I’ve gotten quite a few requests to upload this house, so I figured why not!
Feel free to change whatever you’d like! ♥
This is my first time uploading anything, let alone a lot, to the gallery so let me know if anything is wonky!!

Lot Size; 30 x 20
Price; $137,494
Bed & Bath; 3 Bedrroms & 1 Bathroom 
MOO Used;
Expansions; Get to Work & Outdoor Retreat

CC Used;
I use a lot of cc, too much to list all of it here to be honest.
Here is a Link to my wcif- if it’s in that list odds are I used it. 

TOU;  No reuploading! That includes reuploading to the gallery! 

Download from the Gallery - #SimBlob or ID:Kanooshie


478 West Kynder Street

Yet another older house I have built that I decided needed to be up for download. This house use to be on a bigger lot with another house on the same lot, to conserve space for my families however I have moved it to a 30x30 lot in newcrest so that i can stand alone, and be downloaded for 1 single family. It has 2 bedrrom and 1 bathroom. It is a rather older style home, where a man and his parents lived together, and it was his parents home, so it has a senior citizen touch to it, however that may be some other people’s taste as well.  I made this house around the time Spooky Stuff and Get To Work came out so you may need all the EPS and SPS up to that point, however if you do not have them the game will replace the items with base game things so its not really a big deal. The cc list is included with the download as well. So I hope you enjoy and if you use my house please tag me so i can see all your cute sims living in my home. Enjoy!! :D

 Shoutout to all the CC makers out there, thanks a lot!