bedroom diaries

June 8th update: Show us Your Protagonist’s Room

Here be the current bedroom plan for you&me. It’s been a bit updated since I last worked on You May- a lot more pink, for one.

Players can save at the papers on the top. It’s not finalized- shading may be touched up, objects may be placed more conveniently (Save Papers definitely need to be moved), etc. Ideally, eventually virtually everything in this room can be interacted with, and at least two more rooms in the house will be explorable.

There is currently a dedicated Sleep Button planned. Pressing Shift will cause Yarn to go into a rest animation, wherever she is. Players can either interrupt it and stand back up, or wait for a timer to finish to drift into a Dream.

The Beds, and other rest areas (like couches), still have a use. Nyla usually sleeps in beds, and thus if you want to explore certain dreams, you’ll have to sleep next to her.

If you interact with the Beds with the Action (Z, Enter) button, then you’ll lay in them and have to press Shift afterwards to fall asleep- the timer is shorter than on a floor, though. Waiting also doesn’t hurt, there may be some surprises if you do.

Current progress so far:

  • Yarn and Nyla’s walking charsets are done
  • Bedroom chipset is done
  • 1/10 collective dream worlds mapped out in engine.

Main things left to do:

  • At least three effect charsets
  • Finish at least 10 dreams (up to 17 main ones)
  • Dialogue, events, and other quality-of-life things

19.06.16 Happy Fathers Day! I’m a little apprehensive about today, but the 7am sunshine wants me to put on a brave face. This morning I’ve been making sure I have my productivity tips queued for when I go to Lisbon next Sunday, and doing my yoga routine. It’s my baby cousins birthday today so I have that to look forward to. Yesterday I was looking at possible first cars! It’s really exciting if a little scary, and I might be getting a kia picanto or a hyundai i10 if anyone’s interested lol xxx emily