here’s the switch meme i did with rabbu and panny. oh lord this was fun. xD [omg i didn’t expect her to leave my word bubble on there lmao…]

top is my rylie, second row is katsumi [from rabbu’s webcomic, bedlam genesis], and last row is panny’s cute OC, nao.

again, this is a meme where 3 artists do a sketch, then swap and ink someone’s sketch [in your own inking style], then swap again and colour an inked pic [in your own colouring style]. if you have art buddies to do this with, you should try it! it’s ridiculously fun xD

anonymous asked:

It feels like you've abandoned Bedlam Genesis. Updates just quietly go up with no announcement, the ask blog isn't updated at all, and usually the new page is late. Should I just accept this as a discontinued project?

It is not abandoned.

Please follow the facebook if you haven’t already. I always post when I put up a new page.
In order to make a living and continue updating pages, I have two other jobs that take priority.

I’m only human, and I do get tired, and sore, and I need breaks.
As for the ask blog, more than half the asks I usually get are spoiler-related so I don’t really plan to check it again a certain part of the story where these questions will be answered.


I realized I never posted this here XD Was a music video I threw together for my friend’s webcomic, Bedlam Genesis to a NiN song xD; It’s super full of spoilers and probably won’t make sense unless you’ve read the comic [which you should do…] but it may still be enjoyable if you haven’t… um, if you enjoy depressing things and gore 8D;; loool. 

edit: omg @ the thumbnail, so out of context…nooo.

anonymous asked:

So what's going on w/ bedlam genesis? Was there a hiatus notice?

Check BG’s facebook. The page is just delayed, sorry! I’ve been working a lot and my brother just came home for spring break.