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Tumblrrr I have failed you!

I forgot to mention I’m having an Etsy shop update today, April 2nd, going live at 12 pm central time.

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All that being said I miss my days of Tumblr scrolling so I need to spend a day here with wine and icecream and enjoy all the feelz of what I’d have to say is still the best social media platform.


Bugaria’s pretty big. By bug standards, at least. That’s why the Ant kingdom, with the help of some worms, has taken it upon themselves to build tunnels connecting the land.

That’s right, this is our fast travel area - The Ant Mines! At least that’s the PR given by the Queen.

In truth, the whole project started as a small effort to find more of the shining crystals you can see. The big blue crystal in the middle shoots up, decorating one of the Ant Palace’s rooms!

 The mines are full of different characters that are all invested in reaching a certain part of the world. Although at the start of the game, most areas are closed off, there is a method for you to speed up the tunnel’s progress…!?

 We don’t want to show everything here today, but we’re hoping that even the fast travel area will be a memorable place with characters you care about a tiny bee bit.

 Happy exploring!

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Honeycomb with larvae, with lady’s mantel, motherwort, and crystal based on the idea that “flowers are strongly influenced by Venus, the planet associated with love and fertility. As bees collect the nectar these cosmic influences become part of the bee colony and its honey. … When stored in the bees’ honey sack it becomes infused with astral forces.” 🌑✨🌟🌸🐝🍯 by Pony Reinhardt in Portland, OR.  IG: freeorgy

It’s a Guppy Life!

Guys I made an art!!!???? This is a collab with @cynicallyneutral who drew the crystals, honey, bees and spoon & the main guppy which is gonna be on the other side of this pleather card wallet!!!!! I designed the graphics & slapped the shit together and i’m really proud of it x___x we will be posting the product up once it’s made (there will be 13) but  i really wanted to share a peek!!!!

I can see rn that web CMYK has fucked things up already but i am too tired to care rn omg. 

please go tell @cynicallyneutral how awesome she is.