bedroom of the emperor

I'm The Type... (Free Write 7/11)

I’m the type to type my hype when I feel you getting closer
I’m the type to turn off the lights to rub your back, your ass, your shoulders
I’m the type to hold you
I’m the type to scold you if you ever forget your worth
I will always put you first
I will always hold your purse
I will buy your pads, and always ask, “hey, are you hungry?”
I will always be excited to hear you saying that you love me, trust me
I’m the the type to take you out
I’m the the type eat you out
I’m the type to dick you down, to keep on pounding even after I have found it
Thanking God for the reciepe, and blessing me with your fountain, gushing
I will always keep you blushing
This is nothing, this is regular
You’re not my prey, we’re both the predators
You’re my empress, I’m the emperor
And in the bedroom, we’ll raise the temperature
Cause I’m the type to listen
I’m a soldier, you’re my mission
And I’m sorry if this sounds different
But that just means you’ve been missing out
And that can change, if you pick me now
…but hey, you know, still over here being all single and stuff lmao

Celestial Crown - Ch. 3

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Summary: Kylo and his Empress try picking up the pieces of their kingdom after the attack, trying to start the process of rebuilding. As they take in the sheer volume of damage to their home, they also make a surprising discovery about their daughter, leading to a heated debate, and a possible rift in the family. Leia also returns to the Resistance, trying to digest the reality of being at war with her child, former student and infant grandchild. 

A/N: And we finally return to this story! It’s not super long and it’s kinda so-so haha, but some of the content definitely sets up the next chapter (idk how many more I’ll really do). Hope you all enjoy!

Shuffling through the ashy piles of debris, huddles of storm troopers scanned the perimeter of the palace for any royal staff or salvagable belongings left behind. Their white armor, quickly collecting black scuffs from trying to navigate the remnants of what was left of the palace. To say the least, it was reduced to the bare bones of its structure. The entirety was now coal black, burnt to a crisp, steam still rising into the air. The ornate tapestries were now piles of dust with gold metal rods underneath them, the grand paintings now shriveled black canvases, the curtains all now reduced to thin strands of fabric blowing in the breeze. The second floor was barely standing, with the exception of a few rooms still holding strong with what was left. 

The servants, lieutenants and troopers were all still shaken by the attack. Many still silently crying as they awaited the news of the survivors from the attack. Though the entirety of the First Order was aware of just how much of a target they were, nobody ever planned to witness attacks this severe. At least not in person. 

With a billow of his robes, Kylo moved swiftly and carefully up to what was left of the second floor. Feeling the cold breeze brush against the fabric over his chest he let out a wavering sigh as he walked through a fractured doorframe. What once was your bedroom, where you happily resided with your Emperor and daughter, was almost entirely demolished. Though the marble floors still stood, the walls at least somewhat stable, it was like a ghost of the place you had so many memories in. 

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Three Hundred Years of the Romanov Dynasty

Spring: The Rise of the Romanovs (1613-1713)

In 1613, the Romanov family gained power over their country as the young teenage Michael Romanov reluctantly accepted the position of the tsar, which finally ended a long tumultuous period called the Time of Troubles. The immediate task of the new dynasty was to restore peace and the Romanovs were popular during most of the first century.

Summer: Russia’s Golden Age (1714-1814)

The second century saw the monumental reigns of the two Greats, Peter I and Catherine II. Through a number of successful wars, Emperor Peter I expanded the Tsardom into a much larger empire that became a major European power. Peter led a cultural revolution that replaced some of the traditionalist and medieval social and political systems with ones that were modern, scientific, westernized, and based on The Enlightenment. His successors (daughter Empress Elizabeth I and granddaughter-in-law Catherine II) followed his steps in bettering Russia.

Autumn: Turmoils and Decline (1815-1917)

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, after the death of Catherine the Great a few years earlier, the Russian Empire began its decline. In 1801, Catherine’s son and only legitimate child, Emperor Paul, was assassinated in his bedroom in his palace. In December 1825, a confusion regarding the succession caused a revolt and it was only among the first of many successive revolts and unrest that would later plague the Romanovs.

Despite one Emperor’s efforts to better Russia with life-changing reforms (one of them freeing serfs), the assassination of that Emperor shook Imperial Russia to its core. It ultimately caused the final blow and doomed his descendants.

Okay so I skimmed those episodes of Enterprise set in the mirror universe and here is my summary:

-evil version of the theme song, no perfect strangers for dark enterprise
-evil enterprise cannot afford enough material to cover the women’s midriffs
-holy shit scott bakula is hamming it up as evil archer
-he looks like he is smelling something bad, always
-“i’m racist and i hate your species. Btw you’re promoted to first commander, hope you don’t betray me lol”
-this is said with all seriousness: “in this universe they became the united federation of planets” “more like united federation of fools”
-imagine this being said by scott bakula dressed like 60s star trek because he “found it in the captain’s quarters”
-copious amounts of evil archer bedroom scenes
-archer is given a more evil dog
-“great men are not *suddenly gets a brainfreeze* PEACCCEMAKERSS, great men are conquerers!!”
-terrible early 2000s cgi gorn, still manages to beat up archer
-even mirror universe archer cant fight
-the background noise of the ship sounds like dial up
-scott bakula imagines another scott bakula telling him to be more evil, so there are two (2) hammy scott bakulas
-at this point his acting goes even more over the top, somehow
-declares himself emperor, emperor bakula
-killed in another bedroom scene
-somehow more likable than regular archer


Empress Maria Fyodorovna with her children and imperial staff peeling potatoes on the porch of Langikoski fishing lodge, Finland.

Langikoski was presented to the Imperial couple by the State and the people of Finland … The fishing lodge was small and very simple. Downstairs was a living toom with furniture made by a local carpenter, two halls, a small room for the Empress and an even smaller toom for the Emperor and a spacious kitchen. All the furnishings, porcelain and glassware were made by Scandinavian craftsmen. Upstairs the Emperor and Empress shared a bedroom with their two single beds placed one in front of the other. This floor also contained rooms for the children, five or six members of the suite and the Life Guards. The Emperor was forbidden to smoke his cigars indoors, Dagmar insisted he go outside onto the large veranda which ran  down the length of the building.

The newspapers reported with some surprise that, although they brought their own staff, the Imperial couple led a very simple life. The Emperor chopped firewood with a locally-made axe. The Empress and her assistants peeled potatoes on the kitched porch for the salmon soup she cooked for her family in a copper kettle on the kitchen stove. However, it was reported that she did not like to do the washing up. The amenities were very basic. There was no running water, the Emperor carried buckets from the river to the kitchen; no sewage disposal system and no electricity. …

They made about ten visits to Langikoski, the last one in July 1894 when the Tsar was already ill. Despite this he was reported to be in “high spirits” and enjoyed some excellent fishing. In an unexpected speech at dinner he referred warly to his wife and odreder her Standart to be hoisted. … The following day Sasha and Dagmar left Langikoski, never to return.

Coryne Hall: Little Mother of Russia

    “I am glad that you can paint me without those heavy robes on, Hallward.” Napoleon was focused on holding the position he was instructed to stay in, regrettably feeling exposed by wearing only his linen shirt and riding trousers. It was overly casual attire, especially for an emperor, but in the safety of his bedroom, painted by the finest artist in all of France, he knew it would be fine, since the painter never failed to impress with his grandiose masterpieces. “You know, those robes weigh about fifty pounds. Could you imagine me having to stand there for hours, as you take your time dabbing your brushes in paint and smearing it across a canvas?” 

    After quite some time of standing in the same position, the emperor shifted slightly. “No one ever mentions how tiring this is. Can we perhaps try a different position next time? This one… does not seem to excite me the way it used to. I know that you are far more experienced in this than I am, but - how about lying down? I am sure that would still get the mood across.” Napoleon was only half-joking, evident by the bright smile on his face. What was true was that he was nearly fifty years old, and years of revolution and war had taken their toll on him. 


What we know about Clara Oswald

  • Clara Oswald was born in 1986 in Blackpool, Lancashire.
  • Her parents are David James “Dave” Oswald and Eleanor Alison “Ellie” Oswald (née Ravenwood) .

  • They met when Ellie saved Dave from nearly being run over by a car after a leaf blew into his face. The sentimental sod kept the leaf and gave it to Ellie who passed it onto her daughter.
  • Other family members includes her grandmother (Dave’s mother, who has yet to be named)

  • And Linda, who may be an aunt or stepmother (someone really needs to get Moffat to clarify this).

  • As a child Clara was always losing things. Whenever she would lose something, she’d go to a quiet place, close her eyes, then would find where she’d put it.
  • Her worst fear was getting lost herself, which came true on a bank holiday visit to Blackpool beach. Her mother eventually found her and comforted her by saying that she would always find her.
  • When she was 15 she had a poster of Marcus Aurelius, last of the Five Good Emperors and superlative bass player, on her bedroom wall.

  • She hated history at school.
  • The legend of Robin Hood was one of her favourite stories growing up.
  • She doesn’t like boybands. 
  • She was very close to her mother and was devastated by her death on 5th March 2005.

  • She attended and graduated from university

  • After uni she planned to go travelling.
  • Before she left, she spent a week with family friends, the Maitlands, in London. After the sudden death of Mrs Maitland, she decided to put her travel plans on hold to help look after Artie and Angie Maitland. 
  • She later went to work as an English teacher at Coal Hill School

So, please, tell me again how we know nothing about Clara Oswald.