bedtime now~

poe dameron, age 11

shara: …and that’s the story of how cassian andor and jyn erso and the rebel alliance stole the plans for the death star and helped save the galaxy from the empire. the end!

poe: wow… did you know him? cassian? was he cool? was he good at fighting? does his hair look like it does in the book?

kes: oh, son. those are questions for another day. it’s bedtime now!

shara: good night, sweetie.

poe: night, mom. night, dad.

kes and shara: *leave*

poe: *lies in the dark until the sound of their footsteps in the hallway fades away* *jumps out of bed* *sprints to his laptop* *turns it on* *waits anxiously for it to boot up* *types DOES CASSIAN ANDOR IS GAY? into spacegoogle*

It’s My Turn Now

                                     a Darkiplier playlist [x]

xEmperor’s New Clothes- Panic! At The Disco xUp In The Air- 30 Seconds to Mars xLockdown- Amy Lee xTwo Evils- Bastille xEyes On Fire [Zeds Dead Remix]- Blue Foundation xControl- Halsey xULTRAnumb- Blue Stahli xLose Your Soul- Dead Man’s Bones xFeral Love- Chelsea Wolfe xA New Way To Bleed [Photek Remix]- Evanescence

In an attempt to get @stylesunchained to go to sleep, I told her this bedtime story, which will now be presented as follows–

A concept: Harry is sleeping in bed next to you, and you’re restless because you can’t sleep. You keep checking your phone and taking stabs at trying to drift off, but it’s just not sticking. The bright light causes him to stir, though, and he looks over his shoulder, squinting, and asks, “Wassamatta?” with a slurred voice that has all the words running together. When you tell him you can’t sleep, he kind of flops back down for a moment before lifting up and rolling over. He takes the phone far away and says, “Quiet,” when you protest. “C’mere,” he says as he drops his arm around you and nuzzles in close with his chin on your shoulder and his nose by your ear. “Close your eyes fo’ me,” he mumbles. “Just try, love,” he says when you try to argue. He kisses your shoulder once, quickly, and his breath is hot on your skin and in your hair when he tells you, “Deep breath, in and out, jus’ like mine.” And he takes an exaggerated one to demonstrate that leaves him snickering and the both of you have a laugh over that. But your body is starting to relax because of it. You’re melting bit by bit, and maybe it’s his breathing, or his sleepy little mumbles, or his thumb stroking your temple while his hand rests on the pillow by your head, but whatever it is, you’re starting to get really sleepy, and all your muscles are feeling soft and it’s more difficult to keep your eyes open. Everything is drifting away until it’s just the sound of his breathing – that’s all you can hear – and then it isn’t even that anymore because you’ve slipped off into your own dreamland.