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Make Me

Pairing: Hotch x Reader

Word Count: 2,159 holy i got carried away

Request: yes!  Request here.

Warnings: smut, dom hotchner, lowkey kinky sex although that shouldn’t be a warning more like a blessing so you’re welcome

Summary: Anon requested:  Hello could I please request a Hotch x reader smut with dominant Hotch after he’s come back from a really tough case? :) 

A/N:  I’ve just finished reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy, so I’m way into this.  Hopefully this fulfills your needs!  Also, sorry for the delay, I’ve been super busy the past few days.  Life of a college student isn’t easy, but I’m always going to make time to write my lovelies!!  Enjoy!

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He finished the last report at a quarter to two.  The rest of the team left ages ago, wanting to get a good sleep after a case like that.  The amount of stress that lingered in the BAU for the past month was unbelievable, and it was finally over.

All Aaron could think about that night was getting home to you, hopefully awake.  He had a plan to take out his stress on you, with your consent of course.  He would never do anything you weren’t comfortable with.

But after the night he had, he was desperate to find his release hopefully balls deep inside of you from behind.  The thought made him way too eager to leave the BAU, his feet carrying him quickly through the bullpen and out to the elevator.  He could barely keep his erection concealed with his briefcase, and when he was thinking about you handcuffed to the headboard, it only made it worse, so his legs seemed to take on a mind of his own as they started jogging to his car.  Anyone who saw would know he was in a rush, but they would never know why.

Stepping on the gas, he sped through the streets towards his house, where you no doubt were sitting awake, waiting for his arrival.  Jack was probably fast asleep in his room, clueless to what was about to happen with his dad and his soon-to-be stepmom.

Ten minutes later, he was through the front door, locking it behind him quickly.  The smell of lavender filled the air, signalling you were in the bath.  Perfect, he thought with a smirk.

He quietly sat his briefcase and keys down on the coffee table, slowly making his way to the bedroom where your clothes were sitting on the bed.  To his approval, you had sat out a silky nightgown paired with a tiny thong.  His mind immediately pictured you inside of it, making his patience shrink.  

But he managed to keep his mind away from you long enough to go to Jack’s room to check if he was asleep.  He smiled at the sight of his son in his deep slumber.  Closing the door, he muttered a quick thank you to whoever might’ve been listening for his luck.  He had the most beautiful son and the perfect wife to be.  He was just so happy in his life, and it had been a long time since he felt that way.

He made his way back to your bedroom, feeling the humidity from your steaming bath.  He knew exactly what he wanted to do to you, so he grabbed your nightgown and underwear from the bed, shoving the revealing piece of fabric in his back pocket, and throwing the silky dress into the dresser where you keep the rest.

A few minutes later, his erection was well evident through his work pants, and you were climbing out of the tub.  You wrapped a small towel around your body, leaving little to the imagination.  When you opened the door to the bedroom, you were startled to see your fiance laying across your bed, his hands folded behind his back, wearing nothing but his work trousers.

“Jesus, Aaron.  You scared the shit out of me,” you said to him.  He only looked at you in reply, taking in your wet body.  “Aaron?”  Without a word, he held up his hand and gave you a come hither motion with his index finger.  You looked around, noticing your missing bedtime clothes.

“This isn’t funny,” you said, gripping the towel around you.  You didn’t say it because you didn’t want it, more because you were suddenly all hot and bothered seeing him half naked on the bed, seeing his apparent erection.

“I’ve had a long day, Y/N.  Get over here.  Now.”  Despite his demand, his voice was calm and quiet.  You knew it was because Jack was just a few doors down the hall.

“Or?” you dared, wanting to rile him up more than he already was.

“Not wanting to mind, are we?” he asked, standing up from the bed.  You pressed your thighs together, knowing that you were going to need another shower when he was finished with you.  He could tell you were turned on just by the way your demeanor changed within seconds.  He’s a profiler after all.

“Long case, huh?” you questioned, continuing to taunt him.  “Must be tired.”

He chuckled and made his way over to you, ripping the towel from your hands and throwing it to the floor.  “Not even close,” he muttered.  Suddenly, his hand was at your heat, cupping it firmly, making you moan in pleasure.  He tsked at you, raising his other hand to pull your hair, making your head lean back.  “My son is in a few rooms over, and I don’t want him to hear you.  Be quiet or be punished.”  The thought of being punished made you all the more wet, so naturally you toyed with him.

“Make me,” you said softly.  

He took this as an invitation, grabbing your hips firmly and backing himself to sit on the bed.  Within seconds, he pulled you so you were laying across his lap, the wetness from your body transferring to his pants.

He rubbed his hand across your bare derriere, gently passing over your soft skin, but no later than he soothed the skin did he bring his hand back and slapped your ass, making you yelp in surprise.  You covered your mouth in order to keep quiet, but with another slap, you couldn’t hold in the squeals.

“Keep quiet,” Aaron said above you, slapping your ass again.  Your skin stung, and you knew that it was most likely glowing red, but wanted - needed - him to spank you some more.  

“No,” you said in defiance.  A smirk glided across your face as you felt Aaron’s legs shift beneath you.  He was getting a better angle, and you knew exactly what he was about to do next.

“No?” he asked, slapping your ass again.  “You’re telling me no?”  His hand came down hard onto your bum again, and with every slap, you jolted forward, excited for the next.  “I’m about to show you what ‘no’ will get you,” he threatened, and that’s when you felt his fingers press into you without warning.  He roughly assaulted your pussy, his fingers digging into again and again, making you pant in appreciation.

“Fuck,” you whispered.  While he continued to plow his fingers into, his other hand came to rest on your back, holding your shaking figure into place.

“This case has had me stressed to the max, and I come home to a defiant fiance,” he said, his voice breathy.  You knew he was incredibly turned on by the sight of you naked and at his mercy.  “Do you want to apologize?” he asked through his own pants.

“No,” you whisper-yelled, knowing that it would be incredibly awkward if Jack did decide to wake up and see what all the racket was.  “No,” you repeated.  You could feel your orgasm approaching, fast and hard.  But right before you reached your climax, Aaron removed his fingers from you, as he could feel you were about to come as well.  You noticeably pouted, upset you were able to find your release.  This was your punishment.

“If that’s the way you want to play,” he tested, grabbing your hips and throwing you back onto the bed.  He reached into his back pocket and pulled out your thong.  “Give me your wrists,” he demanded.  You complied, ready for this.  This was the kind of torture you were seeking.

He grabbed onto your wrists and used your lacy undergarment to tie them together and onto one of the bed posts at the top of the bed.

“What are your safe words?” he asked, and you felt a surge of excitement at his question, knowing what he was about to do.

“Red and yellow,” you breathed, writhing beneath him.  He hummed in approval, knowing full well he would stop if you needed him to.

“Don’t use either unless you need to.  Understand?  Take as much as you can handle.  I know you can handle a lot,” he said to you.  You felt your face heat up at his praise of you, and also because you were just anticipating his next move.

Slowly, he stood up from the bed and removed his pants, leaving him in his boxer briefs.  You pulled slightly at your restraint, the lacy material rubbing at your skin.  Aaron climbed back onto the bed, hovering over you.

“Why am I punishing you?” he asked, not touching you.  You felt like you were in agony, wanting nothing more than to feel him inside you, but that was all it was - a want.  You would know when you needed it.  You instinctively arched your back, trying to feel him in the slightest against you.  Unfortunately, he was too far above you.  “Answer me,” he said sternly but quietly.

“Because I was being uncooperative,” you replied, giving into his game.

“And that’s not okay, is it?” he asked you, slowly beginning to lower his face to your skin.  His lips hovered above your breasts, and he was still not touching you at all.

“No sir,” you whispered.  With that, he sucked into his mouth one of your nipples, assaulting the tender nub with this teeth and tongue, eventually giving your other nipple the same treatment.  You were maneuvering beneath him, desperately trying to get a feel for his erection against you.

His mouth finished its venture to your chest and slowly and agonizingly moved down your body, and you felt him hover over the area you needed him most.

“What do you want?” he asked, holding your hips down so you couldn’t move.  His hot breath glided against your core, making you twitch.

“You.  Your mouth, your cock, everything,” you breathed in admittance.  “Please.”

Hearing you beg was his favorite thing, so he immediately gave in, licking clean up your slit.  Unable to cover your mouth, you moaned out loud, the sound echoing throughout the room.  You knew he didn’t care at this point, considering his tongue continued to explore your pussy, dipping in and out of your folds, making its way up to your clit and back down, repeating these actions over and over again.

“Fuck Aaron,” you breathed, unable to keep your voice down as his tongue sped up its torture.  Your arms were desperately trying to escape from the thong, but you were secured too tightly.  You legs wrapped around his shoulders as you felt your release approach, but once again, just before you came, Aaron halted his actions, not letting you.  You breathed out in annoyance, feeling completely spent without the satisfaction of a climax.  You knew what he was doing, but this was punishment enough.  

“Aaron,” you begged.  “Stop.”

“What do you want?” he asked again.

“Fuck me,” you said loudly.  You were done playing games.  It wasn’t a matter of want anymore.  “I need you.”

In no less than a few seconds, Aaron had his underwear thrown across the room, and he was hovering you once again.  He pressed his mouth against yours, this being the first kiss of the entire night.

“I love you,” he admitted before ramming into you.  It was if the dominant man from moments before was gone, as was the worry about his son hearing the two of you, because he was pounding into you, loud claps of skin against skin filling the room, probably surfing throughout the rest of the house, but neither of you cared.  

“Fucking christ,” you yelled just as you felt yourself finally release.  Your legs shook uncontrollably, your climax taking over your entire body.  It was as if it was the first time you’d ever reached complete euphoria.

“Dammit,” Aaron muttered above you, reaching his release soon after you.  There was no sound in the room other than panting moans and strings of curses.

“That must’ve been a hell of a tough case,” you said between pants.  Your fiance chuckled above you and kissed you again, reaching up to untie your wrists, allowing you to wrap yourself completely around him, feeling him against you making your heart soar.

“I can always count on you to make it better,” he said, cupping your face with his hand, gently brushing your hair back.

Suddenly, you both hear a thump from down the hall and you knew that meant your antics had woken up his son, and he was probably making his way to your room to see what it was that woke him up.

“You go take a shower, I’ll handle him,” Aaron told you with a smirk.  He climbed off the bed and threw on a pair of sweats and shirt as quickly as possible.

“Come meet me when you’re done,” you replied with a wink.

Things that remind me of the Pevensies

(It’s 5:00am and I can’t sleep so these may be a little off and they are night themed.)


• Deep yawns that cause the people around you to yawn back
• Coffee at 8 o'clock


• Waking up and not being able to sleep again.
• That trick when you were a kid where you would bundle up under your blanket and have a flashlight and read until your parents come and tell you to turn it off


• That trick where you hide under your blanket and read books and even hearing a small creak in the floor you turn off your flashlight and slam into your bed and start snoring to throw off that you were up past your bedtime
• Taking your clothes off and leaving them on the floor


• Staying on your phone and watching videos trying not to giggle too loud
• Pulling the covers over your head to feel their warmth

Family Beginnings

Request: Can you do a SiriusxReader one shot where you babysit baby Harry? And it would be really cute and fluffy. And he talks about having kids with Y/N. Please and thank you. 

A/N: this is surprisingly fluffy, but it does feature baby Harry. So, this is a pretty cute fic, and I love writing for Sirius, so thank you for this one-shot. The gif below belongs to the rp blog @asktheboywholived which is run by TT Bret - check it out, honestly one of the best portrayals of the character, (which TT claims to be due to lighting and make up, but I think we all know it’s actually magic. You’re not fooling anyone, mate.) Also, I know there are tattoos, but Black in the movies has tattoos, and so he must have had them done at some point because I highly doubt that dementors know their way around a tattoo gun.


“Hey,” You grinned as the door opened, revealing Lily opening the door with a giggling Harry on her hip.

He laughed when he saw you, reaching out for you. You chuckled as you stepped into the house, taking off your coat quickly before taking Harry from his frazzled mother.

“Hey, buddy,” You smiled at him, “Go, finish getting ready, Lily.”

“Thank you,” Lily smiled, kissing your cheek before hurrying up the stairs.

“Hey, Potter.” You smirked as you walked into the living room, where James was struggling to knot a tie in front of the mirror that hung above the fireplace.

“Hey, Y/N,” He grinned at you in the mirror, “Is she almost ready?”

“Yeah, she’ll be a few more minutes.”

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Hand-me-downs for Dibbuns

I tend to read when I have access to the internet close at hand, because if there’s an object, idea, food, or word that I don’t recognize or can’t recall seeing, I usually look it up. In the first chapter of Pearls of Lutra, Arven is described as wearing a “clean linen smock”… and for the life of me I wasn’t sure what that looked like.

It’s… basically a huge shirt. Like, a nightie. Sometimes it even has big pockets in the front, similar to a kitchen apron.

And looking at the pictures of smocks got me thinking… hand-me-down clothing has to be a thing at Redwall. I mean, living in a self-sustaining Abbey pretty much means you recycle as many items as you can, right? Think of all the things you could do with an old BADGER TUNIC. One square of that could be a flippin’ Dibbun’s future beloved blankee. Not to mention other exciting uses, such as:

  • dishrags
  • towels (Actual joke from Redwall: How many towels does it take to dry a Dibbun? All of them! Plus three tunics, a tablecloth, part of the bedspread and at least half a dozen sheets. Good luck if the liddle tyke somehow gets outside again before bedtime.)
  • second-hand clothes for adolescent Redwallers (“Now I know this hand-me-down cloak is a little long for you, son, but your grandmother will take it in for you and I’m told Martin II himself once wore it!”)
  • pillowcases
  • haversacks
  • tablecloths (do u even feast bro)
  • scrap fabric for the sewing classes at Abbeyschool
  • scrap fabric for the Redwallers who quilt (“Goodness me, Eliza! Where did you get that absolutely marvelous burgundy square? I’ve been trying to find something in that color for ages!”)
  • bandages for the infirmary
  • A
  • OF
  • THE
Reaction to: Finding you fell asleep on their bed with a movie playing while waiting for them

JinJin: He would tiredly smile and think ‘s/he’s so cute’. He would then change into nighttime clothes, turn off the movie and lay down with you. (please don’t pay attention to Myung jun)

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Eunwoo: He’s going to be a little upset that you were waiting for him, but he would also be slightly happy that you waited. For him trying to wait up for him shows you love him very much.

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Myung Jun: This happy virus Is going to feel so much love that he’s is probably going to have a fanboy fit. He’s going to change into bedtime clothes and jump into bed to cuddle you, no joke he’s actually going to jump in to cuddle you.

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Rocky: He’s most likely super tired so he’s not going to pay to much attention to the fact that you tried to wait up for him. He’ll make a note to tell you not to wait up for him, then he will crawl in to bed after turning the movie off.

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Moonbin: He’s going to be a little like Myung jun but not as excited. He’ll feel a lot of love, but also worried about you being up so late. He’s going to wait until morning to talk to you about it though.

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Sanha: He’s most likely doesn’t have as much experience as the other members, so this will moslty shock him. He’s shocked at first but then he will feel a little worried about you being up late. In the end though he will feel love and comfort.

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Only One- Negan (JDM)


Hi ! I love your imagines ♥ I’m pretty sure you must have a lot of requests but, can I ask a reader x Negan? (cause we all love this man, right?) Basically you’re one of his wives and you’re being kidnapped by an angry Rick who threatens to kill you right in front of Negan, pretty much a revenge on whoever Negan killed? Your “husband” acts like it doesn’t care, but hell, he’s fucking scared for your safety, haha. Happy ending for them, I let you end this story as you wish, thank you lovely !

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 I’m so sorry but this is trash :( HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFFREY!!!

You where sound asleep when suddenly hands wrapped around your torso and mouth. At first you chuckled and smile thinking it was Negan being playful but the grip didn’t loosen.

“Negan?” you mutter into the hand but you’re dragged out of the bed.

Rick held you and dragged you out to where the car was. You struggled violently as he held you, a voice making him stop and you to smile.

“Where are you taking my wife?” Negan spoke with his eyes narrowed. He was in nothing but his jeans, obviously just been rudely awoken.

“I’m going to kill her.” Rick scowled placing the barrel of a colt python onto your temple.

It was the middle of the night but you knew Rick had some of his group with him and Negan wouldn’t be standing there without some saviours in the darkness to back him up.

“And why do you want to do that?” he crossed his arms over his firm chest. He didn’t have Lucille but there was a knife in his pocket.

Rick held you close but you weren’t struggling, Negan wouldn’t let him take you. “You killed someone close to me and my family now I’m going to take someone close to you.”

“Take her.”

His words made you gasp and years prick your eyes.

“What are you waiting for? Go.” Negan turned to walk away after throwing a wink at you.

You were dragged into the car, still not struggling from shock this time. You thought he loved you, or at least cared enough not to let you die.

A potato sack is placed over your head as Rick drove off. You didn’t see Negan ordering around some of his men and even stabbing one from the guards that let Rick into the premises.


You sat in a cell that Morgan had made, it was cold and you shivered still in your bedtime clothes from where they had taken you.

Tears had stained your cheeks from where you had long run out of energy to cry.

“Y/n?” a voice whispered and the scraping of metal on metal made you cringe.

You looked up to see Negan with a smile, “What are you doing here?”

“Come to save you, what does it look like?” he looked at the lock on the cell door.

“Thought I wasn’t important.” You scowl bitterly at him and turn your back on him.

He stopped what he was doing and reached a hand through the bars to hold yours. “Don’t be silly princess, that was a trick to fool them.”

You looked at his hand holding yours and stayed quiet for a while. I’ll come with you but only if…”

“If what?” he smiled.

“If I’m your only wife. No more women. Just me.” You look at him firmly and stand.

“Deal” he grinned widely and with a strong swing from Lucille the weak lock was broken and he picked you up bridal style.

He carried you out and you got back into the car back to camp.