bee box

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I'd just like to thank you for the best humanformer Bee i've ever seen. He's so cute with the blonde tuff of hair and dimples but he also has the body type that Bee actually has! He's really hot 10/10! I would follow his lead

let’s hear it for the boy

  • John: [hands Sherlock a bee-shaped box of chocolates]
  • Happy Valentine's Day, Honeybee. I love you. See you after work!
  • Sherlock: [much blinking]
  • John: [returns from work to find 12 dozen roses, 5 boxes of chocolates, 20 heart shaped balloons, 3 stuffed teddy bears, and 1 bedsheet-wrapped Consulting Detective in the living room] What?
  • Sherlock: That just sort of...happened.