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“What! This is unacceptable! The sample garment doesn’t match at all! All you had to do was follow a pattern, imbecile. What am I supposed to do? The show is in three days!”

-Gabriel Agreste || Episode 24, Volpina || On the phone while looking though the Miraculous book.

Miraculous Fashion? Who knows?

I uploaded photos of these when I first drew them, but my scanner finally returned from war so i thought I would scan them and repost ‘em. (But for some reason they turned out really blurry and my photos of them from my crap phone look nicer???)

For all the fanfic writers that haven’t made it so Chat points out Marinette’s cats rather than her Adrien magazine clippings.
Because you know he would.


Okay so the panel just ended and from what I’ve gathered with twitter and my in-the-spot sources (@nana-princess). , here are the news:
-Adrien will learn to make cookies with the Dupain-Chengs
-Thomas’ favorite episode is not in Season1
-Christie Vee’s favorite scene is the Umbrella Scene
-We’ll learn what happened with DJWifi while they were caged in the Animan comic
-Rumor to be confirmed, but Adrien will have conpetition, apparently
-The Bee Holder is a girl
-Three new miraculous holders will appear in S2
-Hawkmoth will get a sidekick
-Adrien/Chat Noir will get a solo comic
-Not clear yet, but he will meet miraculous holders in said comic. Also, to be confirmed, but there might be interactions with other zag universe characters, a.k.a. Pixie Girl characters.
-Comics about previous miraculous holders
-We will find out what happened to Adrien’s mom. (not really news tho)
-Gabriel’s VA said that Adrien is not allowed to play Pokemon Go and the fandom is getting a kick outta that.

This has been a PSA keep tuned for more.


A helpful anon who happened to be at the panel helped me deepen some of the info:

-The “adrien learns to bake cookies” thing was more meant as a joke, in response to the question “Will Adrien ever get those cookies?!” (I still have my fingers crossed though!)
-The cage thing with Nino and Alya will be part of the new comics
-There are two different sets of comics, the ones based off the screenshots and a new set, which apparently contains 4 volumes/series and quite possibly will include different art. These new comics take place in different locations: Paris, China, America, and various parts of the world as they tell the story of LB and CN in Paris, Adrien’s story in America, the China one, well, we can hypothesize that it might be a companion to the Shanghai special, plus they will tell the story of historical miraculous wielders (note: historical as in previous holders, not actual historical figures)
-Rest appeased, Adrien’s “competition” was very vague and more meant along the lines of “maybe some jealousy” and might have more to do with the new comics. So hey, good news for those who ship NathxMarinette, maybe?
-Debunked tweet: 3 new wielders aren’t confirmed, rather they confirmed they will be showing the real fox miraculous. They also showed a picture of the bee. And since we know Mama Agreste will play a significant role in the next seasons, that might be the logic behind the reasoning for “three wielders next season” (fox, bee, and peacock).
-Also debunked: Adrien will NOT meet these wielders in his comic, but Ladybug and Chat Noir will meet other heroes, which is where the Pixie Girl meets Chat Noir theory is stemming from (Since Adrien will be going to America and Pixie Girl apparently takes place in New York). 


Just some Chloenette love square things

- queen bee calls ladybug “my queen” and Marinette “honey” (once. by accident. not at all intentionally. yup.)

- she’s always bringing ladybug flowers

- Marinette got to fly with her once when queen bee spotted her before she could transform to fight an akuma

- ever since then ladybug always makes up bullshit excuses to patrol with her and hopefully get to fly again (chat and volpina are totes jelly)

- Chloé is too tired from superheroing to really bother antagonizing anyone anymore, especially once she has to start cleaning up her own messes

- (she kind of admires Mari for never getting akumatized because of her, since she was always especially nasty to her)

- Marinette just sort of assumes that Chloé had a change of heart and isn’t that admirable she’s so much cuter when she’s not being an asshole oh no I’m gay for my nemesis

- ladybug goes out of her way to thank Chloé for not akumatizing anyone and Chloé is half thrilled half ashamed

- ladybug notices that Chloé doesn’t cling to her anymore (NOT THAT SHE MISSES IT OR ANYTHING) and realizes once she stops seeing her as lb that she misses that side of Chloé

- she starts showing up randomly giving and obviously fake reasons and Chloé is just like “SHIT she’s onto me”

- she’s not

- she’s just gay

- queen bee REALLY likes mari’s rooftop garden

- Marinette will sometimes find her just napping near the flowers

- (the real attraction is Marinette’s scent but queen bee would rather kiss hawkmoth than admit it)

- Marinette is like “SHIT she’s onto me”

- she’s not

- she’s just gay

  • Marinette: You're so dramatic!
  • Chat, with a rose between his lips, throwing glitter around, dressed in evening wear during the day, draping himself across a piano: I have no idea what you're talking about Princess

Can we talk a little about the Miraculouses and the Wu Xing? Because I think there’s a potential connection here that people aren’t really exploring.

The Wu Xing cycle is one of both generation and destruction, which means that each element can give way to another element (Earth > Metal > Water > Wood > Fire) and yet can also be destroyed by an opposing element (Fire > Metal > Wood > Earth > Water)

The above is the closest guess I can wager as to which miraculous represents which element, mostly based on the fact that Water is the Element of Fluidity and Change, which suits the Butterfly and Nooroo’s power, and Earth is the Element of Stability and Discipline, which seems to describe Wayzz pretty well. 

If I’m right then that means the alignment basically goes as follows-

Butterfly- Water
Represents- Change/Creativity
Empowers- Wood/Fox
Overpowers- Fire/Bee

Fox- Wood
Represents- Growth/Exploration
Empowers- Fire/Bee
Overpowers- Earth/Turtle

Bee- Fire
Represents- Passion/Energy
Empowers- Earth/Turtle
Overpowers- Metal/Peacock

Turtle- Earth
Represents- Stability/Discipline
Empowers- Metal/Peacock
Overpowers- Water/Butterfly

Peacock- Metal
Represents- Determination/Self-Reliance
Empowers- Water/Butterfly
Overpowers- Wood/Fox

And another thing to understand is that each of these five element possesses within it the capability to be either yin or yang. Even yin and yang themselves have elements of one another in them, which is how we get an unlucky clumsy bakery girl blessed with loving friends and family and a famous boy from beauty, wealth and prestige who spends his days alone and isolated.

or, in regards to the Miraculouses themselves we get ‘Yang’, or Transformations for Light;

and ‘Yin,’ the Transformations for Darkness;

And any miraculous is equally capable of making one or the other, depending on who wields it. 

Just a little something to chew on while we wait for season 2.

Soooo this is the header I did for the Miraculous: Legendary Defender thingy we are doing- Btw, Ladybug’s design was made by @ninnani, thanks a lot ninna <3

ML Requests: A Very Pregnant Marinette

Requested by: Anon

In which Marinette and Adrien are married and she is pregnant but doesn’t quite know how to tell him.

Thank you for all your lovely requests, I’m always happy to see them no matter how many you’ve sent in :)

Marinette was pacing in their bedroom holding the pregnancy test. What was she going to tell Adrien? They had been married a few years but this was a big deal. A very very big deal. Every time they had talked about kids it had been a short conversation where Adrien had said he just wasn’t ready. And rightfully so, they were still young after all and he hadn’t exactly had the best parenting examples to follow. Mother who had ran out on him, and workaholic super villain father didn’t exactly say parents of the year. Marinette knew he would be home any minute. She had lied and said she wasn’t feeling well that morning to avoid going into work. Then she claimed that some last minute designs needed to be brought to the office and asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking them in for her. While he was out Marinette had bought a pregnancy test and well….

She didn’t know what to do. She had to tell him but how? She couldn’t put off telling him for very long after all he would be suspicious when Marinette refused to go out as Ladybug or when she started showing through her red and black skin tight suit. It was unavoidable. She had to tell him, and soon. But what would she say? What would he do? What would they do? Marinette didn’t want to give the kid up, she was already stupidly attached. Marinette sank onto their bed and put her head in her hands. This was such a mess. Marinette pulled herself off the bed and threw the pregnancy test in the trashcan. She had to tell him damn it. What was he going to say? Would he be disappointed? Tears pricked the back of Marinette’s eyes threatening to spill over at any second.

“Hey Bugaboo, I’m home! How are you feeling?” Adrien smiled as he walked into their room. He was as bright and happy as ever. Marinette turned to face him. Instantly Adrien’s face fell into one of concern. “Marinette are you okay?” He rushed over to her resting his hands on her shoulders.

“Adrien,” Marinette bit her lip not sure where to begin, “I’m so sorry,” She mumbled hanging her head.

“Marinette what’s wrong?” He asked gently. He carefully cupped her face with one hand forcing her to look up into his caring green eyes. Marinette took a deep breath.

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Okay but just imagine Chloé’s backstory possibly being something along the lines of this:

  • She was actually a good kid, maybe a little spoiled but still good, possibly only growing up with her father already
  • Her father was probably already a successful politician if not already mayor so he kind of bought her all these cool toys because he loves his daughter immensely
  • Chloé trying to make friends and inviting them over only to have them be more interested in all these toys and just ignoring her (obviously not Adrien but I don’t remember when they were childhood friends, this would probably be after they stopped hanging out??? Idk)
  • Chloé becoming more and more hesitant to get to know other kids because they only want to play with her toys not actually play with her
  • She becomes more and more frustrated because all she wants is a friend, and Adrien doesn’t count because she has a crush on him, and besides she probably wants girl friends too
  • Chloé eventually grows wary of everyone, not wanting to let them in because barely anyone has ever showed any interest in HER, people are usually more interested in things she has, and later, her status as the mayor’s daughter
  • People start thinking of her as a bitch and she notices but what can she do, no one wants to be with her for HER in the first place
  • So she starts being the bitch everyone already thinks she is because no one ever wanted to be with her in the first place, why not stop caring?
  • And when it gets to present time, she has just gotten sooo frustrated that she has to bribe people to be her friend, and the only friend she ever had has started to distance himself, and she’s so jealous of people like Marinette because everyone just likes her, no one cares about Marinette not being rich, they all like her for her unlike Chloé
  • And Chloé is too scared to shed this bitch image, because it’s the only thing that’s kept her from being hurt in the past, and no one’s going to believe she has changed and she will be even more hurt
  • And she’s just so lonely

(I’m not trying to justify her behaviour in any way, I dislike her immensely too but I kind of hope she has a reason for being the way she is, call this wishful thinking)

And can y’all imagine if she gets the Bee miraculous, how happy she will be to start afresh and maybe become friends with Ladybug and Chat Noir! Ladybug who she has always looked up to because she’s everything she’s not! She would have actual friends who wouldn’t care less if she was the mayor’s daughter! She’d be like a little child again, excited to meet people! Kind of like how Chat Noir was in the beginning

Or on the other hand, if Hawkmoth gave her the Bee miraculous, she could so easily be manipulated. 

“I’m your only friend Queen Bee”

“Stay with me and I promise you’ll never be lonely again”

And Chloé just accepting it because he’s right, she has no other friend, no one cares for her and it doesn’t matter what she does, because no one ever will.

Serendipitous Fate Marathon

Originally posted by ladynoir-aka-life

As most of you know, we’ve finally reached the finale of Serendipitous Fate Part 2. To celebrate this exciting event (it’s exciting for me, anyway), I’m going to be posting the full chapters to tumblr as a sort of marathon run from October 1 to October 20. Much like television shows will marathon their season right before the end. 

Why? Well, one, because I’ll be finishing the equivalent of two epic length books, and that’s something I know I can be proud of. Secondly, we’ve just reached over 260,000 words for the entirety of Serendipitous Fate. That’s a lot of words! And a lot of things that get forgotten–especially with how long it sometimes takes for me to get chapters out. 

The marathon is to refresh everyone’s memory so that when a lot of things come together in the finale, we’re all on the same page. Plus, I’m super pumped for chapter’s 21 and 22 and I want all of you guys to be too! I want this to be fun and exciting! I want to make it a fun event for everyone! All those who want to participate anyway. After all, these kids have come a long way and there’s still so far to go! So why not track the journey that got us all the way here ;D 

And if you guys do want to participate, feel free to leave comments on the chapters! Telling me your favorite parts, your least favorite parts, what was good and what could have been done better! Or, if you have questions, now’s the time to send them in! I’ll try to remain prompt about answering them! Just remember, I won’t spoil anything yet to come ;D 

One chapter will be posted per day at approximately 9pm Eastern Standard Time, October 1st through October 20th. All of which will lead up to the finale!

Contents/Schedule (with eventual links as added) 

Book One

Oct. 1 - Chapter 1: The First Hurdle 

Oct. 2 - Chapter 2: New Beginnings and Old Habits  

Oct. 3 - Chapter 3: Bumps in the Road

Oct. 4 - Chapter 4: True and False 

Oct. 5 - Chapter 5: A Real Gift

Oct. 6 - Chapter 6: Bruises, Fractures, and Swollen Lips

Oct. 7 - Chapter 7: This Repeating Uncertainty 

Oct. 8 - Chapter 8: Trouble in Paradise 

Oct. 9 - Chapter 9: The Incoming Fog

Oct. 10 - Chapter 10: Serendipity 

Book Two

Oct. 11 - Chapter 1: All These New Rules

Oct. 12 - Chapter 2: Truth and Metaphors 

Oct. 13 - Chapter 3: Paved With Good Intentions 

Oct. 14 - Chapter 4: The Importance of Splitting Hairs

Oct. 15 - Chapter 5: Faults and Virtues of Fear

Oct. 16 - Chapter 6: When in Doubt

Oct. 17 - Chapter 7: Calm Before the Storm

Oct. 18 - Chapter 8: Do We Get What We Deserve?

Oct. 19 - Chapter 9: Questions Without Answers `

Oct. 20 - Chapter 10: Run Me Like a River

Oct. 21 - Chapter 11: Fate Pt. 1 

Oct. 28 - Chapter 12: Fate Pt. 2

If you haven’t read Serendipitous Fate yet and were thinking about it, now’s the perfect time! A chapter a day doesn’t seem nearly as overwhelming as the whole thing, right? You think you know some other people who might like it? Get them reading too! Let’s all count down to the finale together! 

And, of course, if you want to read the whole thing, the entirety of Serendipitous Fate can be found on AO3. 

Serendipitous Fate - Word Count 260,102

Adrien is excited to reveal his true identity, while Marinette is terrified. But Master Fu says they can’t afford to be distant any longer. Chat Noir and Ladybug are meant to work in tandem both in and out of uniform, their strength stemming from the bond created between them. Yet, teenagers are sometimes better at dancing blind than running with wide open eyes, even with the steps laid out before them.

Steps in the path of an expanding world. Apart, they’ll flounder. But together, they might just stand a chance.

Rated Mature

As well as posting the full chapters to tumblr, I’ll be reblogging all the awesome fanart people have created for the story. Depending on the subject matter, it will either be at random or in correlation with the chapters the art was created for! 


Banner Schedule 

Oct. 21 - Deadline

Oct. 22 - Voting Begins

Oct. 27 - Voting Ends

Oct. 28 - Winners Announced


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Commission for my dear friend @blairdiggory!
She wanted our main friend group dressed as various characters from Miraculous Ladybug! I took some creative liberty with some of our outfits, (particularly the Peacock. Took inspiration from some examples I’d seen)

  1. Me as Ladybug
  2. @xyaqurr as Chat Noir
  3. a Tumblrless friend as Volpina
  4. @floradoree as the Bee Miraculous Holder
  5. @secret-waffle as Hawkmoth
  6. @blairdiggory as the Peacock Miraculous Holder