478 West Kynder Street

Yet another older house I have built that I decided needed to be up for download. This house use to be on a bigger lot with another house on the same lot, to conserve space for my families however I have moved it to a 30x30 lot in newcrest so that i can stand alone, and be downloaded for 1 single family. It has 2 bedrrom and 1 bathroom. It is a rather older style home, where a man and his parents lived together, and it was his parents home, so it has a senior citizen touch to it, however that may be some other people’s taste as well.  I made this house around the time Spooky Stuff and Get To Work came out so you may need all the EPS and SPS up to that point, however if you do not have them the game will replace the items with base game things so its not really a big deal. The cc list is included with the download as well. So I hope you enjoy and if you use my house please tag me so i can see all your cute sims living in my home. Enjoy!! :D

 Shoutout to all the CC makers out there, thanks a lot!




I’ve gotten quite a few requests to upload this house, so I figured why not!
Feel free to change whatever you’d like! ♥
This is my first time uploading anything, let alone a lot, to the gallery so let me know if anything is wonky!!

Lot Size; 30 x 20
Price; $137,494
Bed & Bath; 3 Bedrroms & 1 Bathroom 
MOO Used;
Expansions; Get to Work & Outdoor Retreat

CC Used;
I use a lot of cc, too much to list all of it here to be honest.
Here is a Link to my wcif- if it’s in that list odds are I used it. 

TOU;  No reuploading! That includes reuploading to the gallery! 

Download from the Gallery - #SimBlob or ID:Kanooshie

I’ve always had a THING for languages like if a girl starts speaking her native language to me in a sultry voice I am done for, even if she’s secretly saying the most random shit ever. It’s become my headcanon that this is how Yuuri feels about Viktor speaking Russian.

Viktor picks up on it and starts teasing him with it, like they’ll be out in public and he’ll lean in and whisper completely innocent things like “on the way home we should stop at the store because we’re running out of dish soap” as sexily as possible because he loves how red Yuuri turns even though he has no idea what he’s saying.

anonymous asked:

What would rfa V and saeran do if mc started a prank war? I love your writing by the way thank you - muffin anon

A/N okay thank you so much muffin anon I don’t deserve such praise I’m grinning like an idiot. ALSO now we have two pastry anons??? You AND cookie??? And you’re both super sweet (pun intended) I’m not adding vandy this time bc my fingers hurt from typing but guys PLEASE REQUEST THEM MORE OFTEN they need all the love -mod cozy <3


-The poor baby is S O gullible

-I mean have you SEEN him in chatrooms

-does NOT know what hit him (literally) when you cover the doorway in sa(e)ran wrap and he runs into it

-“mc I think you left something in the doorway?”

-what a cutie

-when he starts to realize what’s happening (apres the third or fourth time poor baby)

-he just whines to you a little

-“MCccc whyyyy!”

-assuming you have no heart and continue to prank him after that

-he’ll try to fight back


-he’s always snickering right after he sets up a trap for you so you know it’s coming

-he still hasn’t fooled you yet

-MC: 28

-Yoosung: 0


-when you leave a full glass of water upside down on the table and a note with a heart on it

-baehee is a little peeved

-she turns around with her arms crossed and an unamused look to find you snickering and running out the door


-when you tie her shoelaces together later that day while the two of you were having a conversation she had had enough

-you’ve started a war with perhaps one of the scariest women in Seoul

-and she was not intending to lose

-you open the door to the café the next morning to start prepping and opening up

-You know the water bucket trick?

-that; but with coffee

-it’s not hot coffee

-but I’m pretty sure jaehee doesn’t know the concept of “water” that girl is 99% caffeine

-so you get coffee dumped on you head

-it’s up to you whether you keep this up or not after THAT

-but I assure you there’s more from where it came from


-Zen tries to play it off when you whip cream his face

-“haha mc that’s very *grits teeth* funny”

-but not even a rising star can feign laughter by the fifth or sixth time you’ve done something like this

-when you sticky note his entire living room

-he’s ready to ThRow DowN

-not literally, he’d never hurt his princess

-but if it’s a prank war you want

-it’s a prank war you get

-unfortunately, zen is a total dad when it comes to these things

-you can expect a whoopee cushion or two and him yelling “you fell for it!!”

-I’m pretty sure you’re gonna win this one


-“A… prank?”

-it’s a foreign concept honestly everyone is too afraid to prank juju

-so when he finds his necktie in gelatin he is beyond confused

-“Mc, I… what?”

-you have to explain the entire concept to him it takes over an hour rip

-“So people are mean on purpose, for their own amusement?? But wouldn’t it just waste your-”

-it’s supposed to be funny jumin

-that night jumin trips you on the way into your shared bedrrom

-“JUmin WhaT the HeLL??”

-“It’s a prank.”

-that incident put an end to things pretty quickly


-HE started it honestly

-it was just a harmless little prank,, just a LITTLE red Koolaid in the shower head to scare you

-he didn’t mean for it to become THIS

-you guys put the “war” in prank war oh my lord calm down

-full scale attacks are launched

-y’all even have poor yoosung involved he’s spying for you

-you can never escape saeyoung he’s got the house on his side

-has seriously programmed his robot cat to walk around the house and call your name in his voice just to see how long you’d look for him

-but you’ve gotten crafty

-you had saeran hack the house cams long enough for you to tape seven’s entire office to the ceiling

-You both are hiding in the air vents waiting for the other to walk by and wearing clown masks

-manage to scare each other to tears bc you were NOT expecting another clown to be in there

-a truce was called thank god


-this boy doesn’t really understand the concept either??

-But unlike cumin he can kind of figure out what’s going on

-you can NEVER pull anything over on him he has eyes in the back of his head

-will avoid any trap you set incredibly nonchalantly with a shit eating smirk on his face

-oNe time

-only ONCE have you ever gotten him

-when you replaced the orange juice in the fridge with water mixed with that powder you get in mac and cheese boxes

-after performing a spit take he chases down your giggly ass

-has you pinned against a wall so fast

-“How can we wipe that smile off your face, any ideas mc?”


-okay you’re not going to prank a fucking blind sweetheart are you?

-I will take your inability to defend yourself as a yes

-yes you are

-you monster

-you unscrew the cap to the salt shaker a little bit while the two of you are eating

-he doesn’t even REALIZE that his plate is now 300% salt

-(he’s too used to saeran to notice any such thing)

-so this poor boy gets a fucking MOUTHFUL of salt

-but not only that????

-since he can’t really figure out what ACTUALLY happened

-with a slightly pained expression on his poor salt ridden face

-he asks the waitress to give his compliments to the chef???

-if you try to prank him again after that I will personally fight you

Yongguk Gif Reaction

Anonym hat gesagt:

Can you do a gif reaction with Yongguk from B.A.P ? ^^ love u <3


hey there (:

Falling in Love with you
oh dear what a beauty

Asking you out
(Y/N), do you want to eat lunch with me?

Asking you to be his Girl
.. and do you want to be my girlfriend?

Waiting for you
hey babe, your home

you’re playing with fire there

Regreting something

Time for some ‘fun’
hey baby girl .. how about we go to our bedrrom and play something

Making him laugh
oh god jagi

Silent treatment

hope you like it (:

EXO/B.A.P's reaction when you dance to Chris Browns Loyal very sexy

Anonym hat gesagt:

Can you do when exo and b.a.p react seeing you dancing to Chris brown-loyal(explicit) very sexy


hey there (:


Kris: dance in the bedroom for me too baby

Xiumin: *walks up to you and grabs your hips* how about we dance together

Luhan: *undressing you with his eyes*

Chen: *sits back and enjoys the show you give him*

Lay: my sexy lady

Tao: it’s hot in here or is it you babe

Suho: come witth me sexy lady

D.O/Kyungsoo: what i want? you dancing upstairs in the bedroom

Baekhyun: *looks down at your butt*

Chanyeol: damn since when can you move your body like that

Kai: your damn hot here baby

Sehun: what do you think by turning me on like this



Yongguk: come here my sexy lady

Himchan: you try to turn me on huh?

Daehyun: how did i deserve such a sexy girlfriend

Youngjae: *just watches how you move your body*

Jongup: how about we dance together in the bedrrom baby girl

Zelo: what a body .. hot

hope you like it (:

{Rithesse} Bliss

Katja had barely fallen asleep when the door the bedrrom opened and with sleep drowsed eyes she riased herself on one elbow, squinting when the light from the corridor flooded into the relatively dark room.
It was still early in the evening but Katja had been up since before dawn that day so she was still rather tired, but the good new she had recied during the day made up for it.

Naturally it was Aren who entered the room. They had actually started to get along better lately and for that and to save themselves from more angry advice from their supperiors they had started to sleep in the sam room.
So him showing up didn’t surpise her, but his soft humming did and at once she was almost completely awake, following the prince with her eyes as she sat up properly in the bed.
“Aren? Are you alright?”