It depends on the plane, but usually crew rest areas are hidden behind the cockpit, above first class, like on this Boeing 777. 

Secret stairs, which are hidden behind an inconspicuous door that’s usually near the cockpit, lead up to the bedrooms where the cabin crew sleeps.

Upstairs are cramped, windowless bedrooms with no room to stand up.

Some are nicer than others.

On the Boeing 777, pilots have their own overhead sleeping compartments, which feature two roomy sleeping berths, as well as two business-class seats, and enough room for a closet, sink, or lavatory, depending on the airline.

No ‘Mile High Club’ though. Sad face.


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today @studiix came over to my place and studied here for a change :’-) i was able to get most of my english work done, but now i’m nervous about my in-class essay this friday for ap english ;; i’ll be working after school tomorrow ‘til 9pm so it was relieving being able to finish everything due friday! otherwise, i had a great time with carolyn and working on my bed for the first time!