Cliffs of the Loop Head Peninsula

The Loop Head Peninsula is one of several found on the west coast of Ireland. It extends out into the ocean north of the Shannon Estuary that leads to the city of Limerick. These delightful cliffs are found where a portion of that peninsula meets the open ocean beyond.

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After drafting yesterday’s #TPT post, Summer & I independently went on Land of Nod sprees (sometimes it’s like we share a brain!). This All Solar Systems Go quilt and matching bedding is out-of-this-world adorable! Sure the planet sizes and their orbits aren’t accurately scaled (that would be a big, empty quilt!), but the other details (1 AU in miles, two moons for Mars, many moons for Jupiter & Saturn) and the gender-neutral marketing are enough to win us over.

Watch this space for more deep space decor!

Emily & Summer


 Ethnic Bayside Bedding Volume I - 100+ followers gift

Thank you so much for your support! Hope you enjoy this humble gift – it’s not much but I did spend a lot of time and love on it. A big thank you to Peace (Peacemaker IC) – who kindly allowed me to recolour the mattress/bed linen of his amazing Bayside Bedroom set, original available here. I present the Ethnic Bayside Bedding Volume I - so now we have 24 ethnic options, with traditional textures and tribal patterns from all over the world; African bold prints, Indonesian batiks, Native American designs, Australian Aboriginal dot art, Celtic ornaments… DOWNLOAD IT HERE (dropbox).
- You will need the bedframe from Bayside Bedroom set (here)
- It is also compatible with other bedframes you may have
- Style tool compatible
- Price: 800

CC credits for pictures Bedside tables, lamps, dresser, mirrors, small flower in vase (x) Seashells (x) Rectangular frames (x) Oval frames (x) Pillows & nested wicker basket (x) Big palm tree (x) Cats and dogs (x) Large wicker basket (x) Wood slat floors (x) and spa-like floors (x), aqua tile (x) Curtains (x) Purple wall (x), tan Egyptian wall (x), rice panel wall (x), teal floral wall (x), navy limestone wall (x), powder blue plaster wall (x), pink paisley wall (x),
Pink rose petals (x) Tan carpet (x), Black & white carpet (x), blue flower rug & pink flower rug (x), big brown rug (x), red rug (x), white fluffy rug (x),  Zebra pillow & black & white pillow (x)