To my little boy...

As your caregiver, I promise (and very much look forward) to

  • making you cute lunches with little letters written on the napkin
  • cleaning your face with that napkin when you eat too messy
  • holding your hand when we cross the street
  • helping you put on your socks and shoes before leaving the house
  • taking pictures of us together at the park with my polaroid camera
  • straightening your outfit up after you’ve been playing a lot
  • playing with our dollies together
  • going to toy stores with you
  • ordering food for you at restaurants
  • kissing you on the forehead
  • kissing you on the cheek
  • just giving kisses to my baby boy in general
  • cutting up your food into bites for you
  • turning on the night light for you
  • spraying your blankets, pillows and stuffies with lavender to help you sleep
  • reading you bedtime stories
  • tucking us both into bed
  • loving you with all my being every single day ♥
EXO as Boyfriends Headcanons


  • Loves giving you flowers
  • He just thinks they are a super cheerful thing an you always light up when he gives them to you so he gets you flowers at least like 2 times a month
  • A lot of your dates are in parks
  • He likes laying and cuddling with you in the sunshine
  • He also loves seeing all the dogs, and seeing you pet dogs
  • The first thing he does when he gets home is kiss you
  • If you dance, you two dance together ALL THE TIME
  • If you don’t dance thats ok he likes to teach you
  • Dancing usually turns into make out time
  • And that also soon escalates… ;)
  • Would at some point want to get a dog with you
  • Lots of cuddles and sleepy mornings
  • Tries to watch rom coms with you but falls asleep
  • You cook he cleans up


  • Not super into PDA
  • But loves cuddles behind closed doors
  • Likes watching movies with you
  • Loves when hes acting and you come onto set to surprise him
  • Loves cooking for you
  • Lowkey does everything for you
  • When he gets home from tour, the first thing is like he hugs you for a good 4 minutes
  • When you play with his lips, pretends to hate it but actually loves it
  • Really likes to play with your hair
  • If you’re ever gone for something, he may use your body wash
  • Loves singing with you and loves singing for you


  • Loves buying you things
  • “Suho it’s not my birthday or anything”
  • “It’s just a small present love. I saw it and thought of you”
  • “Babe, its a gold necklace.”
  • “Yeah, small!!”
  • Very affectionate and cuddly
  • Likes when you sit in his lap around the boys so they don’t fuck with you
  • Really likes to show you off
  • Like he loves to take you to award shows and have you on his arm
  • Likes seeing you dressed up
  • Secretly gets jealous super easily
  • Loves when you “mother” EXO
  • Likes watching comedy’s with you cause he likes seeing you laugh
  • You two def have like, matching sweatpants
  • You make really bad jokes together and all of EXO groans


  • Loves taking you to the dog park
  • Takes a ton of pictures with you hugging or cuddling his dogs
  • Loves when you cook
  • Really likes going on night drives with you
  • He loves that you love his laugh
  • Also you make him feel much better about his skin tone
  • Like he gets a lot of crap for his skin tone but the fact that you love it makes him so happy
  • If you don’t dance he would teach you how to dance
  • If you do dance, oh boy
  • You two would spend so much time dancing
  • And it would like 80% of the time lead to sex
  • He loves teasing the rest of EXO about the fact that he has a gf
  • Really really loves those mornings where you two don’t have to do anything and just spend the day in bed with each other
  • Loves taking you on dinner dates in like little mom and pop dinner places that are quiet


  • Really likes helping you pick out your outfits
  • Loves watching you play with vivi
  • He once told you he thought he loved you more than vi and you actually fainted
  • Laughs at you a lot when you make mistakes but will then hug you and kiss your forehead
  • Likes matching fashion
  • So like you have the same beanie
  • He lets you paint his nails when you’re bored
  • But only if he likes the color
  • Likes taking you on adventures
  • Which is basically like, walks in weird places late at night
  • Sassing competitions
  • “Stop being so whiny”
  • “I’ll stop when you stop being annoying”
  • “I think you’re mistaking m for you again”
  • You know neither of you mean it, its just fun
  • The rest of EXO is so confused by this
  • Likes posting super aesthetic pictures of you on insta


  • A relationship with him is so chill
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Both of you being super cute together
  • Both being very good at aeygo and using it to your advantage
  • Suckering Suho into ordering pizza with puffy cheeks
  • You two will sometimes play pranks on members then blame it on the Beagle Line
  • No one has realized it’s you two yet. They suspect nothing
  • Taking bets on the members behavior
  • “Who do you think is gonna trip first”
  • “Baek”
  • “20?”
  • “Sure” Thud “Pay up”
  • Treats you like a princess
  • Brings you back trinkets from travels
  • Likes when you somehow style his clothes into your everyday outfits
  • Got you a necklace with an ‘X’ on it


  • So many pranks
  • You often find yourselves pranking each other during prank wars
  • You and Chen vs, Chan and Baek
  • Chanyeol basically living at your house
  • He also knows like, everything about yours and baek’s relationship
  • “So Y/N I heard you wore that bla…”
  • You throw a pillow at him
  • You two go on like lots of walks together
  • He also really likes taking you to playgrounds at night and playing on them
  • Laughs a lot when you try to learn EXO dances
  • Likes singing with you and having singing battles
  • Lots of playful cuddles and tickle fights
  • Blanket forts and movie nights which result in popcorn everywhere and Baek cleaning it up
  • Likes to do your make up
  • You make breakfast on weekends to wake him up
  • “Baek, I have bacon”
  • He comes running out of your room
  • Likes to play with your hands when you two are sitting together


  • He loves going to pet stores with you for dates
  • He loves spooning you
  • You have at least 6 matching snapbacks
  • Insists he has to be your ultimate bias and won’t accept if its anyone else
  • Likes to have rap battles and when you beat him he just completely ignores that fact
  • “I won!!”
  • “Actually bab-….”
  • “Stop being such a sore loser jagiya”
  • Surprisingly good at cooking
  • Sucks at baking though
  • You tried to back together once….
  • There is still cake batter on the ceiling
  • Whines when you say another member is a good singer or rapper
  • Baekhyun is always over
  • You once walked in on Baek and Chan spooning
  • You took a picture and sent it to all of EXO and made it CHanyeol’s screensaver
  • When he annoys you, you give him the silence treatment and he automatically does anything he can to make it better
  • Fucks with you by putting everything on the top shelves
  • Tells you to bring him snacks at practices a lot
  • Won’t let you get out of bed in the mornings


  • Half of your texts are memes
  • Likes to take cute pictures of you when you aren’t paying attention
  • Tickles you a lot
  • He once put baby powder in your blow dryer
  • The next morning he woke up on his mattress in the middle of a lake
  • He earned his lesson about taking pranks too far
  • You two are really good at pranking the rest of the Beagle Line
  • He tries to play pranks on Suho but you foil them
  • “Ahhhhhh Why’d you ruin it!!??”
  • “Because you need to respect your mother!!”
  • Impresses you with his high notes
  • Also does them to annoy you
  • Usually wakes you up on weekends by bouncing on the bed
  • At least until you offer up more cuddles
  • Then he lays back down
  • Likes to make you breakfast in bed
  • Loves coffee shop dates or like poetry slam dates
  • Tried to write you poetry once but it got naughty real quick
  • It turned into a haiku about your boobs
  • You still have it

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I'm sorry to bother you but have you already done sex with Demetri?

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Okay where do i start with this kinky little shit, this huge tease

  • He is a dom
  • like i can see him being into you on top of him, but as long as he was still in control bc as a guard member he has to follow orders, so he doesn’t like following order when it came to you
  • love to hear you beg and whine and whimper
  • a huge tease, but we all know that
  • will def call you kitten in bed
  • love to tie you up and tease you
  • or almost make you cum and then stop for a but and do it all over again until you’re begging him to let you cum
  • or make you cum until you beg him to stop bc you’re too sensitive
  • I can see him being into spanking
  • and hair pulling
  • and thigh riding
Dating Kim Seokjin
  • him sending you good morning texts every day when he’s overseas
  • him tagging you in cute animal pictures he comes across on his timeline through his private account
  • getting into debates frequently about who cooks the best food
  • having cute dates at amusement parks 
  • not to mention coffee shop dates
  • “Did you know “Why did the chicken cross the road” was really about suicide?”
  • “Jin… Are you okay?”

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Vocal Unit Hybrid AU

A/N: Ok so this one’s some short bursts of headcannons on how Seventeen’s vocal unit would be if they’re hybrid imo. Shoutout to the Anon who asked for the hybrid au! I’ve been thinking about this AU for a while, too. If you want a fic/buletpoint fic for this, please let me know! Also I didn’t do it for a specific member like the usual fic bc you didn’t give me any specification so ^^ I just want to hear what you guys think before writing a fic for this. Man, I love me some hybrid AUs. I hope you all enjoy!

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  • You know that bougie ass cat with the long white coat and whose food is probably more expensive than your week’s worth of groceries?
  • Yeah that’s Jeonghan
  • Is so picky with which shampoo he uses oml
  • Knows he’s pretty
  • Reeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy loves it when you brush his hair with that special cat brush (cat people, y’all know which brush I’m talking about)
  • 99% just naps around tbh, especially on that spot near the window with the most sunlight
  • Likes to push your stuff off the table out of spite
  • “Don’t you dare, Jeonghan. Don’t you dare.”
  • You can see the ‘f*** you’ in his eyes before he pushed your things off the table
  • Will distract you from what you’re initially doing just to get a good rub
  • He’s that hybrid that looked really nice and angelic at first but you know that s*** is just an act lmao
  • But he loves your attention alright
  • Like, if you seem very too infested or intimate with other hybrids, he’d get pretty jealous
  • Proceeds to give you a haughty look and a silent treatment that could last for days
  • And it’s the cutest thing tbh, it’s so easy to rile him up
  • But ofc you do it in moderation bc man, can he hold a grudge
  • But despite all that, he’s pretty receptive and would immediately know when you’re feeling upset
  • The type who wouldn’t say anything but hold you close as you cry into his shirt
  • Is a really loving hybrid despite his attitude


  • Joshua is a cat hybrid, just like Jeonghan
  • But unlike Jeonghan, he’s an actual angel
  • Joshua is a domestic cat hybrid, of a tortoisehell cat
  • Likes to watch you as he sits on the counter as you fret around the house
  • He also likes to steal you food (playfully, anyway) whenever you’re not looking
  • Loves waking you up by carding his fingers through your hair and saying good morning in this really soft tone
  • Omg imagine waking up to Joshua
  • You like to think the sweet way he always wakes you up is because he’s so restless during the night
  • The times you share air bed with him, he either steals all the cover or pushes you off the bed
  • Loves to take up space on the bed, too
  • But it’s all well bc he always apologize by making you breakfast the next morning
  • Loves to sidle up next to you as you read or do your work and just watch you do your thing
  • Loves to take you by surprise when he plant tiny pecks on your face when you least expect it
  • Refuses to let you wash the dishes after you cook for the both of you
  • Really loves quiet Sunday mornings when you don’t need to go to work and just lay in bed all day
  • The day you introduce him to anime was the day his life began oml
  • Couldn’t stop watching One Piece lmao
  • A habit he inherited from his cat DNA was he loves to lay on the living room carpet and take a nap as the shine shone through it
  • Also goes bats*** crazy when you tried aa catnip room fragrance lmao
  • He couldn’t stop purring through out the day


  • smol but spicy
  • Has tiny brown ears that would sometimes be hidden underneath his hair
  • While his eyes are clear and beautiful, it always seem to judge and calculate your every move lmao
  • His nose twitches if he finds a smell particularly strong
  • He sneezed once and you swear it was the death of you
  • His tail is pretty long and super strong
  • Would wag upwards and downwards annoyedly if you tease him lol
  • Loves to sleep and play music with the guitar you bought him for his birthday
  • But his favorite activity with you is going out for a swim swim
  • Otter!Jihoon loves to swim
  • Especially if it’s a lake
  • You try to take him out to the nearest lake, which is hundreds of miles away, as often as you could
  • It has become a monthly routine for you now
  • Looks really grateful as he swims about near the water’s edges while he chases minnows around
  • You don’t mind the long drives back and forth between the city and the lake town because Woozi seems the happiest in his element
  • The calmest you’ve seen him is when he’s asleep or when he’s eating lmao
  • Speaking of food, however small he is compared to most hybrids, Woozi seemed to have an endless appetite
  • You went and bought him a burger set one day and now he’s totally hooked
  • But you couldn’t help but submit to his wishes because overtime you buy him one, he would have the cutest smile on his face and his dimples would appear ugh
  • He totally knows you think he’s cute and he’s totally using it to his advantage


  • Ok don’t be weirded out but I can’t help imagining Seokmin as a horse hybrid
  • Ok but horse hybrids don’t have a tail so their only distinctive feature is their horse ears
  • And they neighs sometimes
  • Which in DK’s case is whenever he laughs hard
  • Which is often because he loves to laugh
  • So you can say he neighs often?? Is that weird???
  • I love confusing myself
  • Another distinct horse thing he got was that he loves going on a run
  • He runs every morning seven days a week
  • Used to beg and drags you to run with him but gave up after seeing that you wouldn’t even budge lmao
  • Can and will finish an entire week’s worth of food after his runs if you don’t control him
  • Definitely more independent than some types of hybrids but he still loves his hugs
  • Loves giving you piggyback (or can you call it horseback?) rides around the apartment
  • Your apartment is always full of laughter with DK around
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re on the more quite and introverted side of the spectrum, he will make you sing during the weekly karaoke nights in your apartment
  • Loves singing off-key, which leads to more laughter
  • Which means more neighs


  • Seungkwan is a parrot hybrid
  • Oh gosh, sometimes you wonder how Seungkwan caught your eyes in the first place
  • But then he’d smile and it would in turn make you smile, too and then you remember
  • Parrot!Seungkwan sometimes doesn’t seem to shut up but it’s impossible for you to get mad at him bc you know he just wanna see you happy
  • Loves to dance funnily to the music you play on the speaker lol
  • One day you figured to bring him to a karaoke place to actually use his endless energy for a purpose
  • And oh my god??? You were blown away
  • You always ask him to sing everyday now
  • Which he doesn’t mind complying to
  • And now he can’t stop singing lmao
  • Bird hybrids are particularly unique bc they have wings
  • Seungkwan’s wings are really beautiful
  • They’re pristin(e) ayee white with yellow coloring its tips
  • It makes him look even more like the angel he is
  • Also, Seungkwan’s hair tips seems to be yellow like his wings, too
  • Loves to sing off-key to wake you up and although you always wake up annoyed, you wouldn’t have it other way
  • Loves validation and literally loves it when you shower him with praise
  • Despite being really rumbuctious and full of humor most of the times, he’s pretty sensitive to your mood changes
  • Likes to cover you with his wing as you lean on his side when you’re feeling upset and it would feel like a little save haven shared only between you and him

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Headcanons for zarya with a small chubby s/o?

I want Zarya to hug me like a Siberian bear plz.  PLZ.

  • Loves playing with their hair in public

    • Not large gestures like running her hands through their hair but playing with the ends of it (twirling and twisting it between her fingers)

    • In private she is running her hands through their hair all the time though

  • Kisses to the top of their head while holding their face

  • Lifting them up off the ground when hugging

    • Would swing them around a bit too only to hear them squeal in laughter

  • In public she would probably be a little more stoic and not about the PDA

  • In private she is all about displaying her affection

  • Likes to feed them and share one huge meal rather than having two separate plates

  • Bear hugs

  • Brings her s/o to the gym with her because having them there pushes her to go even harder

    • Has them sit on her back while she does push ups

    • If her s/o wants to workout as well she’ll show them how to use the machines and do the moves properly

    • If they’re hesitant because they don’t fit the image of a stereotypical gym rat then she’ll give them some encouragement

    • Helping each other stretch afterwards ;)

    • After workout smoothies!!!

  • Sitting in a sauna together too close even though it’s, you know, a sauna

  • Cuddling together on the couch or in bed

    • Loves the squishyness of her s/o

    • Always wants to be the big spoon and have her arms wrapped around her s/o

      • Feels weird being the small spoon, like something is missing in her arms but will still enjoy the closeness if her s/o wants to switch things up

Being Veronica’s boyfriend would include:

  • buying her flowers for special occasions 
  • being with the hottest girl in Riverdale don’t fight me on this
  • going to her apartment and snuggling her silly on her bed
  • loving her with all your heart
  • making her scream the way only you make her
  • watching movies with herr and feeding her popcorn
  • “your boner is poking me”
  • “sorry”
  • getting lavish gifts from her 
  • feeling bad because you don’t have riches to give to her
  • but loving her with all your being
  • which she says means more to her anyways
  • being the cutest couple in Riverdale #duh

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hi! have you got any daphne greengrass headcannon?

Some of these are canon compliant and some are AU so I’m sorry but this is just who I am

Daphne Greengrass:

  • Was just old enough when her mother died to remember her, she would tuck the girls into bed every night and would stroke Daphne’s hair and sing French lullabies to her until she fell asleep
  • Is very good friends with Astoria, obviously they fight but they’re only a little over a year apart and are very close
  • If she were a modern day muggle she would be into fashion design, graphic communications and such
  • Loves skincare and is such a hoe for packaging
  • Is the sweetest kindest person but comes across as quite aloof just because she’s not very chatty with strangers
  • Favourite film is An Education
  • French was her first language, fluent in French and English and speaks multiple other languages, including a bit of Korean that Pansy taught her
  • Hates the Kardashians
  • Believes in the supernatural
  • Isn’t religious but attended church with her mother when she was still alive, they always do something together after and it was their special time
  • Loves poetry and can quote lines by heart
  • Always has music on in the background but doesn’t always know what she’s playing, just presses play and lets it do its thing
  • Always wears matching underwear and wears cute pyjama sets to bed
  • Loves bubble baths
  • Has a signature perfume that she wears every day
  • She and Astoria get big & little dipper tattoos
  • Gets a matching tattoo with Pansy as well
  • Only has two lobe piercings and always wears cute sparkly studs
  • Loves to make gifts for her friends’ birthday and Christmas presents
  • Has a necklace that she wears every day
  • Prefers gold to silver jewellery
  • Favourite breakfast is pancakes with strawberries and syrup
  • Sleeps with so many pillows

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pros and cons of dating your sim

i was tagged by the gorgeous @shysimblr to do the pros and cons of dating nora gallagher! i think this tag game is really cute so i decided to do it!!! i’m tagging @keeksim [frankie] @peonypyxels [fox] @strawberrymark [keiti] and @mochibunsims [zeph]


  • an early riser and will always make you breakfast
  • super freaky in bed
  • loves keeping things tidy and never makes a mess
  • puts her whole heart into loving somebody and is loyal to a fault
  • always tries her best!!!
  • always ready to hear you out and discuss your problems
  • super clever & will help you with your math homework


  • takes 500 years to wash the dishes
  • will only buy beige furniture/clothes
  • hates dogs (pretty much most animals in general actually)
  • very prone to mental meltdowns
  • commitment issues; paranoid about being left behind
  • constantly seeking validation and attention from loved ones
  • naps a lot and is always tired
  • irritable 24/7
Modern au John Silver headcanons

Because I randomly felt like sharing this

  • Can walk on high heels. And do it well.
  • That one curl that always sticks up into the wrong direction
  • Vocal in bed
  • Loves sweets
  • Fashionable. But creatively fashionable. Not afraid of colors.
  • Totally has a gorgeous hip-sway 
  • Pumpkin spice everything
  • Listens to Pink Floyd exclusively when high
  • Since we’re at it: definitely smokes weed (but also probably cigarettes and cigars)
  • December born but can’t stand the cold
  • Never too many blankets or pillows
  • Likes to show skin (that’s not even a headcannon. I swear he - and here I am talking about Luke Arnold because that’s not only a black sails thing -  doesn’t know how shirt buttons work. Because he never buttons up more than half of them at max. Look it up. I am not lying)
  • Turns into a 6-year old when visiting amusement parks
  • No amusement park or funfair without cotton candy!
  • Kind of a manwhore
  • Light-weight when it comes to alcohol; loves colorful fruity cocktails, and don’t you forget the little umbrella, the fruit pieces on the rim of the glass and the straw
  • Not afraid of challenging gender norms and lookin’ good doing so
  • Loves horror movies but it also terrified of them
  • Knows all INXS songs by heart (I had to)
  • Always busy with something; can’t stand staying home alone for long/having nothing to do


i’ve draped myself in mondays
i’ve thrown away rugs smelling of the past
i’ve covered my sheets in how weeks feel
i’ve had dogs under my bed
lovers under my cover
loved every single thing i came across
because why not?
i’m no man of knowledge though tips up to those that are
learnt not to be deliberately nasty across the things we usually judge, judgement only causes bad staring contests with yourself
i’ve had a few looks, a few hours against the best people you’ll ever know
hours against the mirror that can’t lie
your night is mine, the moon does
not choose sides, worry is not needed

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Title: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Warnings: Swearing, slight implications of sex.

A/N: Hope you like it! -Jena

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

All we do right is make love
And we both know now that ain’t enough

You and Dean had been fighting for about three months now. Your relationship wasn’t working out anymore, and you both knew that. Something was wrong, and you couldn’t fix it. You hadn’t even tried, neither of you did. You both didn’t see the point. You were in love, you truly were. Then, all of a sudden, that just.. stopped. Can you stop loving the person you think is the love of your life?

You both ask yourselves that question more than you’d like to admit.

Ain’t gonna beg you to stay
Ain’t gotta ask you what’s wrong
Ain’t no reason running after something already gone

“Are you fucking kidding me?” you shouted, and Dean let a sarcastic chuckle from his lips. 

“Me? You’re gonna curse at me?” he scoffed, “what about you? You never contribute to this relationship!”

“That’s bullshit, Dean.” you declared.

And he knew it. He knew you contributed and you fought for it to work. You gave 110% to him, you loved him with everything. But, recently, you weren’t as giving as you had been for the past five years.

“This obviously isn’t working anymore.” you sighed, rubbing your forehead. Dean looked to the floor. He didn’t want to let you go. He would have to be stupid to do that. But he also knew something else- your relationship was too far gone. You couldn’t save it, neither could he. Things were said that just simply could not be forgotten. Forgiven, yes. But, forgotten? Not a chance. 

Take off your leaving dress
Let’s do what we do best
I guess everybody’s got their way of moving on

You walked back into the bunker, grabbing your last bag which was your purse. Sam had gone to get dinner, and Dean was out in the garage. But you had decided it was best for you all if you just up and left. 

You caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, your floral off-the-shoulder dress hung elegantly off your frame. Your attention turned to the inside of your ankle, and you felt your heart being tugged at. The anti-possession tattoo sat there, almost haunting you. It made you almost want to cry- the memory of getting that tattoo. 

But you weren’t going to. 

As you grabbed your purse and made your way towards the staircase to the bunker’s door, you heard a rough voice.

“Where are you going?” 

You turned to see Dean standing there, rubbing his greasy hands with a red rag. His face and arms were smudged with grease, his hair slightly tousled and his lips parted slightly. 

“I was just… um…” you stuttered, not being able to form a sentence. You couldn’t lie to him, as much as you wanted to.

Dean’s facial expression drooped the slightest when he realized the situation. “You’re leaving for good this time, aren’t you?” 

A sigh left your lips. “It’s just… our relationship isn’t working anymore. We can’t keep doing this to each other.”

“We’ve been together for five years and you’re gonna let three months of arguing corrupt and end that?” Dean questioned.

You scoffed, “Well last time I checked, Dean, you weren’t doing anything to salvage what’s left of this relationship either.”

Dean chuckled humorously. “What’s left?” 

“Dean, that’s not what I meant.” 

“No, Y/N, it’s exactly what you meant. And you’re right, as always. I sat around and didn’t do a damn thing to help. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t dealing with other things that needed my attention. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t have other priorities and things that came before you.”

“Oh, I almost forgot! You mean flirting with bartenders, waitresses, and hookers right in front of me just to make me jealous? You honestly think that’s gonna save our relationship? I swear to God, Dean! In a relationship, people are supposed to depend on one another. Be each other’s support system. That’s what relationships and marriages are about!” 

Dean’s eyes widened slightly, “Woah woah woah, marriage?” He looked into your eyes, as if he was searching for an answer.

You sighed. “That’s not what I meant, Dean. It’s just… any form of relationship has to have some form of trust and being there for each other. And, I don’t know if you’ve been able to notice, but ours doesn’t. Not anymore.” 

“It wasn’t all bad, was it?” Dean asked, seeming to change the subject. his words brought memories to the forefront of your mind. All the times you spent laughing at corny jokes, all the long drives you went on, all the times you would wake up in his bed. All the times you were in bed together. Dean made you feel so many things, in and out of the bedroom. And you couldn’t help but squirm at the thought, because that level of intimacy isn’t one that can be forgotten.

“No, it wasn’t.” you stated, and Dean smirked. He inched towards you, his eyes flickering over your body once, and his tongue flicking quickly over his lips.

“One last time?” Dean’s rag fell to the floor as his hands found a new object to hold: you.

Your lips parted, and you wanted to protest. You knew that this was a bad idea, you just knew it. But you just couldn’t form a sentence. So, you did what Dean told you that you were good at: you leaned forward, and kissed him passionately. 

Girl rest your head one more time in my bed
Love me like you loved me when you loved me
And you didn’t have to try
Let’s lay down tonight
And kiss tomorrow goodbye

You lay awake, the sheets and Dean’s arms wrapped around you. You could still feel the tingling, the tingling feeling you got when Dean would touch you. You knew that you had to leave, and it killed you to think of it. But, you and Dean…. 

Funny, you thought. There was no ‘you and Dean’. The whole idea of Dean and Y/N had dissipated when the fighting had started. You couldn’t help but feel as if you didn’t love Dean Winchester- but you loved what he did to your body. And, maybe at one point, you did love him. You were sure you did. And it’s not like you just woke up and decided that you didn’t, in fact, it was quite the opposite. It took three months to realize that you and Dean weren’t going to work out. 

Maybe in the sheets, but not in the long run.

The thoughts swirling in your brain made you carefully unwrap yourself from Dean’s grip. As you stood to get out of the bed and find your clothes, you felt a hand gently wrap around your wrist. You closed your eyes and sucked in a breath, you knew what was about to happen. And you knew what you would do.

You slowly turned to meet Dean’s eyes, which seemed to be illuminating themselves in the darkness. They were soft and tender, just like his touches had been. 


It was that one word that had you leaning towards his lips, your arms wrapping around his neck while one of his wrapped around you, pulling you towards him. 

You had to say goodbye to Dean Winchester, as much as the thought killed you.

But, for now, the only thing you were saying goodbye to, was tomorrow and the consequences that would follow.

“To be with the person you really dig”
It’s a great song title, really.
But how about, “to be with anyone at all”.
I regret beginning like that
I regret most things
“I have no regrets”.
“I live shamelessly”.
I live a lie
I love the lie
Maybe someday I’ll love myself
Maybe someday I’ll stop needing approval from everyone
If you stop giving it to me, I won’t stop searching
He should know that better than anyone
It took me a year to define love
Love was musk and bass and saying it a thousand times a day
Love was not being allowed to smoke or drink
Love was holding myself to standards I didn’t agree with
Love was feeling like every time he said the words he didn’t really mean them
Love was knowing I was a convenient choice
Love was knowing I was a convenient fetish
Love was fetishizing myself
Love was thigh high socks and thigh long skirts that didn’t quite meet in the middle
Love was keeping my hair brown for him
Love was keeping my eyes dry for him
Love was keeping my skin whole for him
Love was cutting 30, 40, 50 times a DAY
Love was giving him the oxycodon I had used to attempt
Love was not telling him I had already attempted
Love was filling the bottle halfway with melatonin because he couldn’t tell the difference
Love was telling him it was only 6 ibeprofun that one time
Love was writing him notes every week in the same journal I wrote all of my suicide notes in
Love was feeling afraid in his house at all times
Love was not being allowed to be in a room with him and a bed
Love was losing my virginity with my hands tied behind my back crying and moaning “I love you I love you I love you”
Love was never making eye contact during sex
Love was holding back sobs as he choked me
Love was not knowing why I cried every time
Love was feeling warm and complete while simultaneously feeling hollow and alone
Love was sending him Facebook messages of wedding rings
Love was that journal he kept about me so he would never forget a detail
Love was the fire that burned that book into ashes
Love was every single time I pressed my cheek against his and felt warmth and blood and
Love was attempting to commit every few weeks and not being quite sure why
Love was throwing my things out the third story window of my dorm and then considering jumping out so I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to anyone
Love was him waiting outside just in case I did jump
Love was horrible sad stinging lyrics that I couldn’t sing along to because he never liked my voice
Love was singing until I was screaming until I was hoarse alone in the shower because I’ve always loved my voice
Love was a ring with a bend in it that I would turn on my thumb a thousand times every day
Love was him whispering “I’ll get you a different ring someday”
Love was explaining triggering to him when he adopted an abused dog
Love was him not understanding why the dog was being so skittish
Love was me holding the dog while holding back tears and telling her I understood because she was me
Love was my father telling me he had a bad life
Love was never me
Love was a C
Love was a he
It’s taken me a year to redefine it
Love is a she
But is that she me?
Love is tea
Love is “we”
Love is standing by the sea and him approaching me and saying “why are you acting so weird” and me replying “I’m just so happy” and him wrapping his arms around me and pushing his nose into my hair and saying “well don’t stop being weird then”
Love is every single day I look in the mirror and want to tear my flesh open and scream until my throat is coated in red and blue and he still holds me in front of the mirror and says “look how perfect you are”
Love is every single blade that’s touched my flesh that he still took out of my drawers or wallet or bag when I wasn’t looking as if it were a game of capture the flag
Love is capture the flag
I wish we still spoke
Because he was the first to capture my flag
But he doesn’t speak to me
You don’t speak.
I suppose it’s hard to speak after the mortician glues your lips shut
But even then
You wouldn’t tell me if they had, would you?

12/29/15 2:34 P.M

skourlimaria  asked:

Hello!! Could you write cuddle and NSFW headcanons for Bokuto and Tsukki? (Sorry if it's already been done, I'm a new folower ^_^ )

No problem, it hasn’t been done yet. And sorry it took me so long to post it, I didn’t forget just didn’t have anytime. But other then that thanks for following

Bokuto Kotaro


  • Is a big cuddlier
  • Will try to make you laugh just to see your smile
  • Refuses to let you go from long hugs
  • Will playfully fight you until you kiss him
  • When jealous he gets clingy


  • Loves to leave bite marks all over your body
  • Is the type to pull your hair during sex
  • Movie nights usually turns into fucking nights
  • Cant control himself, so it may get a little rough in bed
  • Loves to use whipped cream during sex

Tsukishima Kei


  • Always smiles just before he kisses you
  • Is very protective over you
  • The best gift giver when it comes to birthdays and valentines
  • Will stay on the phone with you until you fall asleep
  • Always thinking about creative dates


  • Weak for lip biting
  • Doesn’t mind trying out different positions
  • Likes to thrust in slow, just to tease you
  • Wouldn’t last long if he receives a blowjob
  • Loud moans really turns him on