bedroom photoshoot

Even’s last morning as a high school student

Even was warm, soft hands were enveloped around his hips as Isak’s lips trailed down his chest, causing his stomach to tighten at the electric touch of his boyfriends mouth. he was squirming at every touch, kiss, bite and he couldn’t think of anything better than staying in this moment forever. he felt Isak’s cold fingertips tug at his undwear and sense his lips-


Even’s eyes fluttered open at the exact moment Isak’s finger hit the button on Even’s camera and filled the room with the sound of Even being photographed seconds after being awoken from a very….good dream. he couldn’t help but wonder how well his boner was hidden in that shot. 

“Isaaaak” he groaned, covering his face with a pillow as his boyfriend continued snapping photos from every angle possible. he was squinting into the lense so seriously that it caused Even’s groan to be laced with an amused chuckle.

suddenly the bed creaked as Isak plopped himself right onto Even’s legs and threw the pillow off his face making Even stare up at the boy behind the camera. 

Even sighed at the ceiling dramatically before raising his eyebrows into the lense. “you just can’t get enough of me can you?” 

Isak grinned triumphantly as he snapped another photo “it’s not fun being on the other side of the camera is it baby.” 

another snap as Even stuck out his tongue

“oh how the tables have turned” Isak said amusedly as he crawled closer and plopped himself on Even’s chest. 

Even’s hand went straight to Isak’s golden curls as he shook his head “shut up you love the camera” 

“nei the camera just loves me” 

there was that beautiful smile and fucking hell Even couldn’t argue that. 

the camera did love him. 

Even wrestled the thing out of his boyfriends hands and then turned it toward him, capturing his favourite eye roll perfectly. 

“so are you going to tell me why you’re suddenly turning our bedroom into a photoshoot?” 

Isak gaped at him

Even squinted back 




“oh right” Even said nonchalantly, placing the camera on the bedside table. 


this response was incomprehensible to isak

“cool? COOL?” 

Even shrugged and smiled “yeah it is isn’t it?” 

Isak threw his hands up “Even you are fucking amazing. This is fucking amazing.” 

watching his baby get worked up like this caused Evens entire world to light up and he let out a breathy giggle 

“it’s just finishing high school Isak” 

Isak let out an adorable irritated sigh before bringing himself closer to Even so he couldn’t escape his beautiful green eyes.

like he would want to anyway. damn

“Even you are the strongest, bravest, smartest person I know and now you’re a fucking high school graduate, so not only are you the man of my life, you’re now the man of my dreams too.” 

Even grinned “oh my god you are such a nerd.” 

“you knew this”

“education is sexy to you huh?” 

“little bit” 

Even shook his head in disbelief at the thought that somehow after everything, he ended up with this beautiful boy literally on top of him right now. 

how the fuck did he get so lucky

“how did i get so lucky?” he asked as Isak blushed and shook his head

“I think we just established i’m the lucky one here mr HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE. Now get up so you can eat the graduation breakfast i made you and get your ass to school.”

Even felt his eyebrow quirk up “oh baby no”


“honey you can’t cook”

Isak rolled his eyed “relax, it’s just toast and microwaved porridge…but i made it look pretty” 

the sound of Even’s laughter echoed through the apartment as the younger boy crawled off of him and led him to the table where he had in fact set up a very pretty spread. 

“you got me flowers” he said endearingly as he smiled down at his boyfriend who somehow managed to look both pleased with himself and embarrassed. 

how in the world did this angel actually exist?

Isak snapped one more photo as Even took a bite of moderately burnt toast. 

Isak smiled as he looked at the preview on the screen

“i’m gonna call this one ‘boys last breakfast as a high school student’”

“shit name”  Even replied as he smiled brightly at his future sitting across from him.