bedtime talks

  • Steven, age sixteen, during his 'rebellious phase': "YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO OR WHEN TO GO TO BED! I'M LITERALLY MY OWN MOM!"
  • Also Steven, dragging a blanket up the stairs to his bed: "And what kind of mom would I be if I didn't enforce my bedtime? Goodnight everybody I love you."
Some people say that you know you love someone if you start thinking about a future with them. But I think that if you really love someone you don’t think about the future at all. I think that how much you like someone is directly related to how little you think about any kinds of consequences. Like if I really like you and I’m having fun with you at a bar, I won’t even think about how hungover I’m going to be at work the next day or what my friends are going to say about you. Some people take it so far that they get tattoos of their girlfriends, or take the fall for their boyfriends drugs, or follow their significant other to college. And some people will stay up 4 hours past their bedtime talking to you the night before their LSAT. The point is that when we care about someone enough, we sometimes don’t think. We don’t think about tomorrow, or next week, and we definitely don’t think about 3 years from now. And maybe it’s better that way because maybe in the future we’re married or maybe I’m crying over you on the kitchen floor. The beauty is that in that moment, we don’t know and it doesn’t matter.

Choco Bunny’s Rules for Littles without Caregivers

● Don’t Hurt Yourself or Others.
You are wonderful and precious, you’re special and there’s no one else in the world like you! Please don’t hurt yourself. There’s only one you. You’re a special celebration. Don’t give yourself ouchies. I can’t be there to give them kissies. And don’t hurt others. You’re a good Little, aren’t you? Only meanies hurt others on purpose.

● Sweets No More Than 3 Times A Day
Sweets are good, but too many are bad for Littles. You could get an upset tummy, and crash hard after having too much. Remember you can have other sweet things like dried fruits, yogurt and juices! Cookies, candies, and ice cream  should be eaten sparingly. But it’s okay to have some!

● Brush Your Teeth Every Morning and Night
This one might be hard to remember, but it’s important to keep your bright happy smile as pretty as possible. Because I love it when you smile, and you should feel proud to show me how well your cleaned your little toothies.

● Bathies Every Other Night
This one may be hard to do. I know it feels like hard work to drag yourself into the shower, but remember how good and clean and nice you feel afterwards. Make it  fun with lots of bubbles and bath crayons, or take it when you have trouble sleeping. You won’t get punished too much if you miss this one, but try to reward yourself instead. Save one of your sweets for after your bath so you can have something to look forward too!

● Take Your Medicines
Pills, vitamins, insulin shots, whatever you need to stay safe and healthy make sure you do it. I love you very much, and I would be sad if my precious Little got hurt from not remembering to take their medicines. Try and keep a sticker chart to help you remember, or flip your bottle upside down once you’ve taken it, in case you forget if you have or not.

● Tell Your Plushies Good Morning and Good Night
You know while you’re waiting for someone to take care of you, you take care of your plushies. Having someone to tell good morning and good night to can make you feel warmer and happier. It helps start your day off happy, and winds  you down for sleepy times. Plus your plushies are always happy to hear you talk to them. Give them lots of kissies too.

● Bedtime is No Later Than 11:00pm || 23:00
No pouting or talking back. Bedtime is bedtime. Sleep is very important for a growing Little like you. Bedtime is safe time, get warm and cozy with all your blankies, make a nest of pillows and plushies. If you need me too, I will read you a bedtime story. But you need to make sure you get your sleep Little One, understand?

● Talk to Someone if You Feel Sad or Unsafe
If you start to feel more sad than usual, if Little Space on your own doesn’t help make those loud bad thoughts go away, talk to someone. Talk to other Littles, talk to a Sitter or Foster, talk to Me. I will be here for you to blow those thoughts far away an assure you how much your loved, and how your Space is a good safe space. If anyone makes you feel bad or uncomfortable block them. You don’t owe them a single explanation, your safety comes first. Always.

● Remember I Love You to the Moon and Back
I love you, Little One. I love you more than there are stars and space multiplied by the grains of sand on every beach. I love your sleepy yawns, and grumpy pouts. I love you wrapped up in blankets or splashing in the bath. I love you when you worry that you’re being clingy and needy, because you’re not. It makes me so happy to feel needed by you. I love you, Little One. I love you so much. Follow the rules and take care of yourself. Understood?

- Ayru

SHINee taking you to a movie


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  •  Would walk in to the cinema holding your hand like ‘yeah, she’s my girlfriend, isn’t she beautiful?’
  • Gets a huge box of popcorn and chomps on it more and more as the movie gets climactic 
  • The clumsy man would probably accidentally spill his drink on himself
  • And maybe trip on the way out
  • Has his arm around you for the whole movie and attacks you with cute cheek and nose kisses
  • Won’t shut up about the film for the whole night
  • Makes everyone jealous as he twirls you around and carries you on his shoulders going home
  • “Jagi, I had such a good time with you! I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else! Can we go every weekend baby, please?!” 


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  • Will see whatever you want to see as you’re his princess
  • Most likely to do something naughty in the cinema 
  • Like you’ll most definitely feel his hand running up your thigh
  • We all know he’ll be a crier if he see’s a sad movie
  • Calls you babe/baby in front of everyone
  • He won’t stop playing with his hair
  • Everyone will be like ‘who the hell is laughing like that?’ at the funny parts because everyone knows what Key’s laugh is like
  • He’s the type to stay until the credits end just in case anything else happens
  • He’ll probably miss half of the movie because of him kissing you 
  • “We can see whatever you want babe, anything that makes you happy. You are by Princess after all.”


Originally posted by dreamerwithbigeyes

  • He’ll hold your hand but blush the whole way through getting your tickets because of it
  • Before the movie starts he’ll gather up the courage to tell you how pretty you look
  • He’ll miss half of the movie by going to the toilet 24/7 
  • Secretly wants to do something naughty in the cinema but is too shy to initiate it
  • He’ll hold your hand and rub yours with his thumb instead 
  • Asks you questions during the movie like you know what’s gonna happen
  • He’ll probably be asked to be quiet by the people behind you cause he’ll be chatty as hell
  • He’s the type to hear ‘enjoy the movie’ and say ‘you too’ to the assistant
  • “So is she going to to choose the bad guy or the good guy then? Oh yeah, you don’t know. Sorry baby, I’ll try to be quiet.”


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  • Carries your bag for you in to the cinema
  • Doesn’t know what food to get so he gets one of everything
  • Will keep pointing out what’s happening in the film to make sure you understand in an accidentally condescending way
  • He’ll find a reason to cry at a film
  • Yet he’ll still feel good enough to kiss your neck and whisper what he wants to do to you afterwards in the darkness
  • He loves it when you rest your head on his shoulder
  • Wants to feed you sweets and crisps like it’s a picnic
  • You’ll catch him gazing at you just to see your reaction the the film
  • He’ll clap at the end of the film if he enjoyed it for some reason 
  • “I hope you know that just because I’m being a good boy here, doesn’t mean I won’t be doing some very bad stuff with you when we get home, baby girl.” 


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  • Minho would beg you to let him watch the sport themed movie
  • But being the softie he is, he’ll watch whatever you decide and at least pretend to be in to it
  • He’s the type to secretly enjoy a chick flick
  • Starts a mini popcorn throwing fight during the film
  • As for skinship, he’d rather take you in to the toilets for a quickie over starting something he can’t finish in public
  • Minho would have all the girls staring at him, even if they were in a relationship too
  • He’ll wait until you’re in bed cuddling to ask you what you thought about the movie and that’ll be your cute bedtime talk before sleeping
  • “Yah, baby, I have to admit it got me a bit teary. I mean when they kissed after all that time! I love spending quality time with you.” 
The Promise

Title: The Promise (Mechanic!Dean x Reader, Best Friends AU). Part 1.

Summary: When Dean Winchester was a little kid, he met a girl that would change his life. So, he stood by her through thick and thin and every time people asked him what home was to him all he could think of was her beautiful smile and her big, bright eyes and the sound of her laughter. Because, like Melville used to say, his home was not down in any map. True places never are.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Mary and John Winchester (mentioned), Sam Winchester, Benny Laffite, Leslie (OFC, only mentioned), Lisa Braeden

Word count: 7217 (I know, I know, it’s a monster fic but I hope it’s worth it)

Warnings: Language. Lots of fluff. Angst. Divorche, mentions of an almost-fatal car accident and drunk driving, death of a parent. Kid Dean (trust me that should be a warning). Lots of feels. 

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @luci-in-trenchcoats ‘s 2K Follower Challenge. Michelle, congratulations on your milestone, you deserve it so much! Thank you for organizing this and for letting me participate. I had tons of fun writing this.

Now into the fic, my prompt was “ We’ll figure it out. We always do.” and it is included in the text below in bold. (This is an AU, written entirely from Dean’s POV and hopefully they’ll be more parts.) 

Enjoy everyone!

Dean was five years old when he met the girl that would change his life. Of course, he was too young to know it then, but that didn’t stop Lady Luck from working her magic.

Everything started at the playground just a few blocks away from his house. The little Y/H/C girl was there again that morning, just like the last two times, jumping off the swing like she could fly, but Dean didn’t want to leave his mum and his brother alone to go talk to her. So, he stayed away, stealing glances every now and then, until another boy, older than him and plainly mean, shoved her off the swing and made her fall flat on her butt.

The girl gasped in surprise, her bottom lip wobbling and Dean knew he had to do something about it because he hated seeing girls cry; it reminded him of that time his parents spent the entire night fighting, and of the next morning, when his mother’s eyes were red and puffy and he had to hug her and tell her that joke about the stick being brown and sticky to make her laugh.

So, the green-eyed boy walked to that annoying kid, told him to leave her alone and when he didn’t listen and made fun of her again, Dean punched him so hard that his stupid Pokemon hat flew off and his whole face turned red.

A few seconds later, Stupid Hat was leaving with his tail between his legs and Dean was turning towards the girl that looked like a scared little bird, her big Y/E/C eyes wide open.

“Are you okay?” he implored, taking a step forward.

She nodded solemnly and looked down on the ground.

“Are you going to be mean to me like he was?” she asked.

Dean shook his head.

“No. He was an idiot. Here, give me your hand.” He said and she obeyed, smiled shyly at him.

She was kind of cute.

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Rule List {Updated}

Here is our updated rule, rewards, and punishment list. There are quiet a lot of rules, but I really REALLY love having lots of rules. Enjoy!


  1.  Never act up in public
  2.  Make sure you take your medicine on time
  3. Always ask permission to spend over $20
  4.  Never talk back to daddy
  5.  Week bedtime is 10:30 {Unless daddy says otherwise}
  6.  Weekend bedtime is 12:30 {unless daddy says otherwise}
  7.  Never use sharp objects unless you ask daddy first
  8.  No means no.
  9.  Have homework done before bedtime
  10.  Never talk/interact with a guy/girl daddy dislikes. He doesn’t like them for a reason. 
  11.  Don’t use foul language. Princesses don’t curse, do they?
  12.  Always let daddy approve an outfit
  13.  Daddy knows best
  14.  When going out, wait for daddy to open doors
  15.  Always hold daddys hand in public and stay close to him
  16.  No self-harm. Respect your body.
  17.  Always be honest with daddy
  18.  6+ more hours of sleep
  19.  Always be up before 1 pm
  20.  Drink water everyday
  21.  No junk food after 10 pm
  22.  Always have your paci in when possible 
  23.  Never tell daddy you hate him
  24.  Always say please and thank you
  25.  Address daddy as; daddy, dada, sir, master, etc
  26.  Tell daddy good morning/night
  27.  Make sure to eat 3 meals a day
  28.  Brush your teeth twice a day
  29.  No dirty room!
  30.  Show daddy all your pretty pictures
  31.  No texting and driving!
  32.  Always ask for cummies
  33.  During events, stay near daddy
  34.  Always hold daddys hand crossing the street


  1. Spankings
  2. Writing lines
  3. Time out
  4. Grounding {No coloring book, no phone, etc}
  5. Mouth washed out with soap 
  6. No juice


  1. New coloring book
  2. Play-dough
  3. Glitter pens
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. New sippy cup
  6. Cute plates, bowls, etc
  7. Key chains
  8. Meal at your favorite restaurant 
  9. Toys

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*twists arm* do it do it!!!

Bedtime in the Swan-Jones house was rarely a quiet affair. The daughter of the Savior and Captain Hook had an abundance of both charm and stubbornness that often made Emma want to use a sleeping spell. Tonight she had been in fine form and Emma had given up and left Killian to deal with it. It was a half-hour later when she checked on them and though her daughter was snuggled into her father’s arms she was still very much awake.

“Daddy tell me the selkie story,” she said without a hint of a yawn.

Killian chuckled. “Again? Haven’t you heard it enough?” 

But Emma knew that she could never get enough of that story and Killian knew it too because he gave a sigh and began to speak. Emma leaned against the doorframe and let the soft, deep voice of her husband wash over her. 

Once upon a time in a rich kingdom there was a humble shack on the shores of the sea and in that shack there lived two boys and the mother they loved dearly. Their father was a sailor and though his wages paid for their home he was so rarely there that the boys thought of him as almost a visitor. A man who appeared bearing gifts and stories only to disappear a few days later before the sun had risen. 

Despite their father’s absence the boys were happy, they loved their mother, their home, and the sea. They lived a golden childhood and their happiness was only marred by those days when their mother would become melancholy. Her eyes would stay fixed on the sea and she would sigh as tears dropped from her eyes. On those days the oldest son, would tame his curly hair and put on his best clothing and go into town to buy food and sweetmeats, while the younger son would go out in search of some treasure that would make her smile…..

See I am doing the thing! That’s a rough start at least. Hopefully I will get time tomorrow to finish and polish it up. 

One of the themes I find myself very drawn to, (to the surprise of no one) is love.

Not romantic/domestic well-established familiar love, nor even amazing-energy new-relationship love, though I do enjoy writing, feeling, and thinking about both of those.

The kind of love I’m thinking of is almost a courtly love. An unrequited love, even, though not in the typical ‘friendzone’ (which I will argue strenuously is not love but possession, and is ugly) or the fandom trope ‘they are both pining away for each other and will totally get together and bone at the end of the story’ type of love.

It is a love that needs no requiting, because it is enough in itself. It is the love that says ‘let me hold you up, to see you shine’. It is a love that says ‘it is enough that I know you are happy’.

To get fandom-y about it, it is the love of Eliot Spencer for the rest of the Leverage crew. Eliot, who will place himself between his dysfunctional chosen family and danger, no matter the cost. Eliot, who swears he will watch Nate’s back all the way down when Nate’s drinking becomes a problem. It is the love of Dwalin for Thorin. Dwalin, who loves his king with all his warrior heart. Who will follow him to face dragons, who loves him enough to confront him with tears in his eyes when he is not himself. Who will break when his king falls.

And this love is true, and there, whether they are lovers or not.

It is a beautiful love, which is not to say it cannot be a terrible love. Any love can be. This love can be twisted. It can be turned so easily to a love that subsumes the desires of the one who bears it. ‘I live only for you’, ‘I only want what you want’, ‘I would do anything for you (no matter how wrong or morally repellent)’.

Maybe I find it so compelling because it lies so close to the line. It is a fascinating concept to explore - whether in characters that fall on the good side, the bad, or who straddle the middle.

Characters like Ornir in the shadowwalker ‘verse fall onto the twisted side. “You are the only person I care about, and you have been killed, so I shall kill everyone in my sight until I am killed myself”. Or, to borrow some of my favorite characters from @mariejacquelyn, the were-hyena and her maned wolf lieutenant, where the hyena is horrible and bloodthirsty and the wolf loves her and has chosen absolute service to her and her cause.

You could even argue that Eliot Spencer or Dwalin come close to that line. Maybe any love that would give its life for the one who is loved is.

I don’t know, but it fascinates me, and I am certain I will continue writing about it.

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Pre-sleep tiny fic recs? Short and cozy? I just read that bookstore one where Harry puts notes in the chairs but I need me more sugar 😘😘😘😘 you're the best

Short Bedtime Fics

It’ll All Come Up Roses 4k (this was written for me it’s so beautiful!!!! READ IT!)

The one where Louis really doesn’t hate his neighbor who keeps waking him up at the crack of dawn. ft magic, Liam, Niall, and Zayn barely being mentioned, Harry and his fucking motorcycle, a date and a kiss.

I’ll Bring the Bread Because Boy, You’re the Jam 8k

Just when he’s about to stop clicking the next button and claim defeat, maybe put some posters up around town, he’s met with a picture of white cardstock lying on a table, words written in black Sharpie with careful, deliberate strokes. “Hiiii,” it reads, “if you’re reading this, you’ve found my camera! I’d love it if you could contact me so I can get it back. It’d be the nice thing to do.”

Or the AU where Harry loses his camera. Louis finds it. They fall for each other via email.

Only Reason 5k

Louis is most definitely smitten with Harry from the second he sees him, but he is also most definitely not the world’s foremost expert on beekeeping. He decides to roll with it anyway.

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A Lasting Memorial: Part 3

AN: This is the third and final part of the I Love you trilogy. The response to this series has been amazing. I hope you enjoy the finale.

Part 1, Part 2

    Selena stares at the picture; she just stares. Life had never been fair, she had learned that early, but this was downright  cruel. To have one’s child taken from them was a cruel and horrible punishment. And though she knew it wasn’t her fault, Selena blamed herself.

           She had left you with Bruce not long after you were born. A series of nights had led to your conception. She had been young then, only twenty, and she had not been ready to be a mother. Her lifestyle didn’t allow for it. You couldn’t be a cat burglar with an infant at home.

           She had placed you in a stunned Bruce’s arms, and thought that would be it. She’d had no intention of seeing you again, or going back. Your presence was left as a mystery to the public.

           And then one night, she had snuck back in. Through the window and into your nursery. You had been awake, staring up at s kitten mobile. Bruce had been snoring in the chair near your bed. She had picked you up and cuddled you. You had been her kitten.

           Over the next eighteen years she had come in and out of your life a various times. She had always made sure to bring something with her. She had snuck into your birthday parties as a member of the help, to watch you blow out candles. She had followed behind on your first date.

           She had been there for big moments, and Bruce Wayne, man that he was, never said a word. He had allowed her the access you needed. He had allowed her to be a mother from afar. But she wasn’t a mother anymore, because her daughter was dead.


           She doesn’t turn around; her fingers just clutch the picture tighter. “Selena.”

           A light green hand lands on her shoulder, and Selena can’t help it, she lashes out. Her fist flies, and she hisses. Harley catches it. Slowly she lowers her fist but Harley doesn’t let go. That’s what does it, the tears start to roll, followed by sobs, and gasps for air. Harley holds her as she sobs, as she fights, and screams, and lets the emotions run through.

    It takes upwards of an hour before she simply collapses. They sit in silence for several hours, when the first vine comes through. Ivy follows a second later. She joins the silence as she sits on the window sill.

    “She didn’t do anything wrong.” Selena’s voice is rough from crying. “She was a good girl, an amazing student. She didn’t steal or do anything bad. She got citizen of the month, and perfect attendance. It’s not right. She had a life ahead of her.”

    “This world is screwed up Selena. We know that better than anyone.”

    Selena nods, “Still, it should have been me. She was good, I’m bad.”

    Ivy stares out at the window, “The world is rarely that black and white. Remember the night she was born?”

    Selena lets out a laugh, “I remember being scared out of my mind.”

    Harley laughs, “We were all scared. You were screaming, and had fluids coming out of you. But that first cry …” Harley smiles at the memory.

    Ivy smiles, “We vowed to keep her safe.” There’s another moment of silence before she asks, “Have you talked to Bruce?”

    Selena shakes her head, “Not since he told me. I doubt he’ll ever want to speak to me again, I clocked him pretty bad.”

    “You were upset. You’d just lost your daughter.”

    “So had he.”

    “Yeah, but he got to say goodbye.”

    Selena nods her head, “He raised her, was there for her. He deserved a goodbye. I didn’t even give her a way to contact me. She only saw me when I wanted her to.”

Harley places her hand over Selena’s, “You need to say goodbye.”

“I’m too late Harley.”

She shakes her head, “No, you’re not.”

It doesn’t take much to break into Wayne Manor. Selena had been doing it for years after all. Harley and Ivy follow behind her, right to the headstone. Selena stares at it for a moment, before her eyes flicker to her friends. They both give slight smiles before backing slowly away.

Alone, she faces her daughter. “I’m fashionably late … like always. This time I missed the party. I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I’m sorry that I couldn’t hold you, or reassure you. You must have been so scared. My little kitten. You deserved a better mother than me. Better than a woman who snuck in your window to read you a bedtime story, or talk about boys. Someone who could have celebrated your birthdays with you, or at the very least attended your funeral. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Selena.” Bruce’s voice is soft, as his arm wraps around her. And for the first time in years, she allows him to hold her. She curls into his chest, and allows herself to fall apart, and like always Bruce supports her.

When she can’t cry any more, he hands her a tissue, and piece of paper. Hesitantly, she takes it, and begins to read,


We’ve had an unconventional relationship my entire life, it seems only right that we should have an unconventional goodbye. I want you to know that you were enough. That I love you, and I know you loved me. You did what you could to give me my best shot and I’m so grateful.

Thank you for being my mama.

    Selena clutches the letter to her chest, and turns to Bruce. He opens his arms and she walks into his embrace. Silently they feel the ground begin to tremble and watch as a tree slowly comes to life behind the head stone.

    Selena smiles at Ivy, “Thank you.”

    The woman nods, “It seemed appropriate. A lasting memorial.”

Sweet Saccharine; pt. 2

Reader x Jungkook // sugardaddy!AU // 11k words

Summary: Trying your best to stay afloat in a ruthless city, you decide to join the sugar bowl. Who knew the sugar baby business would be this exciting?

Genre: Fluff?

Part 1

A/N: bro it’s been months since the first chapter and I am so sorry like lmao does anyone even remember that this fic exists??? anyway told myself to keep the fic simple but my brain was like uhhh heck no 


Oh, if only Jungkook knew what he was getting himself into, if only he knew who you really were. He would’ve avoided you like the plague, he would’ve been running for the hills, anything to get as far away as possible from you. It was in this person’s favour however that Jungkook didn’t. An evil smile graces the lips of the dark figure, dressed in all black.

So begins the takedown of Jeon Jungkook.

So begins the end of Jeon Logistics.


So, what are both you and Jungkook doing in the middle of a long, empty, straight road, one would ask? The answer would be Jungkook has no fucking clue.

“Do you trust me?”

“No… not really,” Jungkook gulps as he looks over at you in the driver’s seat.

“Aw, come on,” You laugh. “Live a little why don’t you?” You turn to him to raise an eyebrow, an evil smirk on your lips.

He hears you rev up the car engine, its signature roar resounding in his ears and usually he loves the sound but right here, right now, he’s not so sure. What he knows though is that letting you take the wheel was a horrible, horrible idea.


[02:28] You: Hey friend saw you in a magazine today
[02:28] You: Image sent

Jungkook’s fingers scramble to swipe at his phone to open up the message. He breathes out a sigh of relief to see that the magazine had chosen a rather flattering photo of him standing next to Yoongi and Taehyung, his two closest friends.

The three of them grew up basically attached to each other considering that their grandfathers were best friends who had all established their own logistics company around the same time, building it from the ground up with their very own hands. Everyone thought that their friendship wouldn’t last, that eventually, friendly rivalry would turn ugly but the three old men still got together at the Jeons more than once a week for a casual game of poker.

The Min, Kim and Jeon family are often referred to as the 3 greats of the logistics industry, but they were more than just that. The comradery between the 3 families has lasted for generations now. Jungkook doesn’t even remember a day where he didn’t have Yoongi and Taehyung by his side when he was growing up and even now, they’d at least see each other once a week, be it for a casual coffee or the occasional supper. The three of them seem like an odd combination, so different from the other yet somehow, it worked. Perhaps it was the fact that they carry the same burden, the pressure of having to take over such a huge company one day or perhaps it was the other 101 things that they had experienced together that helped shape what is seen as an unusual friendship.

Jungkook stares at his screen, unsure of what his reply should be but sure of the fact that he wanted the conversation to move forward. He wasn’t quite sure where he stood with you yet but the two of you had been texting day and night since he had dropped you home that evening and maybe it was because you were a lot more comfortable over text that he found himself being drawn towards you, wanting to know more about you. Perhaps it was your crass humour or the way you sent him the weirdest memes, a sign of real friendship you had told him one day but he finds himself waiting for a text from you for a greater part of the day but your busy work schedule meant that they were few and far in between until the end of the day comes and suddenly he’s sat there texting you for hours on end, way past his usual bedtime.

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the Defective Uzumaki - Ch. 2

You can start from the beginning here on AO3 if you missed it. Brief catch-up: in this AU, Madara and Hashirama have started Konoha as teenagers due to their fathers’ deaths, Izuna is still alive, and Madara and Hashirama formed arranged political alliance marriages with the Uzumaki sisters–Mito and Sakura. Sakura is only a tween when they start their “marriage”, so while the age gap isn’t that big, it is definitely still a marriage in name only.

@yomi-gaeru allowed me to use her art to illustrate this story which is a good thing because this story is completely inspired by her beautiful art. She is amazing! There is a scene which is based on this comic specifically.

@madasakuweek prompt: get away

Ch. 2: Rabbits and Foxes

Madara thought he had been saddled with a timid little rabbit as a wife. It didn’t take long for him to figure out that was wrong.

The only rabbit-like thing about Sakura was her frequent choice of big red hair bow. She quickly became best friends with two cousins of his about her age and the three of them—two dark heads and one pink one—were soon scrambling all over the nascent Konoha and its environs, sometimes joined by other Uchiha girls of varying ages or even Senju ones. Madara treated Sakura with benign neglect. He was often away, performing missions for funding, while the more diplomatic Hashirama attempted to entice other clans to join their new experiment of a ninja village. Even when he was in the village, he generally only saw her at meals and bedtime, when she would talk his ear off about her training and adventures. He generally only half-listened.

Nobody was more surprised than Madara when he began to miss her chatter when he was away on missions.

She was bossy, and she had a temper, but these were faults he shared and probably indulged in more than she did.

Keeping a wife got more aggravating as she got older.

“I think somebody has a crush.” Izuna’s sing-song voice was pitched irritatingly high.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Madara grunted. “Are we ready to head out?”

“Oh come on, at least give her a little wave. It’s adorable.” Izuna gestured with his eyebrows and a slight shift of the head, and Madara glanced at what he had been avoiding looking at: Sakura, practically radiating hearts and rainbows at them.

She squealed when she noticed she had been noticed. “Danna-sama! Izuna-nii-san! Goodbye! Have a good mission!”

The two girls with her giggled. “Madara-sama! Izuna-sama! Have a safe mission!”

The redness in his ears was due to the heat of the day. Not embarrassment.

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anonymous asked:

I’m so curious about Elizabeth and Olive bc the film didn’t hit my country yet. Can you hit me with some spoilers about their relationship? I’ve been hearing so many good things.

first of all: this is the best ask i could ever hope to receive so thank you very much for that 

second of all: i am so sorry for the incoherent mess that might follow this read more tag (i know you just asked for spoilers and not for Emotions but i don’t know how to talk about this movie without yelling???? is the thing)

third of all: i’m now back after having written everything and honestly i don’t know if any of it is what you were looking for but HERE IT IS


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