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"PILLOW FIGHT!" or "I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it" for Wally and Iris. Thanks!

“Hey,” Wally said. “How’s bedrest?”

Iris shifted herself, holding onto the beach-ball of her belly with one hand. “The most demonic torture ever devised by man, and just as soon as I can get up, I’ll kill my obstetrician.”

“See those mood swings are still swingin’ too,” he observed.

“Do you really want that lecture right now? About how women’s perfectly reasonable emotions and reactions are attributed to hormones, particularly when they’re pregnant? Is that how you want to spend the next hour and a half?”

He cleared his throat. “No, no ma’am, I certainly do not, no.“

From the other room, Barry yelled out, “I have to go, bye honey, I love you!”

Wally looked over at the door. “You guys okay?” Usually, goodbyes between his sister and her husband were long, drawn-out affairs with a bunch of smooching. It had gotten worse since she’d gotten pregnant, because Barry had to say goodbye to the babies, too.

“Oh, no, we’re fine. He just knows I’ll murder his face if I see it right now. What kind of an idiot wants me to be eight months pregnant with twins in August?”

He opted not to mention that it probably hadn’t been completely Barry’s idea, back in January. “Okay, anyway, I brought you some stuff to keep you company.” He reached in his bag and brought out a stack of DVDs, an armload of books, and a huge covered dish. “Parks and Rec, seasons two through six with commentary, every Beverly Jenkins paperback I could find in the used-book store, and enough brownies to kill an elephant.”

“Wally!” Tears shone in her eyes as she took the dish of brownies. “You’re my favorite brother.”

“I’m your only brother,” he said. “Books or show first?”

“Show, and you have to stay and watch at least the first disc with me. My laptop’s in the other room because somebody was making a point about me not doing any work, and he forgot that it has the fun Internet, too. And bring the bed tray.”

When he finished setting everything up, Wally glanced over at his sister. She had the plate of brownies balanced on her stomach, with her mouth full and another in her hand, ready to go.

He grinned and slid his hand into his pocket for his phone. This was going to be a picture that he’d show on the babies’ wedding days.

She swallowed her mouthful and said over the insanely peppy theme music, “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it.”

“Roger that,” he muttered, and put his phone away.


1.  Don’t tell me I need to find a way to work around my limitations.

2.  Don’t imply that I’m a bad Spoonie because I dared to admit publicly something was inaccessible to me.

3. Don’t agree that something is inaccessible to me, but if I wanted it badly enough I could find a way to enjoy it.

4.  Don’t act like you are a good Spoonie because even though something is inaccessable, YOU are trying to find ways to enjoy it.

I don’t need you giving me 101 more things I need to expend energy on when I am worried about having enough energy to shower. 


Losing Teeth - A.I.

Request: (SUMMARIZED) Y/N gets her wisdom teeth removed and is in a lot of pain, and Ashton hates seeing her suffer. 

Pairing: Ashton x Female Reader

It was a lot for Ashton to remember. No solid foods for the first few days, a lot of bedrest, change the gauze periodically, and a ton of small orange pill bottles filled with medication he couldn’t name. He had to remember to wake up early in the morning to get Y/N to take her medicine, which broke up his sleeping schedule like crazy. He often found himself just staying awake, falling asleep whenever she did and waking up when she started crying from the pain. It was his worst nightmare. He hated seeing her suffer. He wished he could turn into some sort of pain sponge, soaking up her misery and squeezing it out into a bucket.

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Nat sat next to her as they waited in the hospital, her in a bed. He never thought he'd be here, considering she just wanted to meet her again last night.

Julia lay in the hospital bed, moving her hands around her belly.  She was scared and just wanted to know what was wrong.  She felt bad that Nat had to go through this with her since he just came over to talk to her.  She knew that was probably going to end up on bedrest with what is going on and in her head was trying to figure out how to take care of everything. Julia looked at Nat and reached for his hand.

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First of all, I LOVE all of the pregnancy prompts you guys have written. Second of all, when you have time, can you pls write some pregnancy angst? Like, pre serum!steve or even post serum steve being bed ridden or smth during his pregnancy and bucky's afraid for him and blames himself for putting his stevie in this position. Thank you!! You guys do the lord's work :)) <3

I went with post-serum Steve and post WS Bucky, so I hope you enjoy! And all my fics seem to take place in some kind of alternate timeline where Bucky and Steve were reunited directly after CATWS, so AoU and CACW never happened…so that’s when this takes place XD -Jenna

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Bedrest || Freya/Charles

There’s nothing that prepares you for war. All the training in weapons, in tactics, in learning the hierarchy, none of it covers the spoils of the bullet you fire or those that are fired at you. The young captain is in the face of the danger. In the small group he has within his company, he has indisputably become their commanding officer as they listen to the explosions clawing at their eardrums. They won’t survive long at this pace, where their odds are dictated by how much of their brothers’ blood has already been spilled beyond their makeshift barricade. This was ill-prepared from the start. Calmness is cracking, and the time for action reaches desperate heights, anchoring itself within Charles’ spirit.

It’s dark, the foreign world is lit only from flashes, and the man takes his chance to save his men, ordering them to move as soon as the window of time has been bought. The price Charles pays leaves him scarred.


A sharp intake of breath forces him awake, bolting up from his bed back home. There was such vividness in the dream that the familiar setting is disorienting. His lips are still parted, breathing in the surroundings in uneven breaths before his hand reaches to his forehead a bit too fast for his injured shoulder.

He lets out a groan that’s quickly bitten back. He hopes it’s not enough to wake Freya up in her room, if he hasn’t already from the nightmare.


Reader x Dean

Requested By Anon

It didn’t take long for Dean to ‘deal’ with the thing that had attacked you and Sam, Dean insisted that you help him sneak Sam back to someplace called the bunker and Sam wanted you to stay. There wasn’t much complaining on your part, it wasn’t often you found yourself not needing to pay any bills.


“You’re still here.” Dean complained as he glanced over to the doorway you’d just walked through.


“Thanks for letting me know, for a minute there I thought I wasn’t here.” Your sarcasm wasn’t appreciated but Dean didn’t really have a choice seeing as Sam had insisted you stay and you were actually quite good at covering for Sam doing research.


“Did you check in on Sam?” Dean grunted as he flipped through one of the books Sam had left out for him in his last attempt to escape bedrest and do research.

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Okay but consider months after the twins are born, Omega!Obi-Wan realizes that he is way too Attached to Anakin when he gets force knocked up. And because the universe hates him, he has the worse pregnancy. Can't keep food down, constant back pain, ends up on bedrest, 28 hour labor, all of the suffering. Meanwhile Anakin is like "???" because his pregnancy is nothing like that? And the clones are like "???? Which one is the normal pregnancy? Fuck it none of us should have kids cant risk it"

That sounds like Obi-Wan Kenobi’s life, yes. :X 

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I have a drabble request! But it's not a sentence or anything so totally understand if you don't wanna, but I'm getting a tonsillectomy on Monday. I'm not scared at all of the surgery (been waiting forever to fix my sore throat. I'm ready.) but I've been told I most definitely will be out for a week and I'm stubborn and hate being on bedrest no matter how much pain I'm in so I'm not looking forward to that. If you'd be able to write a DeanxReader Drabble off that, it'd really cheer me up :)

I combined this with an anon request for “Have you been eating enough?” 

“Got everything you need?” Dean asked and you shrugged your shoulders, unable to speak from the tonsillectomy that morning. You didn’t react very well to the anesthesia either, barely able to keep yourself awake even after spending hours at the hospital. The only way you’d gotten to go home was Dean convincing the doctor he wouldn’t leave you alone. “Alright, let’s see…we got juice, painkillers, pudding, pillows, blankets, cell phone, remote…I think we got everything.” You were already sound asleep by the time he finished his list and he smiled, leaning down to kiss your forehead. “Text me if you need me.” He whispered in your ear and wrapped your hand around your phone.

You didn’t wake again until the next morning, seeing Dean snoring beside you. You knew you were supposed to be on bedrest for a week but you had other plans. You didn’t want to be a burden and you had no desire to spend an entire week in bed, so you slowly slid out and made your way to the kitchen to get some ice cream.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Dean’s gravelly morning voice was right behind you and you jumped, spinning around with the pint of ice cream in your hand. You held it up and pouted, pointing to your throat and then to the ice cream. “You could’ve woke me up, Y/N. They said bedrest.” You were going to protest but before you could he swept you off your feet and carried you back into the bedroom, laying you back in the bed. You crossed your arms across your chest and let out a huff of protest. “How old are you, 5?” You didn’t answer, flaring your nostrils in annoyance.

This went on for another 3 miserable days. All you could eat was ice cream, pudding, jello, soup, and popsicles. All you really wanted was a burger. This morning, you crawled out of bed again and sat at the kitchen table, poking the bowl of jello with your finger. “You’re out here again?” Dean sounded exasperated and sat down across from you. “Why don’t you just stay in bed?”

You shrugged and continued to look sadly down at the jello. “I know you miss real food.” He chuckled and grabbed you again, throwing you over his shoulder. “God, you’re so much lighter. Have you been eating enough?” You punched your fist into his back and he let out a grunt, twisting you around until he held you bridal style. “The hell was that for?” You pointed to the couch and he followed your gaze over, realizing what you meant.

“The couch?” He asked. “If I bring all your stuff out here, will you at least stay on the couch?” You nodded in agreement and he placed you on the couch while he got everything you’d need. He started to walk away again when you reached out and gripped his wrist, turning him back around. “What, sweetheart?”

You pointed your finger to him and then back at yourself, then pointed down to the couch. “You want me to stay?” He asked. You nodded enthusiastically and pointed to the TV and drew an N in the air with your finger. “Netflix marathon? Sounds like a plan.” He chuckled and went to get a gallon of ice cream before plopping down on the couch next to you. You curled up next to him and shared the ice cream, occasionally trying to feed it to each other and throwing it on each other’s faces. As promised, you took your medicine and did everything you were supposed to do, so long as he didn’t make you stay in bed.

After finishing the entire gallon of ice cream and who knows how many episodes of Dr. Sexy you let the painkillers pull you down, cuddling next to Dean and drifting off to sleep. He kissed your forehead and pulled the blanket from the back of the couch and draped it over you both, wrapping his arms around your back and falling asleep with his face buried in your hair.

Thank you everyone for your advice and well wishes. My hip popped again after my bath and won’t stop hurting. My sister is here and she’s got me in this funny configuration (pillow under my butt, pillow under my knees, blanket between my knees to keep them even). We’re switching between watching #Grimm and #iZombie (my two favorite current shows, both doomed by being demoted to mid season replacements next year). We love our fantasy crime shows! #subliuxations #owmyhip #weloveravi #welovewu #bedrest

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A long string of jobs has left Freed exhausted and overworked to the point of collapse, and when he is ordered to bedrest followed by a few months without magic Laxus takes the opportunity to whisk him away from everything. Written for Fraxus Week 2016. Day 1 Prompt: Beach 

Disclaimer: As always Fairy Tail and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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Rebecliffe Pregnant/Baby Headcanons

It takes a few times/failures to get pregnant.

On their successful attempt, at 4 months Rebeckah is planet-bound and shortly after ordered bedrest.

Silvanus fusses with Archive security. He challenges the squad, Risty, Mitlan and the Pariahs to get through it. Each of them after their attempts go to visit with Rebeckah. Some of them look a little worse for wear every now and again due to some of the more ridiculous traps.

While pregnant, Rebeckah frequently wears Radcliffe’s clothes, especially while he’s away. She has to roll the hems of sweats, a point he enjoys teasing her over.

Radcliffe’s favorite time is when she pregnant, because she forgoes her mechadendrites- it’s much easier to cuddle.

Rebeckah’s body temperature is normally higher than average, but with all the modifications and deactivated systems, she is unnervingly cold, especially after being powered down(sleeping) for a little while.

Shara and Corrus are small babies at birth.

Shara is a psyker- a pyromancer.

Corrus is older, more cautionary and thoughtful. Shara is taller, brash and adventurous.




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Omg imagine wannabe alpha/omega Hux and Kylo when they found out that Kylo actually got pregnant! Just the 2 idiots being absolutely overjoyed and so happy. And Hux being so overprotective of Kylo bc doctors told them that bc of his past the pregnancy would be xtra hard on his body and him being put on bedrest for most of the pregnancy. The baby being born 2 early and with complications both for Kylo and the baby, Kylo almost bleeding out completely, Hux sitting by his side bundle in arms crying


I can totally imagine their excitement though I mean this is the baby they’ve been waiting for. And Kylo literally cannot stop crying when he sees the pregnancy test is positive. I mean he’s jumping around, literally screaming thanks to the gods and to Hux and to everyone.

And he’s pretty much in bed for the whole thing. Some days he’s so sick that Hux can’t leave his side. He’s too worried. Kylo sobs when it hurts, tells him his sorry and goodbye. He says goodbye too much. Hux begs him not to say those things. That it hurts him to hear him say goodbye. Hux ensures him that he’s not going to die. That he’ll see their baby.

And he does.

The birth is hell on earth. There is no other way to describe the two days of complete torture that Kylo is put through and everything seems to go wrong. Hux locks himself in a bathroom and cries for most of it. He can’t bare to see Kylo is so much pain. The time seems to go so slowly, hours seem to drag on for so long. Every minute is torment. Hux eventually sits beside him, holds his hand as Kylo cries and screams against the mattress. “Hux is hurts!” He screams. “I can’t do it!”

And then there’s crying.

Hux looks up. Surely there should be more than that. The midwives look around worriedly, their baby is silent and Kylo is oddly quiet. No. That’s all he thinks. No, no, no. It’s repeated like a mantra. Kylo is quickly losing consciousness, going in and out of awareness of what’s around him. “Kylo, don’t do this.” Hux begs and suddenly he’s being rushed out of the room. He can’t deal with this, he tries to fight against them and break away but he can’t.

It’s another few hours of waiting and screaming and crying, mostly from Hux. He has no idea what’s going on. And then a nurse comes to his side. “I’m sorry.” She says. Hux looks away from her. “We did the best we could.”

Hux follows her to where Kylo is and is handed a bundle of blankets, a tiny little baby wailing underneath. He’s so surprised. He’d thought the worst. “He’ll be a sickly one but he’ll live. We’ll fit his prosthetics once he’s old enough.” Hux looks up at her then at Kylo who looks completely exhausted but thank god over everything, he’s alive. The omega nods slightly, a painful smile at his lips. “Prosthetics?” He finally asks. The doctor explains. Congenital Amputation, along with several other deficiencies cause by the irregular biology and birth of the mother. But he’s alive. He’s safe.

He sits by Kylo’s bedside, crying in HAPPINESS, because his baby is alive and so is Kylo. His two favourite things in the whole world.

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I’m currently on painkillers and stuck at home on bedrest because I injured my back - that last reaction may not be nearly as good as I think it is…

Anyway, if anyone wants to talk and entertain me while I’m loopy on painkillers, I am here to talk!

- Admin J