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Can you do a headcannon of what reunion sex with tom would be like?

  • he’d have been away for months filming
  • you two missed each other
  • a lot 
  • phone calls and skype sex was no longer cutting it
  • him getting a hard on in the middle of the day bc you decided to send him a risqué photo was getting annoying because you weren’t actually there to help him out
  • tom had enough
  • he was basically jumping with joy when he could finally take a break and come home
  • let’s just say when you pick him up from the airport, the car ride back to his apartment was very touchy touchy
  • more so on his part
  • bc ya know- you’re driving
  • moving on
  • it’d be rough kisses and his hands running through your hair as soon as you get through the door
  • tongues battling with each other for dominance
  • you’d be moaning into each other’s mouths
  • lbr you probs wouldn’t even make it to the bedroom
  • clothing would be on the floor in the matter of a minute
  • you both would just be so desperate to touch each other
  • tom would hoist you up and press you against a wall
  • at this point the only thing left was his boxers and your underwear
  • you guys don’t even bother to take them off
  • instead you just slide the underwear to the side, and tom pulls down his boxers just enough to let his cock spring free
  • you’d both let out a loud af moan when he’d be fully inside you
  • normally you guys would take your time when it was a reunion like this
  • but this time he wouldn’t hesitate to start thrusting into you with vigor
  • tom would be fucking you up the wall
  • grabbing onto your thighs to make sure you din’t fall
  • you’d wrap your arms around his neck and start pressing kisses to his jawline
  • you two would be moaning into each other’s mouths
    • “never gonna go this long without ya again, love”
    • “fuck you feel so good”
    • “you like that? like th’way my cock fills you up?”
  • he’d be the type to rub your clit in time with his thrusts after he puts you down and starts taking you from behind
  • his breath would be hot against your ear 
  • just when you thought you couldn’t get any wetter
  • it’s hot and heavy
  • you two are seeing stars when you orgasm
  • my goodness goodbye 

succ&fucc saturday™

5 Things Tag

I was tagged by lovely @gayalexy, thanks Jodie ^3^

5 things you’ll find in my bag

make-up bag (like I’m doing lol)
fluffy key chain

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

Clothes… clothes everywhere…
Tons of accesories
Make-up & perfumes
Plushies (most of my friends say that it looks like a toy store :’>)

5 things i’ve always wanted to do

Visit Japan and USA
Go to Japan Expo and cons
Meet with my online friends (cause everyone of you is so precious <3)
Learn several languages
Buy merch of things I’m obsessed of (animes+mm etc)

5 things that make me happy

Drawing (while listening music)
My friends & family
My Husbandos
My phone <3
Dye my hair (cant wait for summer to come <3)

5 things i’m currently into

Nightcore (I was always into it tho)
Editing (like clothes for Zury etc)
LLSIF (but for 2 years or smh)

5 things on my to-do-list

Stay all night, sleep all day
Find new music
And maybe get more into kpop? (thanks to my sis)

5 things people may not know about me 

I’m Turkish (dont think ppl know this unless they chatted with me lol)

Yoosung’s good end (& day 10) was one of the things made me cry A LOT in MM and I couldnt get over it for like 1 week?

I kinda have psychopathic thoughts? Sometimes? (once my French teacher said I have a wide range of imagination and sometimes I scare him :’>)

I’m like a smol child and need atteantion (pls take care of me :’> Btw thats smh my friends say, cause they’re like my mum lol)

Eventhough I look sociable from outside, I’m EXTREMELY shy (like there were times I was ashamed to ask questions, even when rebloging things, I’m stupid ;;) , dont know how to start convos etc. (So if you wanna talk with me  dont bother to send me message, I’ll always answer :’>)

I’ll tag @vanillaamoursucrethings, @fairies-hideout@fairywale, @eldaryanna, @mcl-danielle, @mikamycandylove, @meloncetes and @fictitious-life-ls ♥♥♥