This is Twinkles.

Twinkles watches too much tv. 

Twinkles has a drug habit and an eating disorder.  We only teaser her about the drugs, as she gets a bit goofy on the catnip. She’s not overweight, but her fluff adds several inches.  She does have some food insecurity, however.

I wrote Twinkles a poem.

Twinkles, Twinkles - little cat.
How I wonder what you’re at.
Upon catnip, you’re so high
Like there’s ergot in your rye
Twinkles, Twinkles - little cat.
You’re crazy as a shithouse rat

Twinkles likes potato chips.

Twinkles likes snakes. She brings them to me.

Twinkles also brings me filberts.  I don’t know where she gets them.

Twinkles brings me Nerf darts as well. 

Twinkles is a Manx.  Her tail is like a fuzzy whale-fluke.

Twinkles was a teen mom.

Her kids are pretty cute though.

Twinkles keeps an eye on the new chicks.

Twinkles thinks you are beautiful, and wants you to have a great life.