bee bible

Bee Jesus

  • Just like. A bee on a cross.
  • His miracle is turning water into honey.
  • The flower is my body, broken for you.
  • The honey is my blood, poured out for you
  • Do this in remembrance of Bee.
  • He has a crown of stingers
  • He takes 5 specks of pollen and feeds the whole hive
  • Mary Magnolia
  • His fav. disciple is Beeter, the pollenfisherman
  • His dad Joseph was a carpenter bee
  • Judas was a hornet
  • The good book is called the Beeble
how to deal with anon hate
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  • “what, you egg?” 
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I was reading your rendition of Just Hold On, (which was simply marvelous), and I wondered. Sweet Creature was made shortly after Harry's birthday. And the letter of SOTT, also passes a message that is to hold. Do you think these songs have any relation? It's hard to think of coincidences when it comes to Harry and Louis.


I had some vague thoughts about the relationship between JHO and SOTT, and this question forced me to focus my thoughts. So here they are. 

Previously, I had talked about JHO as a song of affirmation and reassurance following Jay’s death. But JHO is also a love song, as the music video showed us. Not merely a love song, but a love song with pointed references to Harry and Louis (the jacket colors, the baseball cap/ fedora, the first meeting in a concert and then meeting later outside of the concert, the travel to multiple music venues around the world, the love that is not only intoxicating but domestic and ends in marriage).

SOTT also has pointed references to Jay. Harry says in his Rolling Stone interview, “The song is written from a point of view as if a mother was giving birth to a child and there’s a complication. The mother is told, ‘The child is fine, but you’re not going to make it.’ The mother has five minutes to tell the child, ‘Go forth and conquer.‘”

I had sort of dismissed this quote, but after reading this post, I could be convinced of the song as a description of Jay’s wish for her child’s career to blossom– as a way of saying good-bye, but also giving her blessing to her child. The child’s “birth” is the career coming to fruition.

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cant wait til ur a fuckn big shot tv star and when im wathcing u win emmys n shit i can say i was a fan sincw u were posting homestuck and bee movie and the bible memes

obligatory “dont get ur hopes up bc that was exactly 1 audition adn there were a million cute teenage girls there, also i have very little experience” 

anyways who wants an autographed print of my face so they can sell it for wicked profit after i blow up and take over the world?

I feel like not enough people mention how Barry brings up “Bejesus” as an actual person. There is literally a Bee Jesus in the Bee Movie verse. Meaning there’s probably an entire Bee Bible story with Bee Prophets, Bee Christianity and possibly a Bee Pope (bope?).

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Omg nasama ako sa team bible quiz bee magiging makadyos ako hindi ko naman pinangarap maging ganun magiging malinis ako ahhhh omg im burning ahhh!!! (Hahahahha)

sus hahahaha banal