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Im excited for the new chapter but i'm a little sad also. Like Sasuke sent for Naruto to leave the village. This means that Sasuke and Sakura won't reunite. I feel like Kishi made Sakura faint to keep her out of the plot :(

Well, yeah…

Spoilers from baidu are saying that Sasuke sent a hawk to Konoha to contact Naruto and our fav. orange Hokage left a bunshin in the village to go meet up with Sauce.

But we still aren’t sure if Sakura’s state is serious enough to call for a bedrest or anything like that.

Who knows? Naruto might go to Sakura to inform her about him leaving the village in order to meet up with Sasuke.

Plus apparently in the spoilers, Sarada and Chouchou decide on tailing Naruto, too. So it will be interesting to see how those events go down in the actual chapter!

para|| Mr. Brightside: Santana/Mason, 4/27/2015

Mason wasn’t certain if being a Guardian Angel in general was this complicated, or if his problems just had everything to do with the fact that his charge’s happiness seemed to only hinge on two people.  Either way, however, for his own sanity the blonde teenager found himself continually trying to insert himself into a group of people that were inconsistent on how much they wanted him in their lives.  Well, Charlie was usually pretty amiable, but right now with the whole Lynn thing she didn’t really seem to want to be around anyone.  Santana was pretty much avoiding the world with the bedrest excuse, and Monroe was pretty much ambivalent as to whether he tolerated the teenager or was irritated by his presence.  So the blonde teen decided after his lunch date with Charlie kind of flopped that he’d make the next attempt with the other girl that seemed to be dragging his charge down the most.  He’d gathered up all of her schoolwork for the past weeks, a couple of sweets that he’d discerned from the otter that she’d be more amiable with, and made his way to the dorms.

“Santana!” he called out, sending out a text simultaneously.  “I’m not leaving until you open up, so you might as well give in now!”

Day shift emptied out the floor, so I only got one patient back from last night. In addition, I got a female patient post heart cath on bedrest until 2200 with IVF running at 150mL/hr. A post-op pericardialcentesis and thoracentesis that showed up on the floor at 1900. And then a septic transfer that came up around 1930.
In short, I ran my butt off.
Then just before midnight a patient decided to code. They were old and frail. And I crushed their sternum into pieces with my excellent quality compressions. We were unsuccessful in our efforts. It was for the best, this person should have been a DNR last week. They even had a meeting earlier in the day about it and the family wasn’t ready. So another life that could have gone peacefully ended violently.
I hate this job sometimes.

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I was in highschool when I got pregnant and my boyfriend had to work three jobs to support us since I was really sick from the pregnancy and couldn't work- I was so sick I was on bedrest for 6 months! Then he gave up everything and joined the air force because we were still struggling. YOU WILL BE FINE <3 Get WIC and join support groups :) I have faith in you!! <3

I know we will be. Thank you SO MUCH for the support!


( sms ; hotch sauce ) i’ve been listening to taylor swift’s entire discography on repeat for the past three days
( sms ; hotch sauce ) come over, bring jack, lets have a living room picnic
( sms ; hotch sauce ) please?
( sms ; hotch sauce ) xx
( mms ; hotch sauce ) i’ve been baking!!!

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Officially got put on bedrest today. Nursery is complete, supplies are bought, got two of everything imaginable. The end is near and I can't wait much longer! Girls are healthy so far and just can't wait to finally meet them.

Aww yay!! I’m so excited for you, I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out! And enjoy your rest before they come! Let us know when they have arrived! <3 <3

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Hey! I just saw your video and wanted to let you know that I found it super encouraging. I have CP + scoliosis, and I very frequently feel isolated and alone and like people don't understand what my lived experience is like. I'm partaking in a fashion show soon though, and I'm terrified. But I'm glad you're out there advocating for non-normative bodies/genders/presentations. I reblogged your post! I really hope you get the funding you need!

Thank you! Chronic illness can be VERY isolating, I know that feeling all too well. When my illness first started really progressing, I lost most of my friends from the time and it was Hell. It really was. And it’s devastating to know other people have to go through that. This is part of why I love the spoonie or cripple punk community, because we can at least have each other’s backs and message each other from bedrest and keep spirits up as much as possible! Chronic pain is something I’ve always dealt with, and if i’ve guessed the acronym correctly, I’m so sorry you have to deal with it, too. Let’s be real: it’s not fun. Not even a little. Not at all. I’m so glad you still woke to greet the day!! And I hope you find ways or have ways to manage your pain effectively with a good team of doctors at your side (something I’m working on acquiring still, groans ahaha).

I really appreciate the signal boost, you have no idea what it means! Hopefully we can make this happen, and even if winning isn’t the goal we reach, I can still get the experience and hopefully use it to find a larger platform from which to advocate for the rights and integration of normalizing non-normative bodies/binary breaking genders (like my own, I’m afraid to let them know I’m intersex quite yet but given i was dfab hopefully they won’t notice until it’s too late and OOPS ACCIDENTAL INTERSEX MISS AMERICA OH NOOO ahahah infiltration complete)/neurodivergent folks as well as the multi ethnic and native american people (and of course, a platform to speak out against anti black violence, islamophobic bs, and other cultural/ethnic/racial/pigmentation related injustice and hatred - not in this america, not the Turtle Island we must reclaim for our ancestors and our children, it ends now or it ends never).

I appreciate everyone’s support in this endeavor, I can’t thank y’all enough, those who’ve boosted and signal or sent a donation. We have five more days to raise enough to meet the goal and make this reality. To challenge what is presently accepted as beauty and grace and to challenge everything for which these pageants stand during a time of such racially fueled turmoil in this country, as well as to challenge the concept of what limitation really means and that requiring aid from others, from mobility equipment, from the community, from support systems, from health care facilities and workers, and from medications are PERFECTLY OKAY THINGS because everyone deserves the right to a fair chance, a fair trial, a fair life as free of injustice and agony as humanly possible. Society needs to start changing, and I want- no, I NEED to be a part of this change, because I could never face myself otherwise. I wouldn’t want to. I don’t want to be a person who sits idly by, and I don’t want to be a person offered this opportunity to truly vocalize these thoughts and aid my community in whatever ways I’m allowed, and turn my head to it. To turn it down. To see the opportunity and let it pass. I can’t do that. But I also can’t do this alone.

So who’s with me?


“Do pardon my absence as of late. I seem to be ill with some fever. Bedrest is all I am to see for some time. T'is a shame.”

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Mikasa and Annie

Let’s say this is out of the thieves universe.  :)

who holds the umbrella when it rains

They trade, though usually it’s Mikasa because Annie hates having to walk with her arm extended as much as it has to be to cover Mikasa.

who is the grumpiest in the morning

This is a toss-up.  Annie hates getting out of bed, but she’s reasonably decent once she’s actually up.  Mikasa, however, will make several threats if she doesn’t get to go on her morning runs.  (She is very grumpy when she’s released from the hospital after getting shot, since bedrest means no running dammit.)

who worries more when the other is sick/hurt



who plays pranks on the other

They tag team playing pranks on Eren and Ymir in a rotation.  They are much loathed for their partnership.

who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa

Annie Leonhardt is a cranky koala.

who insists on creating nicknames for the other

They’re not really a nickname couple in any universe but the Crimson Tiger universe.  (There it’s Mikasa.)

who drools on the other when they’re asleep

Mikasa refuses to admit this, but Annie has caught her drooling if Mikasa’s face-planted on her chest or back, or in her lap.  Mikasa also refuses to believe it until Annie shows her a picture of it.

who says ‘I love you’ first


right after gettin’ shot