bee a

girls were bees. gentle and soft but got known for their stingers. hopelessly working while nobody noticed; got yelled at for just doing their job. girl were doing their best and still got swatted out of the air like they were a pest. they got caught in glass jars until they suffocated. nobody looked twice when the bees were dying. nobody looks twice when it’s girls that are dying. somebody promises we’ll have robot bees soon and it’s a great idea. but did you know that bees dance, did you know they sing, did you know that they’re loyal and focused on community. you ever see a girl dance. this is what i mean.

‘Till I finally died which started the whole world living.
…oh, if I’d only seen that the joke was on me.

“I got so angry, after work I immediately went to Starbucks to get a frappuccino” is probably the most sorority thing I’ve said in my life and it’s also probably something Kent Parson has said

Kwamis in LFP


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Bee kwami (Beea)

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(bonus) “Naagaa”

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