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Could you do a scene where human Bee can't talk because of an accident and Knockout tries to talk to him but fails???

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what you meant by this but I still liked the idea and went with it, it’s not the most polished but still I hope you like it!

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One day Geno wakes up cuddled around his husband but Sid feels different, less twunky and more twinky, he opens his eyes to find de-aged 18 year old Sid sleeping in his arms and he's just so confused

Oh my GOD “less twunky and more twinky” is such a good phrase and also does sid retain his memories or is this a time travel thing?? Like both could be so good, can you imagine if Sidney either time traveled-swapped or didn’t retain memories of his older self, so he’s squirming in Geno’s arms and kissing his jaw with his eyes closed as he says, “Jack, we have to wake up soon”

And Geno is like: who jack

When Sidney opens his eyes, he stares at geno up and down like a frightened deer. “Um. Who are you?”

Geno: “….your husband.” Then he REALLY wakes up and says, “Sid ! You so young?? What the fuck??”
Sid: “I’m young?? Who are YOU?? Why are you so old???!”

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Do you know other writers too like saved-by-notepad, itsallavengers, akira-of-the-twilight, tsukichibi, reioka or bloodybeetea? or are you one of them o.O because i like you all

Hey! :) sadly no, i’m not any of those blogs. and i also don’t know them, if you know what i mean.

But i love them! seriously i follow them all with my other blog and i adore their stories. i think they are all really talented and i’m glad you think so, too! So thank you for saying you like this blog here as well! x

( @saved-by-the-notepad, @itsallavengers, @akira-of-the-twilight, @tsuki-chibi, @reioka and @bloody-bee-tea look what this lovely anon says about you! :D)