been a long day. You need your rest.”

She bristled. “You don’t tell me what I need or don’t need.”

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Say I'm the Only Bee in Your Bonnet
A Gravity Falls "Friends Forever AU" mix, in which Ford meets Bill instead at a very early age...turning his family, mentality, and childhood completely upside down. Each song's perspective/speaker is noted in the annotations!

The Friends Forever AU mix is finally done!  Thanks to everybody who sent in song suggestions, and thanks so much to @taccoman for letting me use this fantastic cover art!

I hope you all enjoy the playlist!