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I was reading your rendition of Just Hold On, (which was simply marvelous), and I wondered. Sweet Creature was made shortly after Harry's birthday. And the letter of SOTT, also passes a message that is to hold. Do you think these songs have any relation? It's hard to think of coincidences when it comes to Harry and Louis.


I had some vague thoughts about the relationship between JHO and SOTT, and this question forced me to focus my thoughts. So here they are. 

Previously, I had talked about JHO as a song of affirmation and reassurance following Jay’s death. But JHO is also a love song, as the music video showed us. Not merely a love song, but a love song with pointed references to Harry and Louis (the jacket colors, the baseball cap/ fedora, the first meeting in a concert and then meeting later outside of the concert, the travel to multiple music venues around the world, the love that is not only intoxicating but domestic and ends in marriage).

SOTT also has pointed references to Jay. Harry says in his Rolling Stone interview, “The song is written from a point of view as if a mother was giving birth to a child and there’s a complication. The mother is told, ‘The child is fine, but you’re not going to make it.’ The mother has five minutes to tell the child, ‘Go forth and conquer.‘”

I had sort of dismissed this quote, but after reading this post, I could be convinced of the song as a description of Jay’s wish for her child’s career to blossom– as a way of saying good-bye, but also giving her blessing to her child. The child’s “birth” is the career coming to fruition.

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Could you give me some examples of Harry using Louis for promo?? The idea of it leaves a bad taste in my mouth

Well, the bee tattoo for one. No matter what revisionist Larries want to claim, the bee tattoo was never about Steve’s comments. It was always, since 2015, about the end of babygate.

Babygate hasn’t ended and Harry has a bee tattoo.

The milkshake tweet timing was rather convenient

He also keeps releasing things on dates related to 28

There are a lot more ways Harry is using Louis according to popular/loud Larries. I have chosen to ignore more of them because I don’t think it’s cute or funny, but here’s an incomplete list:

-Getting an R, a bee and a bible tattoo in a row to represent RBB.
-Writing Kiwi about babygate
-Writing SOTT about Jay

And here’s a way I think he’s catering to Larries.

-Wearing rainbow pins “in private” and then taking them off in public, putting them on his guitar strap in private and taking them off in public, wearing a custom rainbow coat/jacket (that he shares with his new shipmate, Mitch) in private and taking it off in public

Here’s a somewhat related post you might find interesting.

I used to think Harry was acting in a subversive manner. The bee tattoo and the milkshake tweet both changed that entirely for me. I truly don’t understand how this fandom can embrace the bee tattoo as a good thing. I still haven’t had anyone explain it to me, either. I’ve gotten excuses, that it’s about Steve. But that’s all that is. An excuse so the person can ignore what Harry’s actually doing.

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I saw a l*rrie post saying that since Harry's r, bee, and bible tattoos are in a row they stand for rbb (rainbowbears)... they actually believe... that


I feel like not enough people mention how Barry brings up “Bejesus” as an actual person. There is literally a Bee Jesus in the Bee Movie verse. Meaning there’s probably an entire Bee Bible story with Bee Prophets, Bee Christianity and possibly a Bee Pope (bope?).