bedroom walls

I throw your name at my bedroom wall
then pick it up and stitch all the letters back together.
I am not sure what else to do with it.
So I just hold it in my hands for a while,
turning it over and over
before putting it back in my pocket
or under my tongue like an acid tab.
I don’t say it out loud like I used to
but I still remember how to
and the sound of it rings in my mind
like a thousand silver bells
or a battlecry,
yes I guess it sounds quite a bit like a battlecry.
I scream it into my pillow.
Loudly, because it hurts.
In the morning I pour it into my bath
and the water bubbles
like the bubbles that form behind my lips
whenever I have something I want to say to you
that I know I will not say.
In the morning,
it doesn’t hurt at all.
I sink beneath the surface
and pretend that I am drowning.
A peaceful death, I’d say.
—  ‘Your Name’ @leatherbounddiaries 

astro-iva  asked:

Hiii I want to make my room cozy but idk how. Any suggestions? Max budget is like $30 😬

  • Decorate with neutral shades and patterns - creams, grays, white, and pastels
  • An inviting and comfortable bed is essential. You can find cheap throw pillows and fluffy blankets at your local thrift store
  • Soft, warm lighting - fairy lights
  • Antique items (picture frames, lamps, figureines, etc) give your bedroom a cozy and nostalgic feel
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money on new decorations. You can repurpose old items 

Some pictures:

Good luck!