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(music and sound warning, santa in the video, christmas themed)
Here’s a video with Christmas/holiday lullabies, with a video of Santa and reindeer. (It’s a gif, slightly fast, but the music is soft, like a music box.) It’s a good video to fall asleep to! ★ ☆


iOS 10′s Bedtime feature will actually improve your sleep

Bedtime reimagines the alarm clock. Enter how much sleep you’d like to get, and it brings up this circular chart that lets you visualize it. The app will send you reminders a few minutes before bedtime so you have time to settle in. One nice feature is the “night mode” theme, which makes it easier to fall asleep in the first place. By far, though, the best part of Bedtime is the new set of alarm sounds that come with it.

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James McAvoy wishing good night is giving me an orgaSWEET DREAMS 

fun ways to get ready for bed

listen to relaxing music. I have a playlist on youtube just for nice and relaxing music. Its really nice to get some headphones on and listen to them before or while you sleep!

read a book! It can be a novel or a kiddy book. Theres tons of great sleep related kid books! You can also read one online.

listen to rain, waves, storms, streams, or bird noises

brush your teeth and wash your face. I know it seems obvious but I used to forget all the time and its SO important to feeling clean and cozy!

have a special stuffed animal you always sleep with!

drink hot cider or tea

eat a snack. A banana, apple, or bowl of cereal can help you get sleepy and make your dreams better.

make a dream journal to write down all your dreams every morning. This helps make your ability to remember dreams better!

watch a nice show. @achildprincessdiary has a really nice list of shows here

get on the comfiest clothes you own. It can be really nice PJs or a huge shirt, whatevers comfiest.

write down everything that happened to you today in a journal or diary.

stretch or do some bedtime yoga. 

play a bedtime game. Here are some I found, here, here, and here.

take a relaxing bubble bath


make a calm jar

go for a little walk and breathe in the fresh air. Maybe look for some constellations too!

thats all I’ve got but if you have any more ideas feel free to add them!