Checklist for age regressors who are scared at nights
  • <p> <b></b> ☾ Sippy Cub/ Bottle<p/><b></b> ☾ Paci<p/><b></b> ☾ 3+ Pillows<p/><b></b> ☾ Favorite cuddle Blankie + some others<p/><b></b> ☾ Stuffie(s)<p/><b></b> ☾ Night Light<p/><b></b> ☾ Kids Movie/Show/Music/Story Just anything with noise so the silence dissapeares<p/><b></b> ☾ Favorite Jumpers<p/><b></b> ☾ A book to read<p/><b></b> ☾ Potty before you go to bed<p/><b></b> ☾ Comfort toy<p/></p>
  • 《Do not interact if NSFW, 18+ Or anti age regression》
Bed Time

Daddy: Ok, princess, time to sleep.

Me: No, daddy, I want to stay up. *rubs eyes*

Daddy: Baby girl, you’re sleepy and so am i.

Me: But daddy, I wanna keep talking to you.

Daddy: Ok, what do you wanna talk about?

Me: Nothing, I sleepy. *snuggles up* Goodnight, daddy 😘