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The miniature journey continues!

I wanted to make an entire bedroom scene, but given how I take photos… decided to split it into several different scenes so as to not overwhelm the viewer :)

This scene is focused on a mini clothes rack where you’d hang your clothes and put any used pieces in the laundry basket. Admittedly, the laundry bag turned out a little more festive than anticipated, but I wouldn’t mind owning one irl if I came across something similar.

Everything is handmade (including Grumpy Mcgrumpface) and the framed print is actually up for sale in my etsy. It’s a copy of an original gouache painting I did featuring some Canadiana, and a larger version for real-sized walls should be available fairly shortly as well.

anonymous asked:

hi I was looking through ur tags and I was wondering if u had anything angel-themed?? and if u could tag those please/thank u !!!!

Yeah! This was a fun one to do!!


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