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These two beauties are up for sale on my Etsy shop! 

Image description:

{ Image 1: There is a watercolor painting of a bee. Above the bee there is a  light blue ribbon that says “DONT BEE” and below the bee, a similar blue ribbon that says “ A JERK”. The ribbon and the corners of the paper have small purple flowers around it. The painting has a white background and the painting is sitting in a light blue tablecloth.

Image 2: There is a water color painting of mint green ribbon that zig zags across the whole piece of paper. The part of the ribbon in the middle says “PROUDLY AUTISTIC”. The ribbon is surrounded by small pink flowers. The painting has a white background and the painting is sitting in a light blue tablecloth.}

headcanon: Poe loves puns. he’s totally the kind of person who would laugh at his own dad jokes. everyone at the Resistance has pretty much had it with them, but sometimes (”hey, Finn. knock knock.” *heavy sigh* “who’s there?” “olive.” “olive who?” “olive you!” *cue dorky grin* “you’re impossible.” “but?” “… olive you too.”) … Finn doesn’t mind so much. “is Bee Bee hungry? no, Bee Bee ate!” didn’t go over very well with BB-8, though. (cue a series of annoyed beeps that translate to something like, “I’m a droid I don’t consume food, dumbass!”)

[Photo of flower with bee in the center. White text surrounds it as followed.]

cling to the past
and footprint-
it over my
we can dance
together at
the wrong
time and still
make change

anonymous asked:

i read something about how when nicky first started in the nhl the trainers were worried about his weight, so imagine: nicky worrying that his body is too soft and unattractive, and that ovi won't want him if he's not thin. he tries to shed weight and just ends up working himself too hard, because after all, its just his body type and there isnt much he can do to change it. he feels incredibly dejected after this realization, and kind of resigns himself to never being sexy enough for ovi (1/2)

ovi notices nicky’s change in mood and eventually he gets it out of nicky that hes feeling self conscious about his body. and ovi is having NONE of that, because he will NOT let the love of his life think he’s not good enough. so he takes nicky to bed and kisses every part of him that he’s self conscious about, making sure he knows that he is the sexiest thing ovi has ever seen. i jst wanna end this by saying that soft boys are the best & one of my fav things abt nicky is that hes soft. (2/2)


my heart is hurting