bee crystal

It’s a Guppy Life!

Guys I made an art!!!???? This is a collab with @cynicallyneutral who drew the crystals, honey, bees and spoon & the main guppy which is gonna be on the other side of this pleather card wallet!!!!! I designed the graphics & slapped the shit together and i’m really proud of it x___x we will be posting the product up once it’s made (there will be 13) but  i really wanted to share a peek!!!!

I can see rn that web CMYK has fucked things up already but i am too tired to care rn omg. 

please go tell @cynicallyneutral how awesome she is. 

Honeycomb with larvae, with lady’s mantel, motherwort, and crystal based on the idea that “flowers are strongly influenced by Venus, the planet associated with love and fertility. As bees collect the nectar these cosmic influences become part of the bee colony and its honey. … When stored in the bees’ honey sack it becomes infused with astral forces.” 🌑✨🌟🌸🐝🍯 by Pony Reinhardt in Portland, OR.  IG: freeorgy

Witchy Art Challenge Day 1: A witchsona

This is sorta close to what I look like? And why no shoes? I have a love hate relationship with them. I would be that witch that goes around to all the kids and show them little tricks to keep the magic alive in their hearts. (I’m also trying out a new brush and I think I’m keeping it)

This is for the 31 Day Witchy Art Challenge by @modernwitchesdaily​! Here’s the 31 day lineup


Are There Any More Side Quests (Extended) - Bee and Puppycat

yes ok so im having a rough day so here’s some cute raoul de chagny hcs

  •  yes ok but he is so gentle and so pure. like he loves plants and crystals and bees and handwritten letters. like every time he goes to christine’s he always hides a letter somewhere in her apartment and she is always super delighted to find it
  • he’s autistic therefore he struggles with communication and it gives him really bad anxiety??? so in order to keep himself calm he holds a locket with a lock of his mother’s hair in it
  • he has the cheesiest music taste ever and it’s all over the place. like he loves 50s music, Hannah Montana, NSYNC, Pussycat Dolls, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, and any weird hip hop music. he dances around his room and sings “Don’t Cha” at the top of his lungs and jams out to “It’s Gonna Be Me” in his car but his favorite song is “Hang on Little Tomato” by Pink Martini
  • he has a very large variety of journals
  • he loves the outdoors and he often goes on picnics with christine
  • around his room he has so many pictures and polaroids of  memories. him and philippe on christmas eve at age 7, him and christine playing in the sand on the beach when they were children, christine walking in the street lights. he loves taking pictures and most of them have sweet captions and all have dates. christine and philippe beg him to take them down because raoul these are so old! i look terrible! but he keeps the up regardless because they make him so happy
  • he always buys his sweaters like two sizes big because christine likes to sleep in them
  • he’s like 5′1 and christine is 5′5 and he still insists on being the big spoon
  • cries so often hes too small
  • someone please save him
  • no one loves christine’s voice more than him. on his bad nights he crawls into her lap and listens to her sweet voice until his tired eyes close
  • demiboy, demisexual, biromantic bean
  • just raoul being his lovable self and cherishing everything because hes a dork and not some abusive asshole like the fandom make him out to be