By Blue Bird Lucy’s on Flickr.

Bedroom Makeover:

Just now getting around to hanging up photo’s and such……..we’ve only lived here for 5 years or so..LOL:) Great grandma’s cast iron bed…. Mammaw’s pretty floral sheets… Great-grandma’s handmade quilt… LOVE it all:)


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People, please stop deleting the text, everyone wants to know more info about these and I can’t keep answering to everyone individually forever  ♥


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Summer Bedroom by Stine Weirsoe, on Flickr.

The Signs as Bedroom Themes

Aries - everything is dark and black
Taurus - there isn’t a theme, it’s just a mess
Gemini - tried to be cool but there’s actually fandom posters everywhere sorry
Cancer - posters of their favorite bands and singers, the room is kept neat and they never seem to have dirty laundry somehow
Leo - light pink, has christmas lights like all those tumblr rooms
Virgo - pastel colors
Libra - messy except they have a TV and laptop that they’re always on and there’s a tiny clear space by those
Scorpio - neat room with space and galaxy stuff, like the bedspread
Sagittarius - hangs pictures of their friends everywhere
Capricorn - everything is white and clean
Aquarius - blue
Pisces - underwater, beach, fishes