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ML Rare Pair Exchange

In case you missed it, I participated in the rare pair exchange hosted by @miraculousexchange and wrote a fic for AO3 user dofensphinx (idk your tumblr if you have one sorry!) (edit: tumblr is blackshucksighted won’t let me tag for whatever reason) Be sure to read all of the fics written for this exchange cause I think everyone did an amazing job! But here is my entry, it’s some Chlonette fluff/humor, and I hope you enjoy it! ^^

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Just For You

“Remind me again why I agreed to do this?” Marinette sighed, examining herself in the mirror. She adjusted her yellow and black mask and tugged her pony tail tighter as Chloe emerged from the bathroom in her Ladybug costume.

“Because I asked you, silly.” Her girlfriend smirked, brushing her nose with her finger.

“But why do I have to be Queen Bee?” Mari folded her arms over her chest, pursing her lips while Chloe fixed her hair.

“Because I’m always Ladybug, and Sabrina has the Chat Noir suit,” She explained, cupping her face and pressing their foreheads together, bringing a slight blush to Marinette’s cheeks. “And you look cute. Now, let’s go. MAURICE!”

Chloe’s butler appeared around the corner, fitted with a dark mask of his own, and Chloe placed her hands on her hips with a wide grin. She was so into this, and Marinette pressed her lips into a firm line to keep herself from laughing. Never in her life could she have guessed Chloe was this big of a dork, but honestly it was amusing to watch. She only wished she didn’t have to participate.

“Your name is Dr. Evil-” Marinette snorted at the name, but Chloe rolled her eyes and continued, “And you’ve captured Queen Bee in your evil lair so Ladybug has to come in and rescue her.”

“Why do I have to play the damsel in distress?” Marinette grumbled as Chloe tied her hands behind her back with a scarf.

“Because Ladybug is always the hero,” Chloe chided, gently directing her to sit on the floor against the wall.

“Queen Bee is a hero too, ya know,” She said pointedly, and Chloe felt her cheeks warm slightly. She smiled down at her partner and leaned in to nuzzle her nose with her own.

“Just play along, for me?” She cooed, and Marinette glared grumpily in the other direction.

“Okay,” She caved, and Chloe straightened up excitedly, rushing to the door.

“And…ACTION!” She called, pulling the door closed.

“I’ve got you now, Queen Bee, there’s no way out. Give me your Miraculous,” Maurice recited stiffly, gesturing half-heartedly.

“Never,” Marinette replied with equal enthusiasm. “My partner, Ladybug, will surely save me.”

“Did someone call for moi?” Chloe called, kicking open the door and rushing in, yoyo spinning at her side.

“Ladybug! You found my secret lair. Curses.” Maurice leaned his head back defeatedly.

“Ladybug, thank goodness you’re here,” Marinette said, throwing in a relieved sigh for added effect.

“Don’t worry your beautiful little head about it, my precious bee. I’ll take care of this villain and set you free in no time!” Chloe posed proudly, and Marinette bit back a smile.

“Kay,” She snickered.

As silly as she thought it was, Marinette had to admit that it was pretty cute watching Chloe throw fake punches and shout out corny puns. Her girlfriend was such an adorable little dork, and Marinette couldn’t hide the affection in her eyes when Chloe “defeated” Dr. Evil and rushed to her side. She untied Marinette’s hands and pulled her into her arms, holding her tightly.

“Are you alright, my love?” She murmured in her ear, pulling back and pressing her nose to Marinette’s with a warm smile.

“Better now that you’re here,” Marinette giggled, stretching up to steal a quick kiss. “Thanks for saving me.”

“Anytime,” Chloe winked. “Oh no! I used my Lucky Charm, and I’ve only got one spot left! Now you’ll see my true identity!” Chloe pulled off her mask and tossed it aside. “It’s me!”

“You’re such a dork,” Marinette leaned her head back and laughed before pulling Chloe in and peppering her cheek with soft kisses causing her to squeal in delight.

“Maurice, we’re done now, you can leave.” She ordered, waving him away.

The butler removed his mask and bowed politely before pacing back through the front door, pulling it shut behind him. Chloe turned back to Marinette, running her fingers through her hair gently before leaning in for another kiss that Marinette welcomed.

“You know, you look really cute as Ladybug too,” She whispered against her lips, and Chloe grinned.

“Thanks for playing with me while Sabrina is sick,” She said sweetly, snuggling against her side, and Marinette wrapped her arms around her with a playful sigh.

“Anything for you.”

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scenario of Rid Bumblebee being really overprotective?

Bumblebee (Transformers: RiD15)

“Are you crazy! You could’ve gotten hurt,” Bumblebee yelled, making you wince. When Decepticons had attacked, he told you to hide with the humans and Fix-it. You almost did, but when Bumblebee was on the ground, you acted without thinking.

You had thrown a rock at the offending Con, drawing his attention to you. Bumblebee barely stopped him from capturing you.

“Bee, I-” “No! It’s one thing when it’s Minicons- which I don’t want you doing at all- but trying to take on a full-on Decepticon?” You frowned, looking down as he ranted.

“I wasn’t trying to fight him, I was trying to get him away from you!” “[Y/N], I can handle myself- what I can’t handle is you getting injured on my watch!” You stood up, growling slightly.

“I can’t handle you getting hurt either, Bumblebee!” “Even if I got stepped on by a Con, I’d be fine. If /you/ did, you’d…” He paused, sighing. He sat down in front of you, offering his hand. When you stood on it, he picked you up.

“I’m sorry, I just… can’t stand the idea of you getting hurt. Promise me you’ll be more careful.” You smiled slightly, leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek.

“I can’t promise that.” He sighed.

Damian Abernathy Bio

Damian Abernathy


Birth : March 22nd

Age :30

Born in Scottland

Wand : Fir wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12" and unyielding flexibility

Ilvemorny house :Horned Serpent

Family: Pureblood

Had 2 children named Fiona and Eric.

Previous wife Helena Broshinsky died by Grindelwald hands.

Back years before the wizarding war he was an Auror. After the war he retired after beeing captured by Fanatics,forced to see his wife raped and killed by Grindelwald himself.

As of now he is the boss of the wand permit office and works in macusa as an employee. He can do little Wandlessmagic yet was never able to performe it perfectly and fully

Supervisor of both Goldstein sisters

Bee-eater - as the name suggests eats large proportion of their diet made up of bees and wasps. Unusual characteristics of the Bee-eater are the tendency of in-flight prey capture instead of land or perch based static bee or insect hunting. The captured bee or wasp gets slammed against the nearby wood or branch to get rid for the stinger and drain venom. 

Being Theon’s younger sister would include...

  • visiting him in winterfell from time to time
  • him telling you stories from the north and the things he has seen here
  • you telling him what is going on at home
  • begging Ned to let him come home even if it’s only for a visit
  • Theon and Robb showing you around the castle and the forest
  • Theon being really protective of you because your his little sister and he always took care of you when you were young
  • a lot of arguing with your father and sister because they treat him like an outsider when he arrives back at the iron islands
  • showing Theon the iron islands and everything that has changed
  • wanting him to stay home and not go back
  • you and Yara trying to rescue him together when he’s beeing captured by Ramsay

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As a certified Sasuke Stan could you tell me what Sasuke did, like, wrong? There's that scene in next gen where Sasuke is like orochimaru I can't believe you're not locked up and oro is like you should be too. But how on earth has Sasuke done anything on par with him? He captured bee and killed danzo? That's it? And only one of those things can be held against him? He doesn't deserve this.

[[ This is subjective, but although they are different crimes, both, within the naruto universe, aka “not my opinion”, usually warrant the person being locked up. I don’t agree with the reasons they would want Sasuke locked up, and frankly, the Leaf Village needs to kiss Sasuke’s ass for the genocide of his clan, they can’t for a second think Sasuke owes them anything.

But we’re operating on the village’s and villager’s logic, not mine. 

Say, a person commits a robbery, and another commits a murder. Both of those are punishable  by jail time. Even though they are different crimes. 

When Sasuke mentions to Orochimaru that he should be locked up, he means for the crimes he knows about. Kidnapping, experimentation, betraying his village, attacking his village, killing the Third, etc. All of these crimes within Naruto’s context easily constitute jail time and even execution. 

When Orochimaru mentions that Sasuke should also be locked up, he definitely means the crimes that other people think Sasuke should be in jail for. He abandoned his village (seen as being a traitor), joined up with Orochimaru (a known traitor), joined Akatsuki and worked with them, attacked a village and tried to kill its Jinchuuriki, and threatened war against the Leaf Village. Danzo was never outed as the person who orchestrated the massacre, so sadly, killing Danzo is counted against Sasuke. 

Orochimaru and Sasuke haven’t done the same types of things, no…but the universe still considers those crimes punishable by jail. In chapter 627, Kakashi mentions Sasuke is a nuke-nin. The punishment for Nuke-nin is automatically death. This is all used to say Sasuke should be incredibly grateful he hasn’t been killed or imprisoned. 

I also recommend reading this post. ]]

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I'm curious... What do you think about Sasuke's character, in writing? I asked this same question /quite/ a while ago on a different blog even, and I still remember your answer (You said he was a mess) - But my curiosity is making me wonder if there's anything on your mind that has changed? With the whole turn back to the good side (though who knows if it's just temporary) and the whole Imma be Hokage thing, I was thinking. I think he just gets worse with everything he does, personally

Still a mess.

The problem remains. Kishimoto seems unable to make up his mind about which side he wants him on. He wants him “good” enough so his redemption doesn’t look forced (that ship has sailed imo) but he wants him “evil” enough to keep people guessing and imo so Naruto can beat his ass in a final fight.

Sasuke’s growth when part 1 started was natural. He was a jerface but you could see his heart of gold underneath:

- protecting his teammates in a mission

- almost dying after taking a lethal hit meant for Naruto

- complimenting Sakura on her genjutsu skills

- not being a shit 24/7

Then he gets his curse seal and starts acting more like a jerk but he still has his moments like when he said he didn’t want his precious people to die again (Gaara fight, where he urged Naruto to escape with Sakura so they wouldn’t get hurt)

Finally Itachi gets his hands on him again and he is horrible to Naruto,  Sakura and Kakashi. But then he leaves and thanks Sakura and then can’t bring himself to kill Naruto.

Here’s where we can say Sasuke has made terrible choices but a redemption is not only possible, it is expected.

The first thing Sasuke does when he appears in part 2 is attack his teammates. Ok, Kishi can handwave that by saying he wasn’t trying to kill them and it was all an act to make Orochimaru believe he didn’t care about them. So far I can buy it.

Then he meets Taka and you can see the old Sasuke in their interactions. He doesn’t hit to kill and tells Suigetsu not to harm people. We’re still good.

Then he fights Itachi. And that’s when Kishimoto makes the big mistake imo.

First of all Itachi’s plan sucked balls. If your intention is to make your baby bro a hero after he kills you thinking you were The Worst, you don’t leave him in a perfect position for the Big Bad - that even you couldn’t outgambit - to take advantage of him.

Second, Naruto’s team should have found Sasuke at this point and started his redemption there. It would have been more organic if it was done slowly instead of the inevitable Jesus no Jutsu I’m 99% sure Sasuke is gonna get shoved down his throat sooner rather than later.

So Sasuke finds out about the massacre from the dude who admits had a part in it, doesn’t really question it and decides that everybody in Konoha deserves to die. Then he tries to capture Killer Bee knowing he’s an innocent man and Akatsuki is gonna kill him. This is the point of no return. The last glimmer of hope was him saving Taka while thinking about Team 7.

Then the Kage arc happens, where he abandons Suigetsu/Juugo and almost kills Karin when an arc ago he almost died trying to save them. Then he almost kills Sakura twice and tries to kill Kakashi. The only thing he did in that bloody arc that made sense was ask Naruto why the fuck he’s so obsessed with him.

Then he gets his brother’s eyes yada yada and meets Zombietachi. Even if they don’t really address the problems with Itachi’s fail plans, it seems he has a change of heart… so he goes and revives Orochimaru and talks with the Kage and… is that Sasuke changing his mind and wanting to protect Konoha? Is he joining the battle against Madara? He wants to be Hokage (wat)? Is this real life? Fanta Sea?

… Nah here’s Kishimoto giving you hints Sasuke still wants to kill Naruto, not caring if people die, being impressed with Sakura’s progress one second, treating her badly the next and being the worst possible candidate for Hokage since Orochimaru.

The wild bee colony from our old oak swarms one spring day...

This beautiful, unkempt old property we moved into here in LA, overrun with avocados and naked ladies, had a bee colony in the the King of the Garden, a huge oak.  We had seen them going about their business for ages and never thought much of it until a friend one day suggested we might try a capture.  I thought that seemed like a pretty violent thing to do to some naturally happy bees, so I didn’t pursue.  However, I got the number for the neighborhood bee guy which I then put in the back of a drawer.  Fast forward to a February afternoon (early spring here in the Garden of Edendale) when I came down the steps under the oak and saw this football shaped swarm hanging off the trunk of our little Persian mulberry.  I rang the bee wrangler, the wonderful Kirk of Backyard Beekeeping, and he was here within the hour.  He arrived, put down a box full of honey and natural wax, and gently suggested they check out a new pad with all mod cons.  Within the hour they had chosen to walk into the box, queen and all, and we were set up to begin beekeeping.  

He told me I must wait to see if I saw them flying in and out with pollen on their legs (making brood) as that was a sign they had set up shop and weren’t just camping out for a little bit.


“this handheld vacuum with a telescoping nozzle uses a patented mechanical suction system to capture bugs without getting close to them.
requiring no electrical power, a pleated plastic bellows at the vacuum’s bottom compresses by hand and locks in place automatically with a spring-loaded mechanism.
a press of the button trigger expands the bellows instantly to generate 10X the suction of battery-powered vacuums, capturing flies, bees, spiders, and other insects through a one-way trap door in the nozzle into a removable isolation chamber that allows bugs to be dumped outdoors.
the vacuum’s expandable tube places the nozzle’s tip 16-¾” to 23" from a user’s thumb on the button trigger.“